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Apple LaserWriter IIg Product Description

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LaserWriter IIg Product Description
As of this writing, the Apple LaserWriter IIg printer is the most powerful
and most capable LaserWriter every built by Apple.  The LaserWriter IIg is an
expandable network printer that makes use of PhotoGrade technology.  The unit
can print images with more than 65 levels of gray and is capable of smoothing
jagged edges by using its FinePrint technology.
LocalTalk capabilities allow for plug-and-play simplicity when connected to
an AppleTalk network.  The LaserWriter IIg has built-in Ethernet features for
easy connection to high-speed EtherTalk networks.  The unit can be connected
simultaneously to Ethernet, LocalTalk, and other serial interfaces.  The
LaserWriter IIg can be connected to multiple types of computers or networks.
Incorporation of a high-speed controller and Adobeąs PostScript Level 2
software results in document printing at a speed of up to twice the speed of
the LaserWriter IINTX.  The newest generation of PostScript improves printing
speed and adds new capabilities over previous models, and is fully compatible
with existing applications and drivers.  The IIg is also compatible with the
Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIP (PCL 4+) emulation software.
This product includes:  Apple LaserWriter IIg printer; toner cartridge;
letter cassette; installation and font disks; power cord; Ownerąs Guide, The
Basic Elements of Design guide; and a limited warranty statement.

Product Ordering Information
Order Number:

Apple LaserWriter IIg (USA 110v)                                    B0261LL/A
Apple LaserWriter II Toner Cartridge                                M6002
Apple LaserWriter II Letter Cassette                                M0137
Apple LaserWriter II Legal Cassette                                 M0139
Apple LaserWriter II Envelope Cassette                              M0141
Apple LaserWriter II B5 Cassette                                    M0140
Apple LaserWriter II A4 Cassette                                    M0138
Apple Ethernet Thin Coax Transceiver                                M0329LL/A
Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair Transceiver                             M0437LL/A
Apple Ethernet AUI Adapter                                          M0432LL/A
Apple LaserWriter IIg Controller Card*                              M6500LL/A
*This card is used to upgrade the LaserWriter IIf, IISC, IINT, IINTX)

LaserWriter IIg Technical Specifications:
Marking Engine:       Canon LBP-SX laser
Controller:           25MHz 68030 CPU, ASICs and I/O processors
                      Optional upgrade for LaserWriter IISC, IIf IINT, and
Memory:               5 megabytes of RAM, up to 32 megabytes
                      2 megabytes of ROM
Print Quality:        300 dpi enhanced with FinePrint
                      Optional PhotoGrade for high-quality scanned images
Fonts:                ITC Avant Garde Gothic, ITC Bookman, Courier,
                      Helvetica, Helvetica Narrow, New Century Schoolbook,
                      Palatino, Symbol, Times, ITC Zapf Chancery, and ITC
                      Zapf Dingbats
                      Supports any TrueType or PostScript fonts
Speed:                Eight pages per minute maximum
Interfaces:           Simultaneous connection to Ethernet, LocalTalk, RS-232,
                      and RS-422
                      SCSI for external hard disk font storage
Recommended           €Toner cartridge - 4,000 pages at 5% density
duty cycle:           €Printer - minimum 300,000 pages (equivalent to
                       200 pages a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for
                       more than 5 years)
Print Materials:      €Media - Apple recommends 16- to 20-lb. bond from
                       cassette [60 to 80 g/m(to the 2nd power)] ; up to 36-
                       lb. [135 g/m(to the 2nd power)] in manual mode.
                       Unit handles labels, envelopes, and transparencies
                      €Sizes -Paper:     U.S. letter, U.S. legal, A4, B5
                             -Envelopes: minimum 3.5 x 7 in. (86 x 178mm);
                                         maximum 7.4 x 10.5 in. (188 x 267mm)
Capacities:           €Paper cassette:  200 sheets of 20-lb. [75 g/m (to the
                                        2nd power)] paper
                      €Optional envelope cassette: 15 envelopes
                      €Manual feed with single sheet feeder
Printable Surface:    €Maximum printable line: 8.1 in. (205.9 mm)
                      €Minimum margins: .197 in. (5.1 mm)
Size and Weight:      Height:   8.6 in. (21.8 cm)
                      Depth:   18.5 in. (47.5 cm)
                      Weight:  45.0 lb. (20.3 kg)
                      Width:   20.0 in. (50.8 cm)
                      Width with letter-size cassette: 26.4 in. (67.1 cm)
Power Requirements:   U.S./Japan:        90 to 126 volts AC, 50 to 60 hertz
                      Europe/Australia:  198 to 264 volts AC, 50 hertz
Power Consumption:    Standby:    170 watts average
                      Operating:  - 900 watts maximum at 115 volts
                                  - 780 watts maximum at 220 volts
                                  - 880 watts maximum at 240 volts

Copyright 1991, Apple Computer, Inc.