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Apple Launches Digital Camera for Macintosh and Windows Personal Computers - 02/1994

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Subject: Apple Intros Digital Camera
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Date: 17 Feb 1994 02:10:38 -0600
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 Apple Launches Digital Camera for Macintosh and Windows Personal Computers
	QuickTake 100 Delivers Price/Performance Breakthrough;
	  Offers Fastest Way to Bring Images into Documents
TOKYO, Japan, February 16, 1994 --  Apple Computer, Inc., today announced
the QuickTake* 100, a digital color camera that makes it easy for people to
bring photographic images into their computer without film development or

Priced at just $749 (US), the QuickTake 100 delivers fast, digital color
image capture that was once available to professionals only.
A lightweight, portable device for use in mainstream business, education and
design the QuickTake 100  will work with both desktop and portable models
of Macintosh( and Windows computers.  The camera features point-and-shoot
simplicity and includes the basic set of functions that users have come to
expect from an automatic camera such as, automatic exposure, a built-in
flash and focus-free operation.  Within seconds, images can be downloaded
from the camera into any standard software application for use in business
documents, presentations, reports or design projects.

	 Easy Operation and Connection to Personal Computers

The QuickTake 100 is designed for ease of use and fast, quality capture of
natural images. To use the camera, users simply complete three easy steps:
point and shoot a picture, load images into the computer and manipulate the
images as desired.
		      Point and Shoot a Picture

Weighing only a pound with its batteries installed, the QuickTake 100 is
portable and easy to use. It comes equipped with a built-in automatic flash
and easy-to-read icons that monitor the flash, battery, number of pictures,
selected resolution and self-timer. The QuickTake 100 captures images in
two sizes, 320x240 and 640x480 pixels, and stores those images in internal
memory until users are ready to download them.  The camera's memory can store
up to 32standard-resolution images or eight high-resolution images.

The QuickTake 100, which runs on standard AA batteries, includes three
NICAD batteries and an AC battery recharger.

		    Load Images into the Computer

To load images into the computer, users simply plug a serial cable into the
printer or modem port and run the installed QuickTake software.  Images are
transferred within seconds. The camera's software control panel offers
drag-and-drop copying of images or direct import into any common publishing
software program.
			 Manipulate the Image

Once the image is loaded into the computer, users can adjust and manipulate
it in a variety of ways.  For example, images can be cropped, rotated or
scaled to different sizes.
		      QuickTake 100 Availability

Apple, the sole supplier of the QuickTake 100, plans to make the product
available through Apple authorized resellers and Apple direct sales channels.
The Macintosh version of the QuickTake 100 camera is expected to ship
worldwide in late March of 1994.  The Windows version is scheduled for
worldwide release in June, 1994.