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Apple Launches Macintosh Performa Line - 09/1992

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Betty Taylor
Apple Computer, Inc.
Michelle Soleau
Regis McKenna, Inc.
Apple Launches Macintosh Performa Line
New Family of Computers Designed for Families;
Features Apple's First Macintosh with Built-in CD-ROM Option
NEW YORK, New York--September 14, 1992--Apple Computer, Inc. today
introduced a new family of Macintosh computers targeting the consumer
marketplace.  Initially available only in the U.S., the new Apple
Macintosh Performa series of computers is designed to reach first-
time buyers and new users in the home, offering specific solutions
for families with school-age children.
    Based on some of Apple's most popular Macintosh industrial designs
and configurations, the Performa family consists of three models: the
Macintosh Performa 200, Macintosh Performa 400, Macintosh Performa
600 and Macintosh Performa 600 CD.  The Performa 600 CD is Apple's
first Macintosh with an internal CD-ROM drive.  In addition to
reading many formats of CD-ROM discs and playing audio discs, the CD-
ROM drive also supports Kodak's Photo CD technology.
    Every Macintosh Performa includes enhanced system software, pre-
loaded applications, one year of service and support, and will be
distributed in nearly 2,000 consumer retail outlets nationwide.
    "Research suggests more than half of the families in our target
market have not yet found a computer solution compelling and flexible
enough to meet their needs at home, though many have used a computer
either at work or at school," said Keith Fox, vice president of Consumer
Markets for
Apple USA.  "With the needs of those customers in mind, we developed
the Macintosh Performa.  Performa simplifies both the purchase
decision and the buying process.  We believe the Performa offers the
right combination of technology and support to appeal to the
estimated 7 million American families which, research tells us, have
the buying power but have not yet adopted a PC for their homes."
    Each Macintosh Performa is packaged as a complete solution, including
ready-to-run hardware, optimized system software and at least one
integrated application that provides for word processing,
spreadsheet, database, graphics and communications functions.  The
goal of Performa is a successful first time experience with the
Macintosh and to help users to get "up and running" quickly.
    A special version of the System 7 operating system was developed to
make the easy-to-use Macintosh even easier to use for newcomers to
computer technology.
    Starting from the time a user first turns on their new Macintosh
Performa, optimized system software is there to help.  For example, a
new program called Launcher makes it easier for users to find and
launch their preinstalled applications.  And, when a user saves a
document in an application, it can always be found in a documents
folder located on the Desktop.  In addition, Apple's recently
introduced At Ease software is bundled with every Performa.  At Ease
is the best way for users to easily protect applications and
information while sharing their computer with other family members.
   As part of the Performa package, customers receive one year toll-free
support and in-home service from Apple.
   "We made sure we did our homework when we developed the Macintosh
Performa line," said Eric Harslem, vice president for desktop
computing, Macintosh Hardware Division.  "Performa gives you the full
power of Macintosh and the ability to perform any home-based
assignment, whether it's a spreadsheet brought home from the office,
a child's homework or entertainment for the whole family."
    Performa runs the same library of Macintosh software including more
than 6,000 business applications and 2,000 commercially available
education software programs.  As the largest supplier of education
technology to grades K-12 in the U.S., Apple enjoys the support of a
growing cadre of publishers of commercially available curriculum
materials.  In addition there are hundreds of entertainment and
personal enjoyment titles growing in availability.  Apple USA is also
working with publishers to encourage distribution of these titles
where families shop.
The Power of a Built-in CD-ROM Drive
    The internal CD-ROM of the Performa 600 CD further adds to the
flexibility of the Performa family and provides a richer, more
exciting computing environment.  With this product, Apple becomes one
of the first and only computer manufacturers with the technology to
read multi-session Photo CD discs.  Particularly in the areas of
education and "infotainment", there are a wealth of new titles
incorporating photography, full motion video, audio and text.  From
eight to 10 CD-ROM-based titles will be bundled with each Performa
600 CD, depending on where the computer is purchased.
    Said Harslem, "More and more applications are taking advantage of the
ground-up integration of multimedia hardware in all Macintosh
computers--sound input and output, CD-ROM capability and high quality
video displays--coupled with the unique capabilities of our QuickTime
multimedia  architecture.  QuickTime has been widely acclaimed by
many application and content developers.  Apple is taking a
leadership role in encouraging developers to take advantage of these
technologies to produce new types of applications and content such as
electronic books that offer truly compelling benefits to customers
both at home and at work."
Macintosh Performa Family Traits
    All three Performa models use the powerful Motorola 68030
microprocessor, and share the I/O ports and expansion slots that
customers expect to find in other Macintosh family members.  In
addition, each Performa features Apple's SuperDrive, a 3.5" floppy
disk drive capable of using disks from Windows, DOS and Apple II
-- The Performa 200 offers a black and white, all-in-one design based
on the popular Macintosh Classic II. The 200 offers an excellent
choice for space-conscious families who value its small footprint
that fits into tight quarters and can be easily transported from room
to room.
-- The Performa 400 is based on the best-selling Macintosh LC II,
offering an affordable, expandable modular color solution.  The
Performa 400 is capable of displaying 256 colors.
   Both the Performa 200 and 400 models come standard with 4 MB of RAM
and 80 MB hard disk drives.
-- The Performa 600 is based on a new flexible design that features a
32MHz 68030 microprocessor.  The 600 can also accommodate internal
5.25" peripherals such as the optional CD-ROM drive.  The Performa
600 comes with 4 or 5 MB of RAM (depending or retail specifications),
and a 160 MB hard disk.  The Performa 600 CD features 5 MB of RAM and
160 MB hard disk standard.
Display and Printer Options
    Along with the new CPUs, Apple is offering two new 14-inch color
display options: the Performa Display and Performa Display Plus.
Both are affordable high resolution solutions featuring 640 x 480
pixel screen resolution and a flicker-free refresh rate.  The
Performa Display Plus, with 0.29 mm dot pitch, adheres to the most
stringent international guidelines for magnetic field emissions,
SWEDAC MPR-2.  The Performa Display features a 0.39 mm dot pitch and
offers a lower cost option for the cost conscious consumers.
    Apple is making available two of its most popular printing options
through the mass merchandise channels to complete the Apple Macintosh
Performa solution: the Apple StyleWriter and Personal LaserWriter LS.
Both printers offer true "plug & play" single-cable convenience and
high quality laser-quality output.
Availability and Price
    Initially available only in the U.S., the Performa family will be
sold in consumer channels including general merchandise stores;
consumer electronics outlets and office product superstores. (See
    related release today: Apple USA Authorizes Eleven Retailers).  The
Performa 200 and Performa 400 are available immediately in
participating retail locations.  The Performa 600 and the Performa
600 CD will be available in retail locations in late October.
    Apple has no suggested retail price (SRP) for the line.  Retailers
will price according to their specific solution offerings and have
the option to pre-configure systems tailored to their customers.
However, Apple expects the Performa family to be priced in a range
from $1,250 for the entry level Performa 200 to $2,500 for the
Performa 600 with CD-ROM (monitor not included).  All models are
packaged with a keyboard, mouse, microphone, on-screen training and a
complete set of manuals in the box.  In addition, each Performa has
system software and selected applications pre-installed by Apple at
its factories.
Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, StyleWriter, and LaserWriter are
registered trademarks;.  Performa, At Ease, System 7, SuperDrive and
QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer.
Product Specifications
Performa 200
16-MHz 68030 microprocessor
4 MB RAM expandable to 10 MB
80 MB hard drive
SuperDrive internal floppy
Sound In/Out/Microphone
Apple Keyboard II
Enhanced System 7.0 installed
Availability: September 14, 1992
Performa 400
16-MHz 68030 microprocessor
4 MB RAM expandable to 10 MB
80 MB hard drive
SuperDrive internal floppy
One expansion slot
Built-in video support (256 colors)
Sound In/Out/Microphone
Apple Keyboard II
Enhanced System 7.0 installed
Availability: September 14, 1992
Performa 600
32-MHz 68030 microprocessor
4/5 MB RAM expandable up to 68 MB
160 MB hard drive
SuperDrive internal floppy
Three NuBus expansion slots
Accelerator slot
Built-in video support (256 colors)
Sound In/Out/Microphone
Enhanced System 7.0 installed
Apple Extended Keyboard II
Availability: October, 1992
Performa 600 CD
32-MHz 68030 microprocessor
5 MB RAM expandable to 68 MB
160 MB hard drive
SuperDrive internal floppy
Three NuBus expansion slots
Accelerator slot
Built-in video support
1 MB of VRAM (for more than 16,000 colors on a 14-inch display)
Sound In/Out/Microphone
Internal AppleCD 300i
Enhanced System 7.0 installed
Apple Extended Keyboard II
Availability: October, 1992
Performa Plus Display
640 x 480  pixels
67 Hz refresh rate
0.29 mm dot pitch
SWEDAC MPR-2 compliant
Availability: September 14, 1992
Performa Display
640 x 480 pixels
67 Hz refresh rate
0.39 mm dot pitch
Availability: September 14, 1992
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