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Apple Learning Community

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A new way of learning

Today's businesses require flexibility and technology skills beyond the ability to use specific software packages. As an educator, you provide students with the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to become lifelong learners. Your challenges include creating an engaging curriculum that focuses on managing information, communication, and inspiration. Only Apple Computer delivers complete innovative solutions to fulfill the needs of today's researchers and students. Our leading multimedia and publishing technologies, object-oriented operating system, and innovative mobile devices will continue to be a catalyst for the way we all experience education.

Engaging technologies

In this era of individualized learning, traditional classroom lectures play a smaller role as self-directed learning and timely, interactive multimedia instruction become commonplace. With industry-leading technologies such as QuickTime media layer software, QuickDraw 3D, and multiple languages incorporated into the operating system, Apple provides educators the opportunity to engage more students with customization of assignments including interactive simulations to address individual learning styles.

These unique interactive opportunities, along with animated curricula, syllabi, and research findings, are just a few of the digital assets that Apple enables you to publish and share with members of the learning community. Our publishing products can make distributive learning environments more effective and productive than they have ever been before.

A new, stronger OS

In keeping with its tradition of making complex technology accessible, Apple is developing a next-generation operating system (OS), code-named Rhapsody. Apple's new OS is designed with the self learner in mind, providing better avenues to access information and reduce the cost of support and development. Rhapsody will be an "industrial-strength" OS--a stable, memory-protected multitasking environment, supporting Java™ and other Internet and intranet technologies. Advanced educational software developed for Rhapsody will make it easier for individuals to research, explore, and analyze information.

Meeting accessibility requirements

In the new learning community, limitless access to information is fundamental to a scholar's research and a student's academic progress. Powerful mobile computer technology from Apple gives faculty and students opportunities for effective collaboration, communication, and creation at the office, from the field, or inside the classroom. Apple's connectivity solutions for the Internet or any network make accessing digital libraries and other digital assets a seamless part of the lives of thousands of researchers and students around the world.

Find out for yourself how Apple Computer can help you get involved in the new learning community. Look for the Apple Learning Community on the Internet at

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