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Apple NetFinder

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Apple NetFinder is a cool new tool that our team is developing to make life easier for webmasters. Apple NetFinder helps you set up and maintain a web site quickly and easily by using skills you've already familar with - namely, Mac OS File Sharing.

Apple NetFinder (PowerMac only) is a WebStar (1.2.1 and greater) ACGI running on a Macintosh server that serves out selected directories and files from mounted volumes over HTTP, displaying a graphical interface similar to that of a Finder window. One folder's contents will be shown at a time (similar to FTP) but will have sortable columns of data as normally experienced in the Mac OS Finder.


Apple NetFinder 1.0b5 is here! The new release is up and available. Among the improvements are added checking for low memory conditions, ability to override the folder_footer and folder_header files at each level, more file icon support, fixed alias resolution bugs, added alt tag to the icons, new access privilege modes, better error messaging with BinHex code, ability to display content in a non-table format, new ability to override a folder listing, enhanced compatibility with non-WebSTAR servers, and numerous bug fixes, all documented in the accompanying KSL / Release Notes.