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Apple Network Assistant

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The all-in-one solution for managing Mac OS–based systems.

Apple Network Assistant 3.5

If you manage a network of Mac OS–based computers, Apple Network Assistant 3.5 software has the tools you need to keep your workstations running efficiently — and users productive.

With this all-in-one solution, you can provide assistance to end users, get system profiles, reconfigure system settings, and distribute applications across hundreds of computers — all from a central location, and over both TCP/IP and AppleTalk networks. It’s an ideal tool for system administrators, technical support groups, lab supervisors, and teachers.

Apple Network Assistant 3.5 supports up to five levels of administrator access, each with its own password. That means you can safely allow teachers or department-level administrators to assist users and generate reports while restricting privileges for deleting items or changing system settings to authorized support personnel.

With Apple Network Assistant, you can give personal assistance to users anywhere on your network. You can monitor as many as 250 workstations, viewing one or more screens at a time. When you spot a problem, you can choose the best way to help. Share your screen with one or more users as you demonstrate the correct steps. Share one user’s screen with everyone else. Or take control of a user’s system to perform a task. Apple Network Assistant also supports real-time voice and text communication.

Want to make sure your systems are running efficiently? Apple Network Assistant gives you a wealth of information about your users’ computers — and even lets you reconfigure them remotely.

Start with comprehensive hardware and software profiles. Once you know the status of every workstation, you can bring each one up to its optimum configuration. Apple Network Assistant 3.5 helps you with this by letting you change system settings and distribute applications remotely. Simply create a list of machines to be updated, click the mouse — and Apple Network Assistant does the rest.

For example, get new users up and running on the Internet quickly by configuring IP addresses, router addresses, and other TCP/IP settings for them. Apple Network Assistant 3.5 works with all major Mac OS–compatible TCP/IP software, including Open Transport and Internet Config.