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Apple New Media Library

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The Apple New Media Library is a collection of multimedia-related books endorsed by Apple Computer, Inc., edited and directed by the Apple Multimedia Program and published in the Random House/NewMedia Series. "We are very excited about this collection." Satjiv S. Chahil, senior vice president and general manager of Apple's Corporate Marketing , Entertainment, New Media and Entertainment Division, said: "Multimedia is currently the most rapidly expanding segment of the computer industry. With The Apple New Media Library, our goal is to create a collection of unique and informative books that bring the best of multimedia to users at every level of expertise."

Apple New Media Library

Multimedia Demystified


MULTIMEDIA DEMYSTIFIED is Apple Computer's full-color introduction to the world of multimedia development and application. Produced by vivid studios, MULTIMEDIA DEMYSTIFIED is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand what multimedia is all about, how it can be used, who can benefit from it, and what is involved in its creation. This comprehensive book covers the different markets, media, organizations, roles, and projects that make up the multimedia industry. It has "process orientation," taking the reader from the beginning, organizing steps of a project through prototyping, production, testing, and distribution. Icons at the top of each page indicate up to 12 types of multimedia projects that are addressed in the copy, and up to 12 roles where members on the project team may contribute. The book features interviews with industry leaders, case studies describing real projects, high-lighted industry buzz words, jump words that point you to other places in the book for related information, and a writing style that is clear and easy to understand. ISBN: 0-679-75603-5

Desktop Video Studio

Dig video.gif

DESKTOP VIDEO STUDIO focuses on the creation of digital video and is divided into three areas: A Digital Video Primer; Tricks, Tips and Techniques, and Case Studies. This book and accompanying CD-ROM provides essential background information on the creation and processing of digital video at the desktop level as well as professional step-by-step techniques for creating and producing quality content. DESKTOP VIDEO STUDIO breaks out the different levels of cost, capability, and results for many of the tools available to the desktop digital video producer. The Macintosh/Windows CD-ROM includes free test drives for leading digital video applications and tools, including Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and several others. It also includes over 200 megabytes of clip media and utilities, interactive animated tutorials, a hypertext version of the book, and more! ISBN: 0-679-75784-8

Multimedia Sound and Music Studio


MULTIMEDIA SOUND AND MUSIC STUDIO is the definitive resource for creating sound and music for Macintosh and Windows, answering the needs of multimedia designers and producers, musicians and audio engineers, and sales and marketing professionals seeking a better understanding of multimedia audio production. Throughout MULTIMEDIA SOUND AND MUSIC STUDIO there are interviews with luminaries in the music and audio industries. The CD-ROM features sample works from many of these artists, including Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel, The Resident's Gingerbread Man and Bad Day on the Midway, Brian Eno's Headcandy, David Bowie's Jump, Todd Rundgren's The Individualist, Thomas Dolby/Inscape's Dark Eye, a DCuckoo video, and Joe Spark/Pop Rocket's Total Distortion. The CD-ROM also includes shareware and freeware sound utilities and clip media samples, audio system software updates from Apple, demo versions of many of the products discussed in the book, a hypertext version of the book, and tutorials that demonstrate important concepts. ISBN 0-679-76191

Multimedia Strategies in Business-Enhancing Corporate Performance in the Digital Age

MULTIMEDIA STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS will provide the framework and tools needed to define and showcase business applications and processes that can be enhanced through the use of multimedia capabilities. In addition, it will provide methods for selecting the application and process elements that are the most important to the overall business goals of an organization. The book and CD-ROM will include an emphasis beyond traditional applications such as computer-based training and presentations, to core business applications including performance support systems, sales automation, just-in-time learning and reference. There is a growing gap in business between technologists and business management. Management understands business opportunities and threats but not technology based solutions. Technologists understand the capabilities offered by new products and services but are not steeped in business opportunities and problems. MULTIMEDIA STRATEGIES IN BUSINESS will demonstrate how business process and financial analyses can be used to close the gap by providing both groups with the information and case studies they need to successfully "sell" multimedia in the corporation. ISBN 0-679-77094-1

Random House Best Selling Multimedia Titles

Official Macromedia Director Studio


This official book/CD-ROM package shows, step by step, how to create professional-quality multimedia with the leading cross-platform multimedia software, Macromedia Director 4.0. The CD-ROM contains all the software you'll need to create interactive multimedia presentations with Director, including the full retail versions of Macromedia Director 4.0 for Macintosh and Windows, Macromedia SoundEdit 16, Adobe Photoshop, and other major applications (which can be test driven, purchased, and installed right off the disc in U.S. and Canada). The CD-ROM also contains hundreds of dollars worth of FREE, ready- to-use utilities and clip media; a complete, searchable electronic version of the book; interactive tutorials; sample Director animations, and much more! 400 pp./CD-ROM. ISBN: 0-679-75321-4.

Multimedia Power Tools, Second Edition


A Groundbreaking Book With A CD-ROM Full Of Multimedia Tools.

Designed for potential and active producers of multimedia presentations and products, this elegant book/CD-ROM package presents a full collection of multimedia tools and information. You'll get professional guidance for creating multimedia projects on the Mac, with special attention to animation, video, sound, and authoring. Included on the multimedia CD-ROM are guided tours of award-winning projects by their producers. The CD-ROM also includes hundreds of megabytes of clip media, including photos, textures and backgrounds, video and sound clips. The authors are acclaimed designers of multimedia projects and editors of Verbum Magazine. ISBN: 0-679-76346-5

Adobe Photoshop Handbook


"Superb image quality combined with clear, concise information makes the Adobe Photoshop Handbook an excellent resource. I keep mine right next to my computers." --Bill Niffenegger

This new edition of the best-selling Adobe Photoshop Handbook is packed with real world tips and techniques from expert imagers. This latest edition combines complete coverage of Photoshop 3's powerful new features and valuable system advice for both Macintosh and Windows users. It also covers real-world color and imaging issues that are often overlooked in other Photoshop tomes and includes indispensable, undocumented techniques and color artwork straight from the keyboards and the tablets of the world's top digital artists. ISBN: 0-679-75325-7

Designer Photoshop 2nd Edition


This book "takes you inside Photoshop through the eyes of an accomplished artist and printmaker... a delight to read". Pamela Pfiffner, MacUser

The classic, hands-on photoshop guide, now revised and updated for Adobe Photoshop 3! Get expert techniques from designer, Lance Hidy and illustrator Etienne Delessert on how to create professional-quality work. Packed with glorious color art, real-world examples and step-by-step instruction, it leads you from inspiration to print without expensive surprises. The book is for both Macintosh and PC users and includes essential tips on calibration, valuable perspectives on getting good scans, proven techniques for color correction, revealing tips for using pixels creatively, tried and true recipes for working with layers, masks, and channels, plus much more! If you're serious about Photoshop this is the book you need to take you to the next level. ISBN: 0-679-75326-5

Photoshop Filter Finesse


Create Cool Special Effects With Photoshop Filters For The Mac And PC!

This unique book/CD-ROM set for the Macintosh and Windows gives you all the tools and techniques to create unparalleled special effects with Photoshop-compatible plug-in filters. You'll find step-by-step recipes for creating textures and patterns, unusual type treatment, 3D effects, animation, and video. And you'll learn how to use these techniques with other Mac and PC graphics applications. The accompanying CD-ROM is packed with over $500 worth of software, including 60 commercial quality filters for the Mac and 11 for the PC (Kai's Power Tools 1.0 and Aldus Gallery Effects, among others), professional images, custom presets for popular filter sets, demos for Photoshop, Premiere, and Fractal Design Painter. ISBN: 0-679-75324-9

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