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Apple Now Ships Macintosh Quadra With MS-DOS and Windows Compatibility

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	[ full text was posted to comp.sys.mac.hardware ]

	    Apple Now Ships Macintosh Quadra With MS-DOS-
		      and Windows-Compatibility

CUPERTINO, California--February 28, 1994--Apple Computer, Inc. today
announced it has begun shipping the Macintosh Quadra  610 DOS Compatible,
a full featured personal computer with MS-DOS- and Windows-compatibility.
It enables users to easily switch from the Mac environment to DOS and back
again with just the touch of two keys.

The architecture is built around both the Motorola 68LC040 and Intel
486SX microprocessors running at 25MHz;  MS-DOS 6.2 comes preinstalled.

The system has passed Microsoft's DOS and Windows hardware compatibility tests
and it will appear on Microsoft's Windows 3.1 Hardware Compatibility List.

Dual monitor support is designed to provide customers with the option of
viewing the Macintosh and DOS environments at the same time, allowing the
user to add the second display monitor without purchasing an additional
video card. The Macintosh Quadra 610 DOS Compatible version supports most
VGA, SVGA and Multisync monitors as well as the Apple 14" or 16" Macintosh
Color Displays.

The same hard drive runs Macintosh, MS-DOS or Windows applications.
Apple also offers an optional internal CD-ROM drive designed to run
Macintosh, DOS and Windows CD-ROM discs, providing users with access
to the hundreds of exciting CD-ROM titles currently available.
In addition, DOS and Windows applications print to any Apple or
Macintosh-compatible printer through a built-in serial port or
optional Ethernet port.

		       Availability and Pricing

The Macintosh Quadra 610 DOS Compatible personal computer is available
today in the U.S. and selected international markets.  The U.S. Apple
price is $1579 for the 8MB/160 with on-board Ethernet configuration.

			 Upgrade Information

Apple also announced that the DOS Compatibility Card for Macintosh is
now available for  both Macintosh Quadra 610 and Macintosh Centris
610 owners to upgrade their systems.  The card is priced at the U.S.
Apple price of $399.