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Apple QuickTake 150

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QuickTake 150 for Windows

The Apple QuickTake 150 is a high-performance digital camera for Windows software-based computers that provides the fastest and most affordable way to add images to your documents. Just pick it up and you can start capturing high-quality color images instantly. And when you're done, you can load them into your Windows software-based PC in seconds.

This affordable digital camera needs no film. Use it like your favorite "point and shoot" camera to capture 32 standard-quality images or 16 high-quality images--all with impressive 640- by 480-pixel resolution in more than 16 million colors. You can change from standard to high quality at will using the intuitive LCD control panel on the back of the camera.

Designed to go anywhere, the QuickTake 150 digital camera weighs just a pound, including its batteries. The built-in automatic flash gives you perfect pictures indoors or out. The included QuickTake 1.5 software provides a host of image-enhancement tools, as well as making it easy to transfer images into your PC. Also included is PhotoNow! from PictureWorks, a TWAIN driver that supports the QuickTake 150.

Using PhotoNow! with any TWAIN-compliant Windows application makes acquiring images from the camera a quick and easy process.

To load images into your PC, just connect the supplied serial cable into the camera and plug the other end into a serial port on your computer. Run the included software, or PhotoNow! and your favorite TWAIN-compliant application, and your images are transferred to your PC quickly and easily.

The QuickTake 150 affords nearly unlimited possibilities for adding impact to your communications. Once images are loaded into your PC, you can select and view multiple thumbnails; delete any images you don't want; then rotate, crop, scale, and zoom in on them individually. You can even adjust the lightness or darkness of the image, or adjust for fluorescent lighting, in one easy step. Then the included QuickTake 1.5 application lets you save your images in several file formats, and paste them into the application of your choice to create impressive presentations, appealing reports, attractive memos, and more.

Technical Specifications


  • 24-bit color


  • 640 by 480 pixels (all images)


  • 1MB of Flash EPROM stores up to 32 standard-quality images, 16 high-quality images, or a combination
  • Storage time: up to one year, even without batteries

Focus-free and close-up lens

  • Focus-free lens: 4 feet to infinity; equivalent to a 50-mm lens on a 35mm camera
  • Close-up lens: accurate from 10 to 14 inches; includes parallax error correction, flash diffusion, and rangefinder

Built-in flash

  • Three modes: Off, Fill, Automatic
  • Range: 4 to 9 feet (10 to 14 inches with close-up lens)
  • Cycle time: 7 seconds


  • Includes three AA lithium batteries
  • Battery life: over 200 images (100 flash, 100 no flash, download and erase all images)
  • Supports three 1.5 volt AA, R6P, LR-6, or SUM-3 NiCad or lithium batteries
  • Optional AC adapter

Other features

  • Self-timer: electronically controlled with a 10-second delay
  • Shutter speed: from 1/30 to 1/175 of a second
  • Aperture: from f2.8 to f16
  • ISO equivalent: 85
  • Viewfinder: gives 92 percent coverage of actual image area

User controls

  • Shutter release, image quality, flash, self-timer, and Erase All Images

LCD display

  • Number of images that have been taken
  • Number of images remaining
  • Image quality, flash, and self-timer settings
  • Erase All Images
  • Battery level

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