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Apple QuickTake 200

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The Apple QuickTake 200 integrates the hardware features and software functionality you're looking for into a versatile, easy-to-use, compact digital camera solution. Everything you need to get started comes in the box. The QuickTake 200 takes the guesswork out of image capturing with an LCD screen that lets you preview your 24-bit images on the fly and store them on removable storage cards. As soon as you've captured images, you're ready to share them with colleagues, customers, friends, and family using the QuickTake's LCD screen, your Mac OS-based computer, or an NTSC television or VCR.

QuickTake 200 Features

The Apple QuickTake 200 lets you:

  • Preview images, one by one or nine at a time, with the camera's LCD screen.
  • Create high-quality, 640-by-480 pixel images with more than 16 million colors.
  • Store images on removable storage cards - up to 20 high-quality or 30 standard-quality images on the 2 MB card included with the QuickTake 200, or twice that on the optional 4 MB card.
  • Select from three focal ranges - from 3.5 inches to infinity.
  • Transfer images between your camera and a Mac OS-based computer quickly and easily.
  • Share your images using your camera, computer, or NTSC television or VCR.
  • View, auto-play, delete, or protect images using your camera's built-in on-screen image management .


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