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Apple RAID

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Apple RAID Software version 1.0.1 provides RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology to Apple's PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Servers, allowing them to offer better data reliability and greater performance. It supports two of the six primary levels of currently defined RAID technology: Levels 1 and 0, disk mirroring and striping, respectively.

  • Apple RAID Level 1: Mirroring. Mirroring is a data-reliability technology that involves the simultaneous writing of data to two disks. If either disk fails, users can access data from the surviving disk. Mirroring is particularly useful for situations in which downtime resulting from a disk failure is not acceptable.
  • Apple RAID Level 0: Striping. Striping enables the server to store successive units of data across multiple hard disks. This allows a collection of smaller disks to store large amounts of data. The data is stored in parallel on several disks, which can potentially yield increased performance for applications that are optimized to take advantage of this feature.

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