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Apple Remote Access

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Apple Remote Access lets you use a modem and telephone lines to connect a remote Macintosh or PowerBook computer to another Macintosh computer or to an entire AppleTalk network. The Apple Remote Access product family provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and secure solution for an entire range of Macintosh users -- from individuals to workgroups to large organizations. These products include:

  • Apple Remote Access Personal Server. Ideal for individuals or small organizations, this product provides remote access to a single Macintosh computer or an entire AppleTalk network over a single telephone line. It offers enhanced ease of use, productivity features, and security options, and includes Remote Access Client for Macintosh software.
  • Apple Remote Access Client for Macintosh. This allows you to connect to any Apple Remote Access-compatible server, so your server's capabilities can expand as your needs grow. When used with the single-line Personal Server, it can support up to 10 regular users or up to 20 infrequent users -- and the multiline MultiPort Server software can support as many as 200 users.
  • Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server. This offers remote AppleTalk network access for large numbers of mobile professionals. When used in conjunction with Remote Access Client software and the appropriate hardware, this software converts a single Macintosh into a server that can support 4 simultaneous connections. And, when combined with one or more Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server 4-Port Expansion Kits, your server can support up to 16 simultaneous connections.
  • Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server 4-Port Expansion Kit. Expand your Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server with the Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server 4-Port Expansion Kit and get 4 more simultaneous connections with each expansion kit.
  • Apple Remote Access MultiPort X.25 Extension. This gives you the ability to connect Apple Remote Access clients to an Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server through public or private networks, taking advantage of the communications cost savings that X.25 offers (requires MacX25).

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