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Apple Remote Access Personal Server

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Apple Remote Access Personal Server software includes everything you need to allow a Macintosh computer to communicate with another Macintosh or an entire AppleTalk network over standard telephone lines. It takes only minutes to set up and offers powerful capabilities that can help make an individual or a small workgroup of Macintosh users even more productive— no matter where they are. With Apple Remote Access Personal Server, you can work wherever you like— at home or on the road—and retain access to all of the resources of your office computer or network. You and your colleagues can send and receive electronic mail, collaborate on a shared project, or print to a network-connected printer. Yet doing all of this is as simple as if you were working at your office.

Getting started with Apple Remote Access Personal Server is easy. The software features single-step installation that requires no special technical knowledge. And because the Apple Remote Access Personal Server adjusts automatically to your network, it leaves you free to focus on your own work instead of worrying about the details of networking.

In today’s increasingly complex and mobile world, Apple Remote Access Personal Server provides convenient, direct access to information and resources at a remote location for computer users on the go. So, whether you want to share files with a neighbor or collaborate on a project with colleagues around the world, Apple Remote Access Personal Server can help you get the job done— quickly, easily, and affordably.


Ease of use

  • Installs in only minutes
  • Provides everything you need for both the calling and the answering Macintosh computers— client and server software— in one convenient package1
  • Lets individuals or small organizations access services remotely, in the same intuitive way as they work with services locally
  • Requires no specialized equipment


  • Enables individuals or small organizations to take advantage of remote access to a single Macintosh computer or an entire AppleTalk network
  • Supports a variety of leading modems
  • Supports a range of network types, including LocalTalk, Ethernet, and Token Ring

High performance

  • Features built-in industry-standard data compression and error detection
  • Provides increased efficiency, with smart buffering technology from Apple
  • Is optimized for a variety of connection types

Built-in security

  • Includes several security options that allow you to restrict access to information
  • Generates an activity log to track usage

Flexible client capabilities

  • Supports a variety of connections, including cellular and ISDN
  • Is fully integrated with the Mac OS, so remote users can work with such familiar tools as the Chooser, Alias Manager, and the Finder

Technical Specifications

Modem support and scripts

  • Modem scripts for a range of Hayes-compatible modems and ISDN terminal adapters.
  • Additional scripts may be available. Contact your modem manufacturer for more details.
  • If you understand connection control languages (CCLs) and are an experienced programmer, you may be able to write the necessary modem script yourself. The Apple Remote Access Modem Toolkit (see ordering information) includes everything you need to write these scripts.

Network types supported

  • Support for any AppleTalk network; the most common network choices include:
    • LocalTalk
    • Ethernet
    • Token Ring

Connection types supported

  • Standard telephone
  • Cellular
  • ISDN

Error detection/data compression

  • Includes several built-in components that allow for error-free and optimized delivery of data
    • Smart buffering (developed by Apple Computer, Inc.) for data-transfer optimization
    • MNP, an industry standard for error detection
    • V.42bis, an industry standard for data compression


  • Spreadsheets, text, and files with redundant data can be compressed more efficiently than certain other files (such as programs) and can therefore be transferred at much higher rates.


  • User name and password authentication
  • Callback feature that verifies the user’s identity by returning calls to a predetermined phone number
  • Activity log for recording calling and answering activities
  • User account disabled after seven incorrect password attempts


  • Maximum number of simultaneous connections: 1
  • User name maximum length: 31 characters
  • Password maximum length: 8 characters
  • Maximum connect time: selectable
  • Total number of user records: 100
  • Maximum number of activity log entries: 1,000

Licensing information

  • Comes with license to copy and install the Apple Remote Access Personal Server software for your own use on up to two Apple computers owned and/or operated by you.
  • Additional client software must be purchased or licensed separately; consult your authorized reseller or representative for information.

System requirements

  • A Macintosh computer with at least 4MB of RAM (8MB for Power Macintosh)
  • Macintosh System Software 7.1 or later (version 7.5 or later required for Power Macintosh)
  • An Apple or other Hayes-compatible modem (14.4 kbps or faster recommended)
  • Modem cable with hardware handshaking

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