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Apple Studio Display

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The Apple Studio Display combines state-of-the-art imaging technology with a number of advanced software-based features. Its digital technology enables it to offer optimal viewing, while Apple's ability to maximize the benefits available through integration between hardware and software makes for an exceptional degree of user control.

Developed in response to requests from some of our more demanding--and most knowledgeable--customers, the Apple Studio Display was designed for outstanding looks as well as immense practicality. This stylish computer screen requires only a fraction of the desk space of a traditional computer monitor and is easy to set up and use.


Spectacular display performance

Offering outstandingly crisp, clear, distortion-free images through its Thin Film Transistor Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (TFT AMLCD) technology, the Apple Studio Display provides twice the performance of traditional, analog displays in terms of brightness, contrast, and sharpness. In addition, it significantly reduces eyestrain and enhances user productivity by eliminating screen flicker.

Stunning style and ergonomic excellence

The Apple Studio Display features an attractive flat-panel design that's just a fraction of the size of a traditional display--which makes it an efficient option. (Customers who are really short on space will be happy to learn that they can minimize its desktop footprint even further through the use of an alternate, picture-frame stand.)

This advanced display rounds out its ease-of-use story with seamlessly integrated connectors; tilt-and-swivel capabilities and smooth, precise height adjustment to ensure optimal viewing comfort; and easy-to-access control buttons. It complies with the strict global TCO 95 standards for low power consumption, low emissions, and recyclability.

Outstanding hardware/software integration

With its unmatched combination of "smart" features and superior software controls, the Apple Studio Display redefines the desktop viewing experience for customers offering:

  • Smart scaling that provides full-screen, high-quality viewing of graphics and video at varying resolutions
  • The best-possible performance regardless of display/graphics card or analog input from CPU, through accurate, easy phase adjustment.
  • A unique software-based tool that makes it easy for customers to optimize their viewing experience through precise, control over brightness, contrast, and backlighting.

Competitive Advantage

State-of-the-art LCD display technology. With their precise TFT AMLCD technology, LCD displays offer a flicker-free screen that features outstanding brightness, contrast ratio, and sharpness.

Unparalleled hardware/software integration. The Apple Studio Display takes advantage of Apple's expertise with hardware and software to give customers an unmatched combination of "smart features" and superior software controls-for a flexible, responsive display.

Superior design. With its ease of setup and use; desktop stand; choice of picture-frame stand; and stunning overall style, the Apple Studio Display epitomizes Apple's award-winning excellence in user-centered product design.

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