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Apple Tape Backup 40SC

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With the Apple Tape Backup 40SC, Macintosh personal computer owners now have a convenient, easy way to back up and restore critical data. Since it uses removable tape cartridges - each of which pro­vides 40 megabytes of backup storage - the Apple Tape Backup 40SC offers virtually unlimited storage capacity. It is designed for use with all SCSI-based Macintosh systems that include a hard disk.


Recording media

  • 1/4-inch removable mini­ cartridge (DC2000), preformatted


  • Formatted Capacity: 38.5 megabytes of fully-corrected data
  • Block Size: 8,192 bytes
  • Sectors/Tracks: 24; serpentine


  • Data format: Industry­ standard QIC-100 1/4-inch cartridge (8 kilobytes of user data, 4 kilobytes of data redundancy)
  • Tape speed: 60 inches per second read or write; 90 inches per second search or rewind
  • Transfer rate:
    • Burst mode: 1.25 megabytes per minute
    • Normal operation (volume mode): up to 1 megabyte per minute
  • Volume backup time: Approximately 17 to 18 minutes per 20 megabytes

Connects directly to the Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, or Macintosh II via system cable to a SCSI connector.

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