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Apple Unveils Its Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web - 04/1994

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Apple Unveils Its Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web
All-in-one solution provides a low cost and easy way to establish a presence on
the World-Wide Web‹without the hassle of UNIX
INTERNET WORLD, San Jose, CA-April 10, 1994-Apple Computer, Inc. today
introduced the Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web, an
affordable and easy way to establish a presence on the Information
Superhighway.  The new server solution is an all-in-one package that includes a
PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Server and all the software needed to make
the server accessible to others on the World-Wide Web (WWW).  This product
extends Apple¹s market leadership in publishing from print to cyberspace,
giving customers a robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for
establishing a presence on the Internet.
"Internet publishing is a natural extension of Apple's traditional strengths in
the publishing market," said Jim Groff, vice president and general manager for
Apple Business Systems.  "With the Apple Internet Server Solution for the World
Wide Web, Apple is leveraging those strengths with a rich set of content
creation and networking tools."
The Apple Internet Server Solution is designed for individuals or groups,
including marketing professionals, customer service organizations, educational
institutions and IS managers in large corporations, who are interested in
building a presence on the World-Wide Web.  It is built on Apple's
high-performance PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Server, so it delivers the
reliability and speed needed to be responsive to multiple requests from many
users.  It also comes with a range of software, including content development
tools that allow Web server managers, known as Webmasters, to develop home
pages and other pages quickly and easily on the Internet‹without having to know
"Our customers are looking for solutions that enable them to get up on the
Internet quickly and painlessly‹as a way to communicate and do business.  The
Apple Internet Server Solution helps them do that in a very cost-effective
way," Groff said.
The Apple Internet Server Solution consists of a Workgroup Server 6150/66,
8150/110 or 9150/120 and a CD-ROM that combines all the software components
necessary for customers to easily establish a presence on the World-Wide Web,
€ MacHTTP from BIAP Systems Inc., which turns the Workgroup Server into a WWW
server by allowing it to serve documents to the rest of the WWW.
€ BBEdit from Bare Bones Software Inc., which lets users create and edit the
pages they intend to publish on the WWW.
€ Netscape from Netscape Communications Corp., a WWW browser that lets
Webmasters view the content they develop.
€ AppleSearch®, Apple¹s information search and retrieval software that lets
Webmasters index files on their server so WWW clients can search for
information stored on it.
€ Adobe Acrobat Pro, which allows Webmasters to publish their documents in the
exact format in which they were developed.  It enables documents to maintain
their formatting so that when viewed, the image seen is the same image that was
€ Common Gateway Interfaces (CGIs), which are easy-to-use applications based on
AppleScript that let MacHTTP interact with other applications in pre-designed
ways.  For example, "clickable" maps that bring up information about particular
cities when the user clicks on city icons or electronic mail that allows WWW
clients to fill out pre-formatted forms and send them to a specified e-mail
€ Apple RAID Software for data protection and disk mirroring
€ AppleShare Client for Windows software, which allows Windows users to access
AppleTalk-based file and print services.
MacDNS, a domain name server software for the Mac OS, is expected to be
available on the Workgroup Servers in early summer 1995.  MacDNS makes the
Workgroup Server recognizable to other servers on the WWW and does not require
UNIX knowledge to use.
The Apple Internet Server Solution also comes with a variety of sample WWW
pages (home pages, catalog pages and forms), sample databases, on-line
documentation and "how-to" tutorials to help Webmasters create their own server
Apple's Web Advantage
The Apple Internet Server Solution is a natural choice for customers who are
already using the Macintosh platform for print and multimedia development.
Because it is based on the intuitive Mac OS, the Apple Internet Server Solution
is easy to set up, operate and manage, which are not leading characteristics of
UNIX-based servers.
The Apple Internet Server Solution is also less expensive.  UNIX-based servers
today cost from $6,000 to $12,000 in the United States, while the Apple
Internet Server Solution starts at less than half the price of the lowest cost
UNIX-based server.  In addition, the ease of use of the Mac OS cuts down on
maintenance time and money that normally accompanies UNIX-based server
administration.  The Apple Internet Server Solution is also very reliable.  If
a power failure occurs, the Workgroup Server can be up and running within
minutes, with data intact.  And because the Mac OS does not allow remote
administration (a feature of UNIX), the server is less susceptible to
unauthorized access.
The Internet and the World-Wide Web
According to the Internet Society, the number of people connected to the
Internet is expected to grow from 20 million users to 100 million users in the
next three years.  Apple¹s current estimate is that 1.7 million Macintosh
systems are connected to the Internet.  There are currently over 2,900 visible
Macintosh systems on the Internet being used as WWW servers, making it a
natural platform for the Internet and publishing on the WWW.
The World-Wide Web is a network of servers communicating via the HyperText
Transport Protocol (HTTP), accessed by clients on a variety of platforms.
Documents published on the WWW are written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML),
allowing publishers to format ³pages² using text, graphics, sound and QuickTime
movies to present information to the WWW audience.  Highlighted text blocks on
a page provide links to other related sources of information, stored anywhere
on the WWW.
Availability and Pricing
The Apple Internet Server Solution is expected to be available in May 1995.
The Apple Price for the Internet Server Solution in the U.S. ranges from $2,909
to $8,209 and includes both a Workgroup Server from Apple and the Internet
Server Solution software CD.  Prices outside the U.S. may vary. MacDNS is
scheduled be available in early summer 1995.  In the meantime, domain name
service can be obtained from an Internet service provider.
                                                  Apple Price
The Workgroup Server 6150/66                        $2,909
16MB RAM/700MB hard-disk drive/
Quadruple-speed CD-ROM/Internet software CD
The Workgroup Server 8150/110                      $5,319
16MB RAM/1GB hard-disk drive/
Quadruple-speed CD-ROM/Internet software CD
The Workgroup Server 9150/120                      $8,209
16MB RAM/Two 1GB hard-disk drives/
Quadruple-speed CD-ROM/DAT drive/Internet software CD
Customers interested in more information on the latest Internet Server
Solutions from Apple should contact the ABS Network Information Hotline at
(408) 862-3385 (AppleLink:abs.netinfo; Internet e-mail:
[email protected]).  Customers can also get more information on
Internet Server products by phoning Apple's Fax-On-Demand at (800) GO APPLE
(choose option 2); or Apple's World-Wide Web page at http//  In
Europe, customers interested in more information should contact their Regional
European Apple Office.
Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized pioneer and innovator in the information
industry, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use personal computers,
servers, peripherals, software, on-line services and personal digital
assistants.  Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)
develops, manufactures, licenses and markets products, technologies and
services for the business, education, consumer, scientific & engineering and
government markets in over 140 countries.
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