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Apple Unveils MS-DOS and Windows compatible Power Macintosh System and Card - 11/1994

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             Apple Unveils MS-DOS- and Windows-compatible
                   Power Macintosh System and Card

LAS VEGAS, Nevada-November 14, 1994
Apple  Computer, Inc.  today  announced the Power   Macintosh 6100 DOS
Compatible system and DOS Compatibility  Card for Power Macintosh 6100
and Macintosh Performa 6100 Series.  The  products offer customers the
ability to   easily    integrate  Macintosh  into    mixed   computing
environments as  well as allow x86  PC  users  to bring their favorite
DOS/Windows applications with  them   as they move  to  the  Macintosh
platform.  Announced here  at Fall  Comdex '94,  Apple plans  to begin
shipments  of the Power  Macintosh  6100 DOS Compatible system and DOS
Compatibility Card in the first calendar quarter of 1995.
Customers  Can  Run  Full  Range  of  Macintosh,     DOS  and  Windows
Applications Powered by a PowerPC 601 microprocessor and a  486 DX2/66
microprocessor, the Power  Macintosh DOS  Compatible system runs  more
applications than any other personal computer on  the market.  It runs
the widest range of mainstream PC software including DOS, Windows, and
Macintosh applications   in  addition  to the   more  than  360 native
applications which  have been optimized for  Power Macintosh.  Ideally
suited  for home, education, and business  customers who work in mixed
computing environments, these  products enable users to easily  switch
between  the  Macintosh and DOS  computing environments  with a simple
keyboard command.

                  Product Features and Enhancements

The Power Macintosh  6100 DOS Compatible   features  dual  processors,
enabling    users to work in   both   Macintosh and DOS   environments
simultaneously.  A PowerPC 601 RISC-based  processor powers the Mac OS
computer  environment while a 486 DX2/66  microprocessor runs both DOS
and   Windows-based   software.    Working  independently,   the  dual
processors  allow users   to  run  Macintosh    and   DOS  or  Windows
applications in  tandem, and even copy and  paste  information between
the two environments.

"We have worked with Apple to enable PC  users to run  Power Macintosh
applications as well  as Microsoft Windows  applications on  the Power
Mac 6100 and  Performa 6100 series,"  said Joachim Kempin, senior vice
president of  OEM sales  at Microsoft.   "Microsoft  and Apple believe
that customers of these systems will benefit from our efforts."

The Power Macintosh 6100 DOS Compatible improves on the  technology of
the popular  68040-based Macintosh  Quadra 610  DOS Compatible awarded
"Best System" by Byte Magazine at Fall Comdex T93.  Featuring a faster
processor than its predecessor, the Power Mac 6100 DOS Compatible also
offers enhanced  multimedia capabilities, such  as built-in support of
Creative  Labs' Sound Blaster  chipset  for 16-bit audio  playback, as
well as improved networking compatibility with support for NetWare IPX
and TCP/IP network protocols via an ODI-compliant driver.
Dual  monitor  support, provided by    the Power  Macintosh  6100  DOS
Compatible,   allows  customers   to  add  a  second  display  without
purchasing  an additional video card   to view the  Macintosh  and DOS
environments simultaneously.  The Power  Macintosh 6100 DOS Compatible
supports most VGA, SVGA and multisync monitors, as well as all current
Apple displays.

The  same hard drive  runs Macintosh,  MS-DOS or Windows applications.
The optional double speed  internal  CD-ROM drive runs Macintosh, DOS,
and Windows CD-ROM discs, providing users with  access to the hundreds
of exciting CD-ROM titles  currently available.   In addition, DOS and
Windows   applications  print to  any Apple   or  Macintosh-compatible
printer through the built-in serial or ethernet ports.

Reply Corporation First Licensee of DOS Compatibility Card Technology

Apple  also announced  that   Reply Corporation  [(800)  801-6898],  a
manufacturer    of system  enhancement   products  based  in San Jose,
California, has become the first licensee of Apple's DOS Compatibility
Card   technology.     Reply intends    to  manufacture   and   market
DOS-compatible cards  for a range  of Macintosh systems  including the
Quadra 610, 650, 660AV, 700,  800, 900 and  950,  and Centris 610  and

                       Availability and Pricing

The Power Macintosh    6100 DOS  Compatible system is   expected to be
configured with 16MB  of  RAM,  a SuperDrive floppy disk  drive, 350MB
hard disk  and built-in ethernet  port and is  anticipated  to have an
Apple price of US$2,499.  The DOS Compatibility  Card may be installed
in Power Macintosh 6100  systems or Performa  6100 Series products and
is expected  to  have an Apple price of  US$699.  Both  the system and
card are expected  to be available in  the  first  calendar quarter of
1995.  Specific pricing and availability will be announced at a future