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Apple WiggleWorks

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WiggleWorks software makes learning to read and write fun.

This CD-ROM-based program is unique among electronic books because it includes multiple-creative activities that build both read-ing and writing skills in children ages 3 to 8. And it's so fun that your youngsters will want to use it over and over again. With WiggleWorks, you can get involved with your children's learning as they explore all three engaging books included in each package.

The WiggleWorks series was developed by Scholastic, Inc., one of the most trusted names in educational materials for nearly 75 years. Because it's based on comprehensive educational research, WiggleWorks helps children build the language skills they'll need to succeed in every aspect of school.

To maximize its educational benefits and its ongoing appeal to children, WiggleWorks can be used in a variety of ways. Beginning readers can listen and watch as a narrator reads each book and the computer highlights the text being read. (You can set the reading pace to meet the needs of different children or the progressing abilities of one child.) Beginners can also play with and learn about individual letters of the alphabet. More advanced readers can read the text themselves, with selected words spoken as needed. And children can record and play back their own voices.

WiggleWorks stimulates creativity while it teaches basic skills. Children can write and illustrate their own stories or modify an existing WiggleWorks book. For even more fun, they can print their stories (in black and white, or in color with a color printer).

Each WiggleWorks CD-ROM features three different books, all with appealing characters and delightful illustrations. Activity cards suggest how you can help children get the most enjoyment and educational benefit from each book. With a micro-phone, you can also add spoken messages to books, such as activity ideas or words of encouragement.

WiggleWorks: The best learning tools from the classroom, now available from Apple for your own home.


Engaging ways to build reading skills

  • Highlights text as the narrator reads it, or lets children read without assistance
  • Speaks selected individual words
  • Recites text typed in by the child
  • Plays back sentences recorded by the child*
  • Allows children to create their own word lists

Creative options for promoting writing skills

  • Lets children customize the words and pictures of WiggleWorks stories
  • Includes a coloring-book version of each story
  • Prompts children with ideas for their own stories
  • Makes it easy to add words from the word lists

Fun to use

  • Holds readers' attention by using different illustrations, narrators, and music styles for each story
  • Lets children draw pictures for the WiggleWorks stories or their own writing
  • Features the delightful WiggleWorks worm to guide children through activities

Access features for children with visual or motor impairment

  • Large text
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Talking buttons
  • Spoken feedback of typed letters
  • Command selection without pointing

Parent involvement

  • Lets you customize the WiggleWorks setup for different reading skill levels
  • Offers suggestions for helping your children create their own stories
  • Allows you to record messages (Requires a microphone built into or attached to the computer)
  • Includes ideas for related reading, drawing, singing, and play activities

Technical Specifications

System requirements

  • Apple Macintosh or PowerBook computer with 68020 or later processor, or Apple Power Macintosh computer
  • 4MB of RAM
  • System 7
  • Hard disk
  • 12-inch or larger color monitor
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone for recording messages

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