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Apple Workgroup Server 7250/120

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  • Three PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) slots for expansion cards
  • Internal 2GB, 4500-rpm hard disk drive and room for one additional storage device
  • Internal 8x-speed CD-ROM drive
  • One SCSI DMA bus to support up to seven devices (three internal, four external)
  • Eight ports to support a wide range of peripherals
  • Built-in Ethernet and LocalTalk capabilities
  • Support for AppleTalk and TCP/IP networking protocols
  • Token Ring support optional (with PCI card)
  • 120-MHz PowerPC 601 RISC processor with floating-point processor and 32K on-chip cache
  • 256K level 2 cache
  • 16MB of RAM, expandable to 256MB

The Workgroup Server 7250/120 is an affordable and versatile member of the PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Server family from Apple. It delivers the file and print, database, Internet, and applications server capabilities that meet the needs of medium-sized workgroups in business, education, and publishing. And it's ideal for workgroups that use both Macintosh and Windows software-based computers.

Apple Workgroup Servers are highly reliable, affordable, high-performance systems with large storage capacity that provide organizations with faster, more efficient shared network services and secure centralized storage. The Workgroup Server 7250/120 also runs the familiar graphical interface of the Mac OS, making all of its capabilities incredibly easy to use.

Featuring a 120-megahertz PowerPC 601 processor with 32K on-chip cache and 256K level 2 memory cache, the Workgroup Server 7250/120 delivers outstanding performance. Plus for easy, flexible expansion, it features three PCI slots that let you add capabilities by installing a variety of cards.

To make sure that network administrators can work as efficiently as possible, and that users get the most out of all that power and capacity, the Workgroup Server 7250/120 offers a choice of three software bundle solutions. The Applications Server Solution provides a variety of useful Apple and third-party software for administration, reliability, productivity, and performance. The AppleShare Server Solution includes all software that comes with the Applications Server, plus AppleShare file and print server software, remote administration software from Santorini, and Apple Remote Access MultiPort Server software. These two Workgroup Server 7250/120 solutions also include AppleShare Client for Windows software, so Windows users on the network can access networked printers and files stored on a Workgroup Server running AppleShare file and print server software. The Apple Internet Server Solution comes with all the software you need to create a presence on the World Wide Web --quickly and easily.

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