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Apple Youth Central

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  • Winter Wonderland - Draw a Holiday Scene, make a list of the Top Ten Things to Do With Fruitcake and a Potato Pancake, and more!
  • Books 4 Sale, Reviews - You have the unqiue opportunity at Youth Central to buy books and post your reviews about them. Trying to decide what books you like? Find out and buy here!
  • Centralian Opinion Poll - What do you like, dislike, where are you from, and what would you like to see in Youth Central? Your opinion counts; tell us in the poll!
  • Message Boards - Meet new friends, debate issues, talk about music, sports, computers, and more. There are over 20,000 messages!
  • Binary Dock - Stories, poems, shareware, artwork, sounds, and photos all jump out from the water in these parts. Get 'em and send 'em -- just don't eat 'em.
  • The Coffeehouse - The place to hangout, get the Calendar and ways to find Pen Pals. Be sure to count your change before entering, the coffee's US$0.32 (smoothies are free though). (Don't I wish!) :-)
  • Contest Constellations - Enter a contest and get a prize! That's how it ought to work -- but you'd be surprised at the good chances you've got. See artwork and Top Ten Lists from past contests and see what's currently going on.
  • Entertainment District - Radio, Television, Movies... Need we say more? Talk about them all and explore a few links.
  • Photo Expo(sure) - Take a Photo Tour of the U.S. Post Office, New York City, the United Kingdom, and whatever else you see fit. "What's the Shot?" let's you guess a photo, usually posted a week in advance (spiffy, eh?).
  • Sports Field - We've just ran all over the chalk lines, but there are still some soccer balls to deflate! (just kidding) Come inside and talk about anything sports-related. That includes soccer, ballet, running, cheerleading -- along with some links.
  • Tech Triangle - Computers are with us a lot, so we decided to build a building to worship them, or at least discuss what's happening in their world. Join us and believe!
  • The Village - In this place you can get advice from Ask Louella, vote in the weekly survey, see "A Kid's Internet Bill of Rights", and venture into Stake the Umbrella -- a highly motivated discussion area with debates and consensues ranging from disease to relations -- over 50 discussions on a wide range of topics.

United Kingdom Photo Tour

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