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Apple e.g.

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Apple e.g. is a tool that makes it easy for Mac OS-based website administrators to add search and indexing capabilities to a website without having to learn or integrate complex search products.

Using Apple's V-Twin technology, Apple e.g. enables webmasters, with a few mouse clicks, to produce a searchable website, thus allowing client browsers to locate and retrieve information with Apple's classic ease-of-use. Apple's V-Twin technology is a search engine that requires minimal memory and very quickly delivers search results that are relevance ranked, greatly minimizing the time it takes users to find specific information. Apple e.g. is one of many tools provided by Apple that enable Macintosh website administrators to quickly and effectively set up and maintain a website.

The Beta version of Apple e.g. is available to all customers who agree to the terms presented in Apple e.g.'s license dialog. Apple e.g. is distributed under the terms of a no-fee license agreement.

The current version as of 29 Aug 1996 is 1.0b18.

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