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Apple might use Motorola's 300-MHz PowerPC chip (1997)

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London (February 18, 1997) -- Motorola Corp. plans to release a new 300-MHz 603e PowerPC microprocessor -- which Apple Computer Inc. will use in future PowerMacintosh and PowerBook models -- this month (March) at the CeBit trade show, a Motorola executive said today.

While Apple has not admitted to signing a purchasing contract with Motorola, "to assume that Apple will buy the 300-MHz chips would not be wrong," said Paul Clark, European marketing and communications manager for Motorola's RISC group.

The 603 series chip will be the fastest chip ever released by Motorola, Clark said. Motorola has previously announced its plans to manufacture a 300-MHz 603 microprocessor, but, until now, has not indicated when it would be available or which systems manufacturers would use the chip.

Clark said Apple is also considering building a system around a forthcoming version of Motorola's 620 PowerPC processor. Groupe Bull is expected to adopt the upgraded 620 chips in its line of Unix servers.

"Bull will be the first to use the 620 chips, but Apple is also seriously looking at using them," Clark said.

In February, Apple announced the PowerBook 3400 based on Motorola's 240-MHz 603e chip and the PowerMacintosh 9600/233 based on the 233-MHz 604e processor. The company is positioning the high-speed notebook and desktop as "Pentium-flattening" machines that can outperform even Pentium Pro laptops, according to Peter Lunn, PowerBook business and marketing manager for Apple U.K. and Ireland Ltd.

Also at CeBit, which is held in Hannover, Germany, Motorola's New Media Systems group will launch two network computers based on the Motorola 800 series chips, Clark said.