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Ask Jeeves

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Ask Jeeves is a leading provider of intuitive, intelligent Web interaction solutions delivering a humanized online experience. With the mission of simplifying people's lives by supplying fast access to answers and by enabling companies to better acquire, retain and maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Ask Jeeves has deployed its award-winning technology and unique expertise in finding answers to billions of questions to date.

Ask Jeeves has created a proprietary technology and production system aimed at creating a unique user experience that emphasizes ease of use, relevance, precision and ability to learn. The goal of Ask Jeeves' technology is to combine the strengths of natural-language parsing software, data mining process, knowledge-base creation and maintenance tools with the cognitive strengths and capabilities of human editors. Additionally, Ask Jeeves deploys award-winning, patented popularity technology to direct users quickly to sites that have proven most popular in similar searches. Instead of just counting links to a site, Ask Jeeves' award-winning user-relevancy ranking algorithms rate Web sites according to how users interact with their content and services. Built on redundant, fault-tolerant server clusters, our system provides incremental scalability for tens of millions of daily Internet users, even at peak usage times.

In combination, the work of Ask Jeeves' editors and popularity technology captures human judgements to provide the most useful, relevant information across the Web. Ask Jeeves' knowledge-bases learn from every single user interaction, growing smarter every day.

Incorporated in 1996 and based in Emeryville, Calif., Ask Jeeves was the brainchild of Garrett Gruener, venture capitalist and founder of Virtual Microsystems, and of David Warthen, chief technology officer and creator of Ask Jeeves' natural language technology. In April 1997, Ask Jeeves launched the first of its advertiser-supported public Web sites, In March 1998, the company introduced Ask Jeeves for Kids, a fun and child-friendly version of the original that allows children to use the same natural language approach. Since that time, Ask Jeeves has grown from a handful of visionaries to a powerful multinational enterprise. Through its acquisition of Net Effect and Direct Hit, Ask Jeeves has added live assistance and patented popularity technologies to its capabilities. Ask Jeeves' Business Solutions have grown to serve 110 corporate customers, and Ask Jeeves International launched its first joint venture, Ask Jeeves U.K. in March, 2000.