Autoboot Failed

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Unable to execute xio(0)pci(15)scsi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(0): execute format error

Autoboot Failed.
xio(0)pci(15)scsi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(0): execute format error.

Hit Enter to continue


Click stop for maintenance"... Click "command prompt" when you see ">>>" type printenv.

Pay attention to the PROM variables


You can reconfigure the PROM to the factory defaults by running "resetenv" <without the quotes> at the PROM command line.

Additional Troubleshooting

Boot the miniroot again and try to mount the disk and verify that a /xxxx/unix exits.

After that run fx and check the bootinfo entries. Take an eye to the bootfile which have to be /unix.

fx/label/show> boot

----- bootinfo-----
  root partition = 0     swap partition = 1    bootfile = /unix

See Also

PROM documentation at

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