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Avid Matador

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Matador brings together painting, special effects, rotoscoping, tracking and multi-layered 2D animation into one resolution-independent creative environment. It provides unlimited creative possibilities for film, video and broadcast, which is why it's no surprise that it's used by the best in the business. It's the chosen paint system of film effects houses and has contributed to over 100 movies. Industrial Light & Magic used their 200 Matador licenses to produce award-winning work for films like Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, The Mask, Casper, Jumanji and Twister. In addition, more than 100 broadcasters such as CBC in Canada, BBC in the UK and NHK in Japan use Matador daily for their TV and news graphics and the top creative production companies around the world use Matador for their high profile commercial and promo work.

Running on the entire Silicon Graphics® range of workstations, Matador offers unsurpassed image manipulation tools, a wide selection of user-configurable, pressure-sensitive brush styles and a large array of filters. Masks can be generated from luminance, chroma, component or hue or using Matador's advanced chroma key techniques. Rotosplines can be used to automatically generate traveling mattes for sequential images.

Matador offers quick and easy multi-layered, multi-source rotoscoping and macros to automate repetitive tasks and free you to concentrate on more important creative details. In addition, a keyframe animator lets you link an unlimited number of layers in a hierarchy and render in a single pass.

By choosing Matador you're not only buying into a family of integrated products, you also become part of an informal creative network, linked by its desire to explore the breathtaking possibilities of new digital technologies that put the artist in control.

Features + Specifications


  • Wide range of high quality, user configurable pressure sensitive brushes
  • Programmable User Brushes (PUBs) - create unique paint tools
  • Layered display enabling all components in a composite while painting on any one
  • Smartbrushes - automatically paint effects over sequences of images
  • Editable vector shapes and rotosplines
  • Multi-line 2D and 3D text with full editing, scaling, rotating and kerning based on Bitstream and PostScript fonts
  • RGB, HSV and CMY color selection methods plus Pantone®

Filters, Masks and Cutouts

  • Large array of user configurable filters including soften, sharpen, edge detect, turb distort, 3D bump and refraction
  • Cutout transformation with perspective, morphing, warping and motion blur
  • Matte extraction tools based on luma, chroma, color component or hue
  • Color correction of entire images or individual components


  • Fast multi-layered rotoscoping with innovative rotomanager or hierarchical channels
  • Single-stroke drag and drop control
  • Rotosplines for easy in-betweening of vector masks over sequences of images


  • Keyframed animation of all functions
  • Single-pass compositing with unlimited layers
  • Image stabilization and multi-point motion tracking
  • Macros to record, repeat and animate any operation
  • Real-time linetest or flipbook

Image I/O

  • Any resolution and color depth from 8 to 14 bits per component for video, film or print
  • Support for 30+ file formats
  • Full OMF® Interchange support
  • Support for most video devices and DDRs


  • Runs on a broad range of Silicon Graphics® workstations, including Onyx®, Indigo2™, Indigo2 Impact™ and Indy™
  • Fixed or floating licenses
  • Wacom pressure sensitive tablet and pen

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