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Avid Media Station

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The Avid Media Station is designed to work with your Avid Media Composer® and Film Composer® systems as a cost-effective companion system for logging; digitizing; and output of EDLs, digital cuts, negative cutlists, change lists and optical lists.

By offloading these time-consuming production tasks, Media Station lets you free your Media Composer or Film Composer systems for more creative work. It is the perfect tool for Avid customers who want to streamline and gain greater efficiency in their post production process. A Telecine Room Option can be added to support direct-to-disk digitizing during telecine transfer. Or, add the Assistant Editor Option to offload audio editing.

Flexible Media Input | The Media Station can handle all your digitizing requirements, including single-field and two-field resolutions. It comes standard with all Avid resolutions, including AVR 77 and AVR 9s (with 2:1 compression) and can digitize in PAL (25 fps), film (24 fps) or NTSC (30 fps). The Media Station supports 8 channels of 48 kHz audio input and output and 8-channel monitoring.

With the Telecine Room Option, unattended logging and digitizing can be accomplished concurrently with the telecine process. Valuable information such as timecode, keycode, auxiliary timecode, and user-bits such as reel ID and date can be captured by decoding up to three lines of VITC. This information can also be "burned in" to digitized images with up to six independently positionable windows and can be used to generate EDLs and negative cut lists.

Comprehensive Output | When editing is complete, output your project in the desired list format or use Avid's AvidNet™ Open Transport-based network solution to access your media directly from the Media Station over a network. The Media Station can output EDLs, digital cuts, negative cutlists, change lists and optical lists. Completed logs can also be exported in OMF Interchange® format for use with any other Avid or OMF Interchange-compliant system.

Streamlined Workflow | The Media Station enables a more cost-effective workflow that's designed to enhance user productivity and creativity and allow facility owners to improve the bottom line of their businesses. Add the Assistant Editor Option and your assistants can now perform audio editing while your Media Composer or Film Composer system is being used for picture editing. Additionally, this option supports all Media Composer transition and 2D effects, allowing the Media Station system to output digital cuts containing effects created on other Media Composer and Film Composer systems.

Affordable + Expandable | The Media Station is affordably priced so that your investment can quickly pay for itself. It also frees your Media Composer or Film Composer system for more creative work. And, like all Media Composer systems, it offers an upgrade path to other Media Composer and Film Composer models.

Avid's Support Advantage | Like all Avid system owners, Media Station owners have the option of being supported by Avid's world class Customer Service organization. Toll-free 24-hour telephone support, a bulletin board service, comprehensive software upgrades and a range of training courses are just some of the service options available. And, Avid provides financing for every Avid product. With up to 100% financing coverage for equipment costs including installation, software and support, and convenient leasing programs, getting the Avid system that will improve your business is now easy and affordable.

Features + Specifications

Media Capture

  • 720x486 images (NTSC) or 720x576 images (PAL)
  • NTSC and PAL (25 and 30 fps)
  • True 24 fps film support (16mm; 35mm 2-, 3-, 4- and 8-perf; 65 mm 5-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-perf)
  • AVR 12 two-field offline images; AVR 77, 75, 70 two-field online images
  • AVR 2s, 2m, 3s, 3m, 4s, 4m, 6s, 6m single-field offline images; 8s and 9s single-field online images
  • Component and composite I/O or serial digital I/O
  • 8 channels AES/EBU digital audio I/O
  • 8 channels analog audio I/O
  • MediaLog™ for logging material
  • Batch digitize of video and audio
  • Digitize to timeline (in video projects)
  • Digitize file sizes greater than 2 GB
  • Avid Log Exchange (ALE) support
  • Serial deck control
  • Internal waveform monitor and vectorscope
  • Burn-in master record timecode or footage count during output (with Avid Media Reader™ option)

Project Management

  • Folder hierarchy (nestable folders) within project window
  • Advanced project accounting tools
  • Multi-level find, sift and sort functions
  • Frame, script and text views
  • Media Consolidate feature
  • User, project and site settings
  • Ability to lock media, clips and sequences
  • Unlimited number of bins
  • Reveal file ability

Play Features

  • Two-monitor setup (bin and edit monitor)
  • Separate full screen NTSC/PAL video monitor
  • 4x3 and 16x9 support
  • 4 video tracks
  • Film Matchback support from NTSC or PAL video projects (16mm; 35mm, 3- and 4-perf)
  • 32-levels of undo/redo
  • Customizable interface
  • AutoSequence™
  • AutoSync™
  • Support for mixable resolutions
  • Dupe detection with handles in the timeline
  • Locators to mark frames in clips and sequences Match frame
  • Scrolling scaleable timeline
  • Variable speed forward/reverse shuttle control
  • VTR play emulation
  • Online help
  • Optional Script-based Editing (for preparing lined scripts)
  • Optional Software Multicamera Grouping

Audio Features

  • 8-channels monitoring
  • 44.1 and 48 kHz
  • AES/EBU and SPDIF digital I/O
  • 24 audio tracks
  • Scrubbing with pitch change
  • Waveform display in timeline
  • Downsampling on export to 22 kHz and 11 kHz
  • SDII and AIFF input/output

Digital Video Effects (Play Only)

  • Real-time dissolves and superimpositions
  • Resize, flips, flops, and masks
  • Real-time industry-standard wipes with borders and soft edges, including horizontal, vertical and box
  • Shape wipes, sawtooth wipes, and diagonal wipes
  • Motion effects including slow, fast, strobe, freeze-frame, reverse, and fit-to-fill with interpolation
  • Real-time film-style dissolves and wipes
  • Real-time film aspect ratio masks (1.66, 1.77, 1.85, 2.35)
  • AVX™ plug-in support for third-party effects

Compositing + Color Correction (Play Only)

  • Real-time color effects
  • Real-time single-channel color correction
  • Color correct based upon RGB levels
  • Control contrast, brightness and gamma
  • Tint or rotate hue
  • Real-time chroma and luma keys
  • Non-destructive compositing on 24 layers
  • Animatte™

Integrated Titling (Play Only)

  • Downstream keyer for uncompressed graphics and titles
  • Real-time uncompressed rolling and crawling titles

16x9 Support

  • 16x9 image input/output
  • 16x9 display of images with 4x3 safe area grid overlay
  • 16x9 title creation (play only)
  • 16x9 geometric wipes (play only)


  • Bi-directional bin and sequence compatibility with Media Composer 7.1 and Avid Symphony™ (with video projects)
  • Ikegami® Editcam™ media support
  • OMF® v2.0 support
  • Media and composition compatibility with Avid Media Illusion™ via OMF
  • Directly import/convert 25 different types of files with Image Independence™ technology
  • Import standard format EDLs
  • Import telecine transfer logs
  • QuickTime support for Macintosh® and Windows®
  • Integrated QuickTime codec
  • Supports ALE file formats from third-party logging programs
  • EDL Manager for generating EDLs in all major formats
  • Output negative cut, change and optical lists
  • Digital cut-to-tape
  • Internationalized menus
  • Optional AvidNet peer-to-peer networking transfer tool

Assistant Editor Option

  • Automation gain with external fader controller support
  • Real-time multi-band EQ (sweepable midrange) with real-time adjustment
  • Crossfades and mixdowns
  • Audio punch-in
  • AudioSuite™ plug-in support
  • Real-time preview of peels, pushes, spins, matrix wipes, shape wipes, sawtooth wipes and diagonal wipes (play only)
  • Real-time transition effects including conceals, L-conceals and squeezes (play only)
  • Picture in picture (play only)
  • Effects grid for precise placement
  • Integrated real-time title tool (play only)
  • Supports multiple font types, sizes, styles, colors, drop shadows, kerning, spacing (play only)
  • Multicamera Grouping software (play only)
  • Additional monitor required (sold separately)

Telecine Room Option

  • Digitize direct to disk during telecine transfer
  • VTR record emulation
  • AutoClean feature for matching clips to recorded tape
  • VirtualTape creating a sequence that matches the tape frame for frame
  • Avid Media Reader™


  • iS9™ Pro MediaDock™ shuttle and MediaDrive™
  • iS18™ Pro MediaDock shuttle and MediaDrive
  • iS9 MediaDock shuttle and MediaDrive
  • DLT 35
  • Avid MediaShare™ F/C storage

System Components

  • Power Macintosh® with 192 MB RAM
  • One 21-inch color high-resolution monitors
  • Avid Broadcast Video Board (ABVB)
  • Advanced JPEG compression hardware
  • 8-channel audio I/O
  • Audio A/D and D/A converter (888)
  • Fast, wide dual-channel SCSI accelerator board or Fibre Channel adapter card
  • Video slave driver
  • Two self-powered speakers
  • Blackburst generator
  • Colored key caps and labels
  • Documentation, tutorial and training tools

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