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Avid Multicamera

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Avid's Multicamera options for the Media Composer® Offline, Media Composer 4000, 8000 and Film Composer® systems are ideal for editing any project shot with multiple cameras, including sitcoms, interviews, music videos and sports events. The solution of choice among Hollywood sitcom editors, Avid Multicamera was used to edit many shows which aired during the Fall '96 television season, including "Seinfeld," "Ellen," "Frasier" and "Caroline In The City".

Avid Multicamera-equipped systems include a source monitor which displays images from four cameras in a quad split, a bin monitor which displays the various clips available for editing and an optional third monitor for full-screen playback of the recorded sequence or quad split.

You can edit at sound speed while simultaneously playing back four camera sources in realtime. Thanks to Avid's Grouping software, you can save hours of manual organization time through the ability to select and instantly organize material from multiple camera sources based on timecode, in-points, out-points or auxiliary timecode information. Groups are represented by single icons within a bin. When loaded into your source monitor, you can access any of the group's component clips while maintaining sync between all associated clips.

You can cut "live on the fly" by instantly switching between cameras on a per-cut basis, or cue to a different section at any point during playback and replace one camera with another, while continuing to roll in sync. You can also edit over an entire take from a single camera, cue to a point within that take and then "gang roll" the other clips in sync.

Features + Specifications

Avid Multicamera Option System Requirements (PCI)

  • PCI-based Media Composer® Offline, Media Composer 4000, Media Composer 8000 or Film Composer® system with 64 MB RAM and Apple System 7.5 or 7.6
  • Avid Broadcast Video board (ABVB)
  • Advanced JPEG board
  • SE4 SCSI-II accelerator board
  • Audio A/D and D/A converter (SA4)
  • Video slave driver
  • Black burst generator
  • 4 or 9 GB fixed or removable (Avid MediaDock) Avid hard drives (separate drive required for each source camera)
  • Customer-supplied NTSC client monitor optional

The Avid Multicamera play option is also available on ABVB/NuBus-based Media Composer 4000, Media Composer 8000, or Film Composer systems (Power Macintosh 8100 or Power Quadra).

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