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Badmoon fIEND Transcript

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Jesse -[ Msg :  Welcome to Interviews Online's ( Third Interview. Interviews Online is a group of people who are dedicated to providing the Hotline and Macintosh community a chance to Interview well-known users.  We would like to thank fIEND for agreeing to this Interview.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Guests should know that they are entitled to 5 questions.  To submit a question, message it to me.  I will be checking the content of these questions so keep them clean.
        fIEND:  I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here. :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  First we will be starting with questions that users uploaded and emailed in.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why is it that everyone that comes to your server and are from SSM you already label them a peon?? They have their own mind and stuff and want to be friendly so why do you label them as you do??
Rex -=[ Smart:  PowerBot - Ready
Oli -=[ Watch:  Theres a question there
Oli -=[ Watch:  ^-
        fIEND:  Well it appears to me that the individuals from SSM that come to
        fIEND:   Bad Moon, have done so with a pretty fair ammount of success.
        fIEND:   Which proves that a few SSM folks do have their own independant
        fIEND:   thinking and that we are open to meeting good people. From my
        fIEND:   observations it seems the whole feud is stupid and people are
        fIEND:   pretty hell bent on seeing the division continue. Politics exist
        fIEND:   though and not everyone will allways get along but it is a goal to
        fIEND:   dissolve labels on people as it's very counteproductive. But from a
        fIEND:   perspective view there will allway be a good and a bad...both of
        fIEND:   which can be seen as the same from opposite ends, therefore you
        fIEND:   will have conflict. For the most part we're easy to get along with if
        fIEND:   you are.
        fIEND:  heh
        fIEND:  i hope that was extremely difficult to read :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  What do you think of Peonboss's comment saying the you and others at Bad Moon don't like Hotline and wonders why you all keep using it? When from what I've seen at your server that you spent to the time to figure out how to improve, or enhance, it's looks.  Could you share how you do that?
        fIEND:  who is penisboss?
        fIEND:  heh
        fIEND:  The answer is simple. The 1.2.3 version of HCL's Hotline was the last piece of software that bears Adam Hinkley's name.
        fIEND:  We've also used it for so long that we've grown accustomed to it. It's also faster and spams less than 1.5. And 1.5 on a PC...ha!!! 1.5 crashes when I merely try to log onto a server.
        fIEND:  So in essence what we like is Hink's original vision but we loathe the Hinks-less HCL, which is currently trying to destroy his career while they build their own. HCL is also very 3rd party developer hostile.Adam is  a lot cooler than anyone from HCL.
        fIEND:  1.5 is a symbol of HCL giving Adam the shaft, therefore we  it. We do however enjoy enhancing the look of Hotline's a lot of fun.

Jesse -[ Msg :  What enticed you to start the Badmoon icon list?
        fIEND:  Well it was apparant that Burger and I were making all the inroads and innovations with the SSM icon list and I think the people noticed. A lot of users from Omnimac, Train Yard, and various other servers kept asking me to start a list. And the first time I announced the development of a list...peeon freaked out. He freaked out enough to offer me a chance to do an SSM list and it was during this time...I knew there needed to be another list. There just wasn't any freedom with this list so we shot the finger at SSM and made the list that turned Hotline upside down.
        fIEND:  Since then we've worked pretty hard to make icons that give Hotline a more visually aesthetic experience. In doing so we've utilized custom colors for icons, oversized icons, various icon viewers, custom PC icon tools, and on and on. We even attatracted the attention of some of the world's best icon artists like Noel Green, Justin Dauer, Ian Harrington, kaos, Talos, Gort and a whole slew of others. Also, we try not to be the "all for all" sort of list. There are too many differences in people's tastes for any one list to satisfy what they like to look at.
        fIEND:  People want alternatives. 
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why do you think that hotline has ended up with just small banner driven warez and porn sites instead of larger more community oriented sites like Moria or Boffomac?
        fIEND:  Well I don't really see Boffomac anywhere...I never went to Moria so it looks to me people don't care for these sorts of places. People seem to want the taboo stuff. I hate banners though. It seems so desperate. 

Jesse -[ Msg :  What do you do in your spare time?
        fIEND:  I'm allways looking for a decent shirt I don't have to iron.
Jesse -[ Msg :  How old are you?
        fIEND:  How old are you? Are you old enough to ask me this question? Is this thing recording?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Where do you work?
        fIEND:  I work for a really cool company who is changing the way people do business on the web.
        fIEND:  65 of the nation's Fortune 100 are our clients.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Guests want to know what the actual name of the company is?
        fIEND:  The guests can kiss my entire ass :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  What was your first computer related job?
        fIEND:  My first computer job was gathering geological data in real time. We used a crude realtime kernal on top of DOS to manage the various bits of data in 1 ft. intervals. I had a kick-ass pocket protector that you people would kill for.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Note to Guests - Please message Matt Taylor if you have a comment or a question about the interview.  Questions that you would like to ask fIEND come to me.
Jesse -[ Msg :  How did you first hear about Hotline?
        fIEND:  I can't remeber how I first heard about Hotline...but it was back in the pre HCL days. No trackers, just some random ip's.
Jesse -[ Msg :  to muh brutha RaYGuN
Jesse -[ Msg :  Last guest comment:
Jesse -[ Msg :  People are getting mad that he "isnt answering the questions" could you be more descriptitve?
        fIEND:  Isn't life cruel like that?
        fIEND:  next
Jesse -[ Msg :  :)
        fIEND:  ;D
Jesse -[ Msg :  How did you first hear about Hotline?
        fIEND:  I answered that above.
        fIEND:  word Why do you dislike Hotline 1.5?
        fIEND:  1.5 logins on a 1.2.3 server allows a person to login and not have their name next to their ip in the connection log. They also spam when they arrive in chat. It's really unamed users, etc. 
Jesse -[ Msg :  What do you think about the clones?  Do you think they are beneficial to the hotline community or destructive?  What is your opinion on Hotline Comm. current decision that they don't care about the clones that are out there?  What if they decided that clones weren't helping the industry and threatened legal action?
        fIEND:  Well if it were not for cloners then we would never see any Mac specific features. HCL has sold out to the PC crowd. And because of HLC's focus away from the Mac specific features we want...people HAVE to turn to clone makers for these innovations. Plus I would not be surprised if HCL uses some of the ideas from the cloners. And if Hotline decided they would threated legal?
        fIEND:  BIG DEAL.
        fIEND:  It would be easier to implement the concept of Hotline into industry standard, open protocols. Hotline has simply evolved from First-Class client and Timbuktu, to what it is today. People will have their own spin on how they communicate and HCL is POWERLESS to stand in the way of our freedom to communicate.
        fIEND:  People can allways create new protocols or use open ones. And this is the only area in which I belive HCL has a leg to stand on.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why did you pick fIEND for a screen name?
        fIEND:  I wanted something that would strike pHEER into the heart of the elite AOL hax0r...Oren. He palette hacked me and I never got over it. :-(
Jesse -[ Msg :  Boxers or Briefs?
        fIEND:  I have a huge patent leather cod-piece with 2 inch chromium-steel spikes. It has feathers underneath where my sack is. Cool, huh? 
Jesse -[ Msg :  Who Started Badmoon?
fIEND:  Burger King and myself instigated the creation of Bad Moon. Since then a ton of others have come along to show us new and exciting ways of wasting time online. It's incredible fun. I feel very fortunate for having had people interested in our efforts.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why was Badmoon Started?
        fIEND:  Burger and I didn't like the management of the place we were prior. We needed a place to spam.
Jesse -[ Msg :  How long have you been on HL?
        fIEND:  I've been on HL way too long. It's time for something better to come along. And the quality of pr0n on Hotline is gawd awfull!!!!
Jesse -[ Msg :  That sums up the pre set question / answer section of our interview.
Jesse -[ Msg :  We will be opening the Interview up to a open forum now.  Guests should remember that they have 5 questions that they can ask.  Message your questions to me for them to be asked.
        fIEND:  Is this a smoking or non-smoking chat?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Comments or other non interview related questions should be directed towards Matt Taylor
Jesse -[ Msg :  Could you show us your stats?
        fIEND:  my nads?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Guests - You dont need to Re-Msg me your questions - I have them.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Please use CTRL F12 and enter stats in the top box so we can see your stats
        fIEND:  oh ok
        fIEND:  1052.3M downloaded, 28.4M uploaded, 43K chat, 9:15:59:22 online
        fIEND:  heh what a farkin leech.
Jesse -[ Msg :  :)
        fIEND:  :D
        fIEND:  ha
        fIEND:  sup fox
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why is the f lower case?
        fIEND:  Because it looks neato.
Jesse -[ Msg :  How much time do you spend online a day?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Please keep from changing your names.l
        fIEND:  I spent about 14-16 hours a day online. 75% of it work related.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Do you have a girl friend?
        fIEND:  I'm married.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Do you have a happy marriage with your wife?
        fIEND:  Sure. We're doing great. 
        fIEND:  She's got mad cans man lemme tell ya.
Jesse -[ Msg :  ;-)
Jesse -[ Msg :  Were you considered a geek in school?
        fIEND:  Nope. Not even. I was voted most likely to kick your ass behind the gym after school.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Do you/have you ever attacked SSM icon servers?
        fIEND:  Sure. I throw rocks at it daily. Heh
Jesse -[ Msg :  How many tattoo's do u have?
        fIEND:  One. It's the Bad Moon crescent courtesy of RaYGuN.
Jesse -[ Msg :  any fIEND Jrs.?
        fIEND:  Just my cats and my iguanna and a gecko named Stan.
Jesse -[ Msg :  What was your highschool GPA?
Matt Taylor -:  LOL
        fIEND:  I was in graduated...isb't that enough?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Badmoon has always been an innovator in third party hotline development. From a custom wdef gelbar to themes, etc. are there any plans for future inventions?
        fIEND:  Yeah we have all sorts of trick stuff planned. Stay tuned.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Some time ago, when BM first got going, you declared that no bots would be used on your server. With the advent of HL 1.5, and a bot programmed to kick 1.5 users from a 1.2.3 server (aka Brute Bot,) you're now using that bot. Care to comment on the change of policy?
        fIEND:  Sure
        fIEND:  We made the bot in order to just practice our boycott of HCL.  brUte even got JR...I'm so proud. Sniff :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  ;-)
Jesse -[ Msg :  In your opinion, why does SoSueMe keep the bad moon server on the tracker ''? - From Rift
        fIEND:  Fear. Pure unadulterated pHEER.
        fIEND:  yay!!
        fIEND:  say whacha mean and say it mean I allways sya :D
        fIEND:  aw how nice. let's go set fire to some bumb after the chat.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Guests
Jesse -[ Msg :  Please stop the Name changes or I will turn off guest chat
        fIEND:  I think the name spaming is more interesting than the questions.
Jesse -[ Msg :  heh
        fIEND:  hehe
Jesse -[ Msg :  Done with the last one
Jesse -[ Msg :  Bah - Chat - Names - Same difference.  :)
        fIEND:  ha. yeah
        fIEND:  fire away...gimme yer best shot!@!
Jesse -[ Msg :  Do you feel it is ethically right to have to threaten a server with being crashed to get an interview? I ask because I and everyone on here saw you do that to get an interview here.
        fIEND:  Well did the server get crashed? no. 
        fIEND:  no harm no foul
        fIEND:  next #
Jesse -[ Msg :  In reference to last question, you have stated many times you are not responsible for crashing ssm, yet you threatened to do it here if you didn't get your way. Doesn't that imply you knew all along about the  DOS  attacks at SSM and were in fact the guiding force behind them?
        fIEND:  If you can't see your attacker...there may be no attacker. 
Jesse -[ Msg :  In reference to last question, you have stated many times you are not responsible for crashing ssm, yet you threatened to do it here if you didn't get your way. Doesn't that imply you knew all along about the  DOS  attacks at SSM and were in fact the guiding force behind them?
Jesse -[ Msg :  Ops
        fIEND:  I think the attacks are fabricated. The ssm sysop is illeterate and could you imaging the havoc he could wreak at the command line? next question.
Jesse -[ Msg :  That was teh same question
Jesse -[ Msg :  ;)
Jesse -[ Msg :  You claim to be as fair as SSM yet they allow anyone an account and you refuse to give one to anyone but your cronies.SSm never even removed you from thier tracker when even HLC did. How do you justify attacking them when they obviously reach a  much larger group of people than you and obvioulsy treat all people the same?
        fIEND:  Well there is considerably more value to a bad moon account. plus we aren't desperate to obtain tons of account holders.
Matt Taylor -:  i  just have one thing to say
Matt Taylor -:  ...that all the people asking about SSM taking BM off the trackers
Matt Taylor -: would be logisticly impossible to accomplish that
        fIEND:  It's all about censorship. thats what SSM is all about.
Matt Taylor -:  ...since their tracker prides itself on its abundant server lst 
  Beta Tester:  #
        fIEND:  It hasn't hurt us a bit.
        fIEND:  :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why do you so intently make fun of PeonBoss? What ever did he do to you?
        fIEND:  heh I only have one thing to say in regard to's the kid? heh
Jesse -[ Msg :  Whoever is obviusly showing there intelligence by msg spamming me, Im glad that I am owned.  Thanks.
        fIEND:  hehehe
Matt Taylor -:  :)
        fIEND:  ;D
Jesse -[ Msg :  Now - Please stop informing me that
        fIEND:  ow can anyone be offended when you say "Own"?? Use it in 
        fIEND:  your daily speech.It adds prestige.
        fIEND:  Tell someone today "You are 0wned!!"
        fIEND:  blah blah blah
Jesse -[ Msg :  :)
        fIEND:  yay!
        fIEND:  I am 0wn3d!
        fIEND:  next question por favor.
Jesse -[ Msg :  hold on
Jesse -[ Msg :  Trying to over come the message spam I am recieving.
        fIEND:  muahahaha
        fIEND:  la la la la
Matt Taylor -:  please stop spamming Jesse
        fIEND:  ya don't spam. 
        fIEND:  pweeze :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  Now Im getting turn on namez fagget
Jesse -[ Msg :  Heh
Jesse -[ Msg :  Oh well
Jesse -[ Msg :  Heres next one
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why did you start running your own icon list?
        fIEND:  Because there was a demand for it. One list can't satisfy eveyone.
Jesse -[ Msg :  Why do you run an alternate list to SSM, which was around first, since you say you don't want to create a rift this action doesn't seem to make sense?
        fIEND:  We make the Bad Moon list so there will be innovation, which SSM is incapable of innovation anything icon related. We created the log icon they hold so dearly and they know it. thats why we are banned's to suppress the truth and competition, their tactics.

Jesse -[ Msg :  Have you ever considered SSM and BM merging?
Oli -=[ Watch:  hehehe
        fIEND:  Well that would be like kmart (ssm) merging with Sak's 5th avenue (bad Moon)
        fIEND:  :)
Jesse -[ Msg :  What is your favorite clone?
        fIEND:  Hotwire!!!! gotta check it out. It's awesome.
Jesse -[ Msg :  as I thought hotlyin=hotwire
Jesse -[ Msg :  guest want to know where can we get it
        fIEND:  well hang on
        fIEND:  Dustin is a real straight up fellow. really talented and his site is great.
Matt Taylor -:  people, we will turn back on name changing...please make your changes NOW, any spamming will not be tolerated! this action has been taken as a favor, not a right, so please do not abuse this privlage.
Jesse -[ No M:  Questions will not be accepted any more. Thanks
        fIEND:  heya natas
        fIEND:  mmm spam. gelitonous mass of acsii.
Matt Taylor -:  ok guys
Jesse -[ No M:  Do you know of any PC clones?
        fIEND:  yeah. flip mo.
Matt Taylor -:  any name changing thought to be spam will be acted upon appropriatly
        fIEND:  ya.
Jesse -[ No M:  Where can we get it?
Jesse -[ No M:  Not Hotlyin, the Pc CLone
        fIEND:  dunno about no stinkin PC clones.
Jesse -[ No M:  ok
Jesse -[ No M:  :)
Matt Taylor -:  hehe
        fIEND:  :D
Jesse -[ No M:  The only pc clones i know of are eBot and then Crazy Lover.
        fIEND:  amen.
Jesse -[ No M:  How did you get PC List tools?
        fIEND:  We got them from jason roks
        fIEND:  he gave them to shag and cata for us to make a pc list.
        fIEND:  :)
Jesse -[ No M:  So you did not steal the tools?
        fIEND:  heh how would we steal em?
        fIEND:  nope. we got them from JR.
Jesse -[ No M:  Good point
Jesse -[ No M:  At one point the company Industrial Strength had you listed on their web page as a founder. It no longer does, Can you tell us why? And do they know you host your Website on their network?
        fIEND:  My old company was bought out by and I moved on. ISN is no longer an active company.
        fIEND:  Frogdesign designed the original Machintosh case for those who don't know.
Jesse -[ No M:  What is your average day on hotline?
        fIEND:  It's very fun. Chillin with the lunartiks!@!
        fIEND:  I have nothing but good things to say about my time out here. :)
Jesse -[ No M:  Do you think katie holmes is hot, fIEND?
        fIEND:  I bet she has big thingies in real life.
Jesse -[ No M:  Has he ever thought of leaving hotline, and going too Carracho or another client/server program?
        fIEND:  well we have our own server under development so yes.
Jesse -[ No M:  you say you "moved on" from ISN. Isnt it more accurate that you were fired because they relaised you were running badmoon, and they you were under indictment for your web activities?
        fIEND:  hehehe
        fIEND:  i was under no indictment. we at ISN just had different visions of the company. Bad Moon had nothing to do with it. But Bad Moon did outlive ISN. That question sounds like a peeon fantasy. hehe
Jesse -[ No M:  what is it the PeonBoss represents to you?\
        fIEND:  he represents the asspit of society. he's illeterate and isolated in a no-where state.
Jesse -[ No M:  Which icon list is superior, and why?
        fIEND:  well art is in the eye of the beholder. but ssm icons are in the hands of the idiots.
        fIEND:  yay!!!!
        fIEND:  my long lost son.
        fIEND:  sniff sniff
Jesse -[ No M:  Why do you continue to make an outlaw Icon List? I say outlaw  because you refuse to conform with specs from Hotline communications.
        fIEND:  we know icons. hotline does not. we spit in the face of their rules. besides get out ps and count how many pixels tall the user slot is. heh

Jesse -[ No M:  Isnt it true that the tools were given to people, not to be released. Yet you have had them for public download many times.. And if hl had given you the tools freely as you say, Why is it Shaggy was kicked off the beta server because of it.
        fIEND:  We do not believe in restricting a person's freedom to make a PC list. we help people acheive this by any means neccessary.
        fIEND:  and the HCL beta prgram was a total joke just like 1.5 is a total joke.
Jesse -[ No M:  What does own3r, own3d, etc. Imply? Why don't more people use these words in the real world?
        fIEND:  hehe r0r and 40oz brought that to us.
        fIEND:  if you have to ask then it's no use.
Jesse -[ No M:  Why is it that the Bm icon list has 1/2 the icons the  Official one does yet is larger in disk space? Is it because you have no quality conrol and don t optimise your icons?
        fIEND:  well custom icons are fatty. and we're into quality not quantity. The icons are thoug, superior to our old format that ssm uses.
Jesse -[ No M:  You said erarlyer "We even attatracted the attention of some of the world's best icon artists like Noel Green, Justin Dauer, Ian Harrington, kaos, Talos, Gort and a whole slew of others" Why is it that all the high profile names like noel and the other you mentioned now will have nothing to do with Badmoon. Do you every wonder why you can only keep people in the 12 year old age bracket coming back?
        fIEND:  hehe i see justin and ian and kaos all the time. the rest like aol more than hotline.
        fIEND:  la la la la
Jesse -[ No M:  Why is it that instead of actually answering some of the questions we have asked you, You insist on giveing crap answers and avoiding the questions. After the Peon interview were he answered all the questions, dont you think you are letting us down?
        fIEND:  I'm just not feeding you bullshit. 
        fIEND:  And i don't care if anyone is let down.
        fIEND:  :)
Jesse -[ No M:  donde esta usted?
×Amb. Stealth:  hehe
Jesse -[ No M:  :)
        fIEND:  next?
        fIEND:  ;D
×Amb. Stealth:  whoever it is must like u used superior form isntead of familiar
        fIEND:   I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.
        fIEND:  muahahaha
Jesse -[ No M:  The fist couple of versions of your list had icons covering certain people s icons from the ssm list. If was obvious it was done on purpose, yet SSM didn't even remove your icon till you asked them to, In fact isn't it true the Official list still has icons you made in it.. Why did you attack them in this way when they clearly have never attacked you.
        fIEND:  They suck. People despise SSM. It's as simple as that. When SSM decides to actually compete with us by producing some innovation then maybe we won't tease and call them bad names :P
Jesse -[ No M:  How do you feel about people supporting both the SSM and BM lists?? What are your feelings about the mesh list?
        fIEND:  mesh lists....well they are fine on the individual level but mass distributing them...heh. I think only ssmers use mesh lists. 
        fIEND:  yes!!!!!
Jesse -[ No M:  HAH! Well, fiend is the same as a squirrel in most respects but he fights for a different cause and he doesn't like Jason Roks. Ho does he feel about squirrels?
        fIEND:  a rodent is a rodent. nothing more. nothing less. i preffer ground/rock squirrels though. they are more down to earth, :)
Jesse -[ No M:  Thats me!
        fIEND:  yay!
        fIEND:  lets tear it up bro!
Jesse -[ No M:  Would he allow any Badmoon member to make an icon that has SoSuckMy <SSM> on the BM list?
        fIEND:  hehe if it was actually good...maybe. but strategically it makes no sense.
Jesse -[ No M:  You like groud Squrrels? Didnt peon tell a story about shooting one in his interview?
        fIEND:  well no one cares about peeon.
        fIEND:  his opinions mean nothing.
Jesse -[ No M:  What type of connection does he use?
        fIEND:  heh eff is tellin it!
        fIEND:  eh?
        fIEND:  jesse...get peeon's hand out of your ass. let's ask some rlevant questions here.
Jesse -[ No M:  These are the questions Im getting
        fIEND:  hehe wow
Jesse -[ No M:  If any one has any more feel free to ask ify ou want to keep going I can continue to take questions.
        fIEND:  i say we let it all hang out and open guest chat for a big free for all!@!@!@
        fIEND:  come on man!!!
Jesse -[ No M:  ok - lemme sift through the rest of these for some good ones
        fIEND:  ok
Jesse -[ No M:  From your answers, you're boycotting Hotline. if so, why are you still investing time on Hotline community and the User Icons etc.  How is the investment on Hotline community pay off for Bad Moon and its producers. 
        fIEND:  :(
        fIEND:  we cater to the old school hotliners. and things are going strong. and hey...we aren't even hiding in private! you can login without an account and everything!!!
Jesse -[ No M:  Ok - Bad Mooners - If you dont like the questions being submitted then Im totally willing to ask yours but I need real questions.
        fIEND:   I can't believe that out of 100,000 sperm, you were the quickest.
        fIEND:  muahahahahaha
Jesse -[ No M:  ;-)
Oli -=[ Repri:  hehehe
Rex -=[ Smart:  ??? kicked (ghost)
        fIEND:  Gee, what a terrific party. Later on we'll get some fluid and embalm each other.
Jesse -[ No M:  :-)
Jesse -[ No M:  ok
Oli -=[ Repri:  fIEND, is that combat mode feature on your bot coming?
Jesse -[ No M:  Do you want to open it up or should I ask the rest of thes?
        fIEND:  ask away
Jesse -[ No M:  ok
Jesse -[ No M:  ask him how many rc5 keys he has processed.
        fIEND:  listen's to "me so h0rney" by 2live crew!@!@!
        fIEND:  I could care less about rc5. I'm out hunting aliens. and when i find them I will destroy them with zeal!!!
Jesse -[ No M:  ;-)
        fIEND:  :)P natas...weeerd
Jesse -[ No M:  Sounds good
Oli -=[ Repri:  you didn't answer my question on your bot
        fIEND:  development starts whenever I have the time and resources, oli.
Oli -=[ Repri:  ok, thats just fine
Jesse -[ No M:  For quite a long time after it's inception, Bad Moon was private. What factors contributed to the decision to open up to the general public, BESIDES the release of the BM icon list.
        fIEND:  no one can say that bad moon didn't do the public some service. yes we did you folks a favor once and shut off guest access. but hey...we're open and have been for some time now. come spam with us!!!! yay!@!@
        fIEND:  and remeber..... the higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind.
Jesse -[ No M:  Can you tell me your perspective of where hotline is going; and if the Carracho client/server will/or will not affect the future of hotline? What would happen to Bad Moon in terms of User Icon making?
-chill, crack:  heh
        fIEND:  Well bad moon isn't just teathered by hotline alone. we're true friends at bad moon and we will use whatever it takes to meet and have fun and make fun. nothing holds us or anyone out here back from being able to get together online. it's all good.
Jesse -[ No M:  Can you tell me your perspective of where hotline is going; and if the Carracho client/server will/or will not affect the future of hotline? What would happen to Bad Moon in terms of User Icon making?
Jesse -[ No M:  Ops
Jesse -[ No M:  Dmam it
Jesse -[ No M:  Same question
Jesse -[ No M:  :)
        fIEND:  hehe oh
Jesse -[ No M:  how do you feel about these questions that are being asked??
        fIEND:  there is a carracho icon list at bad moon called scorched earth icons. check em out.
        fIEND:  and i feel very errect about these questions. :)
Oli -=[ Repri:  heh
Jesse -[ No M:  ;-)

-chill, crack:  yeah
Jesse -[ No M:  What does fIEND think about Peon being a warezer?
        fIEND:  haha that was cool.
Matt Taylor -:  damn fast too
        fIEND:  hehe
        fIEND:  ya indeed.
-chill, crack:  white rappers
        fIEND:  i think peeon had a shitty warez server. i've seen better.
Jesse -[ No M:  why does he think SSM went private?
        fIEND:  pheer
        fIEND:  i dunno. they have theur reasons and it's none of my business.
Jesse -[ No M:  Do you give out PC list tools to the public?
        fIEND:  if a person wants to make an icon list we WILL help them.
Jesse -[ No M:  - If BadMoon has no innovation as has to result to theft to acheive greatness, what about the FoNI's, the pc icon list(out by badmoon first) and the hotwire/hotlyin icon list currently in development?
-chill, crack:  yes
        fIEND:  i dont understand the theft part. what did we steal?
        fIEND:  hehe
        fIEND:  toss that one out please.
Jesse -[ No M:  hehe
Jesse -[ No M:  ;-)
Jesse -[ No M:  Why do you not but out an icon list monthly as SSM does it?
        fIEND:  Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental
        fIEND:  and we release every 2 months because people are sick of monthly downloads. we have more staying power per list i guess.

Jesse -[ No M:  how do you feel about illicit drug use and do you have a drug problem? (that does NOT include marijuana, whis is NOT a drug.)
        fIEND:  I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.
        fIEND:  and no i have no drug problems. i do smoke though. and i drank the other night and i was sorry for that. 
        fIEND:  ha!@
        fIEND:  thats so cool
Jesse -[ No M:  another one
Jesse -[ No M:  :)
Jesse -[ No M:  Ok
Jesse -[ No M:  WInding down
Jesse -[ No M:  Last few questions
        fIEND:  bela lugosi's dead.
Jesse -[ No M:  If warez is defined as illigal software, and you said on here you release the pc tools illigally. Then isnt badmoon a warez server?
        fIEND:  hehe thats a really stupid question. peeon...quit trying to do this. no one makes money off the damn pc tools! dont be afraid of competition!! no one gets hurt by us releasing the pc tool except your wanna be monopoly of icons! fuck you man!
Jesse -[ No M:  When do you publically post the PC tools?
        fIEND:  they are given to people upon request.
Jesse -[ No M:  Ok - Cool
Jesse -[ No M:  6 more to go
        fIEND:  ok
Jesse -[ No M:  what are your views on the rumors of HL client 1.5 and up leaking info back to HL Communications as to where and what an individual is doing with the software?
        fIEND:  I have no comment on that as I have no interest in their current or future developments.
Jesse -[ No M:  If you could, would you stop the rivalry between BM and SSM?
        fIEND:  well little by little the barriers will be broken down.
        fIEND:  it takes two to tango baybie!@
        fIEND:  but no.
        fIEND:  we're pretty busy and ssm is the least of my daily considerations. we're two different things alltogether bad moon and ssm. to each his 0wn and all that stuff.
Jesse -[ No M:  How many people download the bm list every time it comes out.. and what proof can you offer? SSM has released its logs many times showing 2000 users a month dl their list.
        fIEND:  We aren't about numbers. we do pretty much that amount of traffic though. easy. people who use our list aren't numbers to me. they are my friends. and together we make this list happen and we have nothing to prove to anyone.
Jesse -[ No M:  isn't it true that certain members of ssm have taken online slander and harrasment offline and tried to screw up you personal life just because they can't control what bad moon does or doesn't do online?
        fIEND:  people get carried away with ascii. they go nuts. and no animals have ever been harmed too badly in any of my experiments. 
        fIEND:  people shuld step back and count their appendages...did fIEND bite one off? no. heh. 
Jesse -[ No M:  What are your masturbation habits? - From primuscow
Matt Taylor -:  LOL
Jesse -[ No M:  ;-)
        fIEND:  did i ever mention i'm amnedextorous?
Matt Taylor -:  :)
        fIEND:  :D
Oli -=[ Repri:  i do it twice a day
        fIEND:  good grief
Oli -=[ Repri:  thx
        fIEND:  thats a lotta juice
Jesse -[ No M:  And this interviews BEST question: How many chucks could a t1 hold if a chuck could use a t1?
  fukubach@4 :  well...
        fIEND:  Well the only chucks i know can't even hold up their pee pee. so who gives a flying fuck?
        fIEND:  :)
Jesse -[ No M:  LOL
        fIEND:  hehehe hey man open guest chat for an ascii mosh!@!@!
  fukubach@4 :  wooh
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        fIEND:  and
Matt Taylor -:  heh
Jesse -[ No M:  Thanks to fIEND and the Hotline Community. fIEND has a web page posted at  We encourage all users to take a look as it is an insight to fIEND's life and views.  A Transcript of this chat will be posted on our server and on our web site soon. 
        fIEND:  have fun folks....and's all text!@!@
Jesse -[ No M:  Guest chat comming on now 
        fIEND:  yay!@!
Oli -=[ Repri:  fIEND, you think you could send the fonts u used on your web site?
        fIEND:  yes!@! 
Chat Log file closed.