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Beta Macintosh on RISC SDK Now Available to Developers - 03/1994

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Contact	Emilio Robles, Apple Computer, Inc., 408 862 5671
	Toni Giusti, Cunningham Communication, Inc., 408 764 0737

	Beta Macintosh on RISC SDK Now Available to Developers

   13 Third Party Tool Vendors Support Power Macintosh Application
			 Development Efforts

Cupertino, California--March 28, 1994--

Apple today announced shipping of the beta release of the

	Macintosh on RISC Software Developer's Kit (SDK)

The Macintosh on RISC Software Developer's Kit includes all the tools
and documentation necessary to create new applications or port existing
Macintosh applications--using C or C++--to run native on Apple PowerPC
processor-based systems.

  Third Party Tools Support Power Macintosh Application Development

Apple along with a number of third party developers also announced
today the availability of a wide-range of Power Macintosh development
tools, including native C and C++ development environments and a
Power Macintosh implementation of Smalltalk.

Among the companies announcing Power Macintosh tools are:

-  Absoft Corporation announced the availability within thirty days
   of the Absoft FORTRAN 77SDK for Power Macintosh and the Absoft
   C/C++SDK for Power Macintosh, complete packages for developing for
   the Power Macintosh using FORTRAN or C/C++.

contact Absoft: 2781 Bond Street, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. (313) 853-0050

-  ACI US, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Object Master
   for Power Macintosh, an integrated programming environment for
   Pascal, C, and C++.

contact ACI: 20883 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, California. (408) 252-4444

- Bowers Development announced the immediate availability of AppMaker.
  (it allows you to easily create the interface for a Macintosh application)

contact Bowers:  97 Lowell Road, Concord, MA 01742. (408) 369-8175

-  Bare-Bones Software announced the availability within sixty days
   of BBEdit for Power Macintosh, a high-performance programmer's editor

contact Bare-Bones: 1 Larkspur Way, #4, Natick, MA 01760. (508) 651-3561

-  AT&T Bell Laboratories announced the immediate availability of
   FlashPort Translation services for Power Macintosh.  Using binary-to-binary
   translation technology, FlashPort translates existing 680x0 Macintosh
   applications to Power Macintosh applications.

contact AT&T: Cruz Plaza, 943 Holmdel Road, Holmdel, NJ 07733. (908) 946-1140

-  Jasik Designs announced the immediate availability of The Debugger
   V2 & MacNosy.  The Debugger V2 & MacNosy is a high-level and low-level
   debugger for 680x0 and Power Macintosh applications.  It provides tools
   for code coverage analysis, incremental linking, and global disassembly.

contact Jasik: 343 Trenton Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025. (415) 322-1386

-  Language Systems Corporation announced the availability within
   60 days of Language Systems FORTRAN/PPC and Language Systems Pascal.

contact LSC at 100 Carpenter Drive, Sterling, VA 20164. (800) 2-LANGSY

-  Metrowerks announced the immediate availability of CodeWarrior, a
   native Power Macintosh development environment for C, C++, and Pascal.
   In addition, CodeWarrior provides PowerPlant, an object-oriented
   application framework.

contact: 1500 Du College # 300, St. Laurent, Quebec  H4L5G6, Canada
	 phone: (514) 747-5999.

-  MicroAPL Ltd., announced the immediate availability of PortAsm a
   680x0 to PowerPC assembly language translator.

contact MicroAPL Ltd.: West Bank Techno Park, London SE16LN, United Kingdom
	phone: 447-1922-8866.

-  Prograph International announced the availability in the third
   quarter of 1994 of Prograph CPX for Power Macintosh.
   Prograph CPX is an application development environment featuring a
   comprehensive, extensible application framework and application editors
   implemented in a completely visual, object-oriented language.

-  Quasar Knowledge Systems announced the availability in the second
   quarter of 1994 of Smalltalk Agents for Power Macintosh a dynamic
   tool for authoring applications and agents using Smalltalk.

contact Quasar: 9818 Parkwood Drive, Bethesda, MD 20814. (301) 530-4853

-  Sierra Software Innovations announced the availability within
   60 days of Inside Out II, a multi-user relational database engine
   for use with Pascal and C/C++.

contact Sierra: 923 Tahoe Blvd., Suite 102, Incline Village, NV 89451
	phone: (702) 832-0300

-  Symantec, as part of its announcement of Symantec C++ 7.0,
   announced the immediate availability of the Power Macintosh cross
   development kit.  The Power Macintosh cross development kit allows
   developers to port their Symantec C++ applications to Power Macintosh.

contact Symantec: 10201 Torre Avenue, Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 253-9600

         Macintosh on RISC SDK Pricing, Availability

The Macintosh on RISC SDK is available from APDA.

In the US the SDK is priced at US$399.00. Pricing will vary overseas.

Apple also announced that the Macintosh on RISC SDK will be available as
part of Apple' E-T-O--Essentials, Tools, Objects product starting with
the next issue.

International customers should contact their local Apple or APDA  office
for details of local pricing and availability.  Apple plans that
customers purchasing the SDK will receive the current beta release
and any interim releases up to and including the final release.  In
addition to the Macintosh on RISC SDK, APDA carries a number of the
third-party Power Macintosh tools listed above.  For more
information, contact APDA.

For a free copy of the APDA Tools Catalog, call 1-800-282-2732 (US.),
1-800-637 0029 (Canada), or (716) 871-6555 (International).