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Big Fun in the Internet with Uncle Bert

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                    Big Fun in the Internet with Uncle Bert
     Yer luvin' Uncle Bert stumbles through the gateway, scurries across
    the 'Internet land, eyes agog, then has Big Fun in the nether regions.

      [These are all ftp, telnet and email sites all over the world that
      have all kinds of neat resources available, and can mostly be
      accessed from any internet node.]

                                  General Fun
=== freenet                 (free network account, Internet access, email...) (& ftp) login: new   (USA Headline News)        login: new                (public access)     login: new                (public access)     login: newuser       (public access)    (Information service inc. lyrics database)   login: bbs                  (discussions)

=== IRC                          (Internet Relay Chat š CB radio, IRC access) (no go)      login: irc  login: irc

                               General Reference
=== hytelnet          (hyper-telnet: like this list on hypercard - must see!)      login: hytelnet  hytelnet/pc/HYTELN50.ZIP  /mirrors/msdos/hypertext/

=== Geographic name server     (returns longitude & latitude of town, zip...) 3000 

=== NBS Time 13 telnet                      (exact time)
(202) 652-1079 1200e71 (sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, satellite trans)

=== Weather                                        (National Weather Service)     login(Which Host?): um-weather(forecasts) 3000    login: um-weather    (forecasts) wx/*.gif (hourly satellite weather photos-US) images/gifs/{eur|norden|uk|world}.*.gif pub/weather/  (Europe, Scandinavia, UK, World) JCUMetSat/*last /utilities/*     (Australia)
(301) 899-1214 2400n81  login: NWS password: TEMPPASS

=== Earthquakes   [email protected]    finger

=== Dictionary, Thesaurus, Quotations, CIA World Factbook, US Gov, Constituti telnet 2627 type: HELP                  (Webster's) 621(Webster's accessible by uiuc & uic onlyž) dictionaries/words.*(german french dutch italian)

=== Encyclopaedia (I'm still looking ž)

=== Math                            (Interactive Math algorithm bibliography)     login: walk   login: e-math password: e-math (American Mathematical Society)

=== FDA                                (consumer info & news releases of FDA) login: bbs

=== PEN pages                                 (Agricultural and weather data) login: PNOTPA

=== Space                  (NASA news, shuttle schedules & satellite updates) telnet     [email protected]    finger          (NASA hewdline news)  login: lpi  (geology, geophysics, astronomy) login: ned  (NASA Extragalactic Database) login: nodis (National Space Science Data) login: nodis (National Space Science Dat)     login: nndc      (Nuclear Data Center)

=== Gateways      (How to email between any network: CI$ Fido GEnie Internet) pub/docs/internetwork-mail-guide library/
mail  [email protected] message: GET NETWORK GUIDE
posted monthly on Usenet:comp.mail.misc pub/bigfun/gateways	(ftp IP#)

=== World News             (NASA news, shuttle schedules & satellite updates)  login: info

=== Compuserve    login: compuserve (connection uses tymnet)

                         wais www gopher prospero mime
=== wais (a multi format finding system)       (wide area information server)      login: wais pub/wais/UNC/DOS wais 1.02 for DOS libsoft/wais_servers.txt   (list of wais servers)

=== www (a hyper text system)                                (world wide web) pub/WWW/

=== gopher (a browsing oriented system)  login: gopher   login: gopher   login: gopher login: gopher     login: gopher login: gopher     pub/gopher          (gopher sources)

=== prospero (a front end to archie)
mail  [email protected] pub/prospero.tar.Z

=== mime
  .  .  .

                              Internet Reference
=== White Pages                                               (find somebody) 185  (type name of person you're looking for)     login: fred (front end to the directory)  login: netfind (Netfind User Lookup)

=== archie     (all these sites, login: archie)       (find files & software) (SURAnet, College Park, MaryLand) (New Jersey) (Australia) (Finland) (Nebraska) (Israel) (Canada) (Canada) (Imperial College, London, Great Britain) (New York)
mail  [email protected] message: prog software_name

=== DNS --> IP# (a front end to archie)
mail  [email protected]  message: site (returns IP#)

=== nixpub                                         (public access unix sites) pub/nixpub.{short|long}

=== Usenet     type rn, trn or nn    (see below under notes for more details)
      news.announce.newusers   (this newsgroup contains detailed Usenet info)
      /newsgroup to goto newsgroup, /g newsgroup to add newsgroup
mail [newsgroup]         (post to usenet [newsgroup] via email) 119            (post to usenet [newsgroup] via telnet) 119           (post to usenet via telnet) 119    (post to usenet via telnet) 119         (post to usenet via telnet)

=== Dr Chaos (I have a Master's Degree)fun viwes of (internet) computer news) pub/
mail  [email protected]      (to get on Chaos Corner mailing list)

=== ftp pub/ftp-list/ftp.list   (list of all ftp sites)   pub/nic                           (help on email, ftp, telnet)

                          Internet (Resource) Guides
=== Internet Resource Guide resource-guide/
mail  [email protected]

=== NWnet resource Guide                        (GET ME - most comprehensive) nic/nwnet/user-guide

=== Zen and the Art of the Internet        (Beginner's Guide to the Internet) [email protected]

=== Interactive menu of resources telnet                     (information databases) login: dftnic      (online aid - Nicolas)

=== lists of services pub/     [email protected]   finger pub/bigfun/bigfun	(ftp IP#) (This file!)

=== listserver list                                           (List of lists)     netinfo/interest-groups
mail  [email protected] message: send netinfo/interest-groups
mail  [email protected] message: list global
mail  [email protected] message: list global
mail  [email protected]                           (music list of lists)

=== listserver resource guide
mail  [email protected] message: get listservguide

=== Directory of Electronic Journals and Newsletters
[email protected]
mail  [email protected] message: get ejourn{11|12} directory
mail  [email protected] message: get acadlist file*

                               Books & Documents
=== Book Reviews CARL, item 60 telnet

=== Net Maps   pub/maps/[a4|letter]/*.ps
usenet:comp.mail.maps-ps          (net maps, postscript files posted monthly)

=== FAQs  (answers to Frequently Asked Questions)  pub/usenet/

=== Project Gutenberg [email protected]   (classics collection available) etext/

=== The jargon file (The New Hackers Dictionary) [email protected] pub/jargon/jargon.2.9.9

=== Dante                    (All of Dante's and Shakespeare's works on line) login: connect dante

=== Shakespeare 24 histories 17 comedies 10 tragedies [email protected] telnet pub/etext/shakespeare/...

=== U.S Constitution doc/USconstitution.Z

=== Journals and Artworld  login: lewsnts
mail [email protected] message: send ejournal{1|2}.sources

=== Zipcodes database pub/ lookup.exe

=== lyrics, music pub/music/lyrics/files/... pub/music pub/lyrics pub/lyrics

=== Random other book stuff login: nicol (electronic publishing service Nicol) nutshell(Info about O'Reilly's Nutshell books guides)

=== Images from Space and scads of other space related info       (Voyager &) pub/SPACE/CDROM{|2}      (Magellan missions)
      pub/SPACE/SOFTWARE/ viewer for space images)  gifs/space/orien.gif pub/soviet.archive (text and .gifs of soviet docs)

=== gif archives sites (nogo)       (list of gif archive sites)

=== The Archives (Saint Louis, MO)      (Simtel20 & PCBlue) (Detroit, MI)              (includes Simtel20)  login: iscabbs   (public domain software) pd1:<msdos>msdosidx.arc(White Sands,NM)     (includes žworld's largest BBS,ž Exec-PC)    [email protected]   message: send index              (NetLib)     [email protected]  message: send index              (NetLib)

=== Random files and software GNU/ghostscript-2.4.1.tar.Z    (PostScript)  doc/pcnet/compression  (list of compression)   /contrib/xtroff.tar.Z   (troff previewer) pub/text/...(Rocket Roger, Toxic Custard Work) pub/pc/win3/games/ pub/src/pbmplus.tar.Z  (fax unix graphic) pub/packet-drivers/ (ethernet) pub/crack-4.1.tar.Z (passwd checking program)
      mirrors/msdos/graphics/     (PC gif/jpeg graphic converter)
      mirrors/msdos/modem/ (run multiple remote unix shells on PC)
      mirrors/msdos/zoo/zoo210.exe           (latest zoo compression program)
      mirrors/msdos/graphics/        (fractal generating program)
      mirrors/msdos/sound/ (mac sounds - PC)
      mirrors/msdos/compress/       ([un]compress .Z files on PC)
      mirrors/msdos/filutl/               ([un]tar .tar files on PC)
      mirrors/msdos/txtutl/              (PC fortune cookie program)
mail  [email protected](Borland price lists, maintenance upgrades)

                                 Library stuff
=== Library of Congress cataloging records                (3,000,000 records) telnet

=== CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries(access to library databases)

=== Melvyl                                      (access to library databases) telnet telnet

=== bibliography database                                     (find journals) telnet 

=== library software libsoft/

=== library catalogs       (Internet Accessible Library Catalogs & Databases) login: LIBS(FLASH! a searchable online catalog) cerfnet/cerfnet_info/internet-catalogs-mm-yy... library/internet.library

=== online libraries and accessing online bibliographic databases library/libraries.*     [email protected] pub/internet/libcat-guide    (Internet libraries) telnet         (Network Library System - NLS)       (Readers Guide to periodical literature)   login: bbs   (UNC BBS; nationwide libraries)

=== Law   login: lawlib               (law library)   pub/law

=== User help                                 (Bitnet for the Complete Idiot)
mail  [email protected] message: get bitnet user help

=== Interbit                         (to get internet address of bitnet node)
mail  [email protected] message: whois sitename

                              Handheld Computers
=== palmtop sites: (Usenet: comp.sys.palmtops faq: [email protected])                               (sharp wizard)                                           (HP 95) distrib/hp95lx/...                    (HP 95) pub/Psion             (Poqet Psion II OPL)   (PortFolio)
mail [email protected] message: send {help|index|newsletter}(AgendA)
0271-24458 AgendA BBS                                                (AgendA)

=== handheld ftp sites (can also telnet hpcvbbslogin: new) hp28/   /new/hp48sx    pub    pub    pub/readme login: newuser hp48sx  comp.sys.handhelds, hp-28 (start here for HP48 stuff, Waynes Mail Server) pub/misc/hp48sx/asap/chip48-2.25-bin.Z
Dan's BBS Extravaganza (Dan Dunham) [email protected]
(517) 886-0836 2400n81
(416) 968-6633 2400n81 Raiders of the Lost Arg BBS  [email protected]
487-6947 HP BBS Edmonton  telnet DIAL: me\16125 (Iowa State)
(414) 362-2020 9600n81 Milwaukee HP48BBS

=== general format of entries
111.222.333.444 {port}   login: login_name     (telnet)
111.222.333.444 directory/files_of_interest       (ftp)
mail  [email protected] message: commands                                    (mail)
111.222.333.444   [email protected] message: commands                        (mail)
111.222.333.444   finger [email protected]                  (finger)
(area code) phone number settings BBS_name                      (dial-up BBS)

111.222.333.444   is the IP number (Internet Protocol) is the DNS name corresponding to the IP number
{port} is a port number, where required, for telnet access (see below)

=== telnet
telnet allows you to log in to a remote machine as if you are connected to a
directly attached terminal.  Allows realtime interactive sessions, browsing
through information, not usually file transfers unless kermit or some such is

From your terminal prompt type:

      telnet {port}

At the login prompt put login_name (it is not given if none is required):

      login: login_name

Some sites must be logged in from an actual Internet node rather than
something connected to one (like a PC connected with a SLIP link to a node).

telneting a port: (site name instead of IP# can be used)
telnet 2000

=== ftp
ftp allows you to logon to a remote site and list and get (and put) files.

login: anonymous                      (anonymous is usual public access name)
password: your_email_address (occasionally guest)(not required but preferred)
cd directory                                                   (usually pub/)
cd sub_directory                                     (often self descriptive)
get README |more (more's README to your screen without actually getting file)
type binary                                                       (see below)
get file_of_interest                              (download file_of_interest)

To switch to binary mode for file transfers type at the ftp prompt:

      bi                (shortcut)
      binary      (often works)
      type binary       (usually works)
      set file type binary    (kermit format, sometimes works)
      tenex             (if remote host is vax)

Success is indicated by a message saying:

      set to type I

or some such.  During file transfer the mode (ascii, binary...) is usually
indicated.  Some ftp sites perform automatic switching between modes.

=== remote ftp - Bitftp
Mail the following ftp script file to [email protected] (bitnet) or
[email protected] (Internet):

      help                                      (to get the bitftp help file)
      ftp site.domain uuencode
      user anonymous
      <more commands>                         (eg. binary, ls, get file_name)

=== remote ftp - DECwrl
Mail the following ftp script file to [email protected]:

      connect                (defaults to
      get README.ftp    (the help file
      <more commands>            (eg. chdir <dir>, binary, ls, get file_name)

=== mail
mail  [email protected] site means send a mail message to that site
with the message as indicated on the first line, put each option on a new line
(subject: don't care, unless indicated).  They usually take only a few minutes
to respond, and if you err they'll send messages explaining the problem, so
you can `chat' to them.

Subject: don't care(usually not read, or read as if it's part of the message)
help                           (usual for getting general help for that site)
send file                      (get the file; generic files are help & index)
quit                               (sometimes used to end a mail transaction)

=== finger
finger         [email protected] displays a file (hopefully of some
useful information) that person has made available.

=== Usenet
usenet:newsgroup indicates the newsgroup readable on usenet news.

Usenet is the global news service that runs on many internet and other sites. 
Mail is posted by you and me to specific newsgroups, and is read everywhere in
the world where that newsgroup is fed.  See news.announce.newusers for a list
of all the newsgroups.

      On unix boxes newsreaders are invoked with a command like nn (No News),
rn (read news), trn (threaded read news), or other such incantations.  On
other systems, who knows?  Many folks can't access news directly, but can get
on mailing lists often provided for this contingency.  Get the list of lists
to see the mailing groups, and be aware of bitftp (bitnet users) or decwrl
(others) if you can't ftp directly (see both above).

=== Glossary
.gif  gif (graphic interchange format) are encoded pictures

.ps   postscript file preformatted for postscript printers and viewable on all
      platforms with various viewers.

.tar  unix tape archive format.  To tar files on a PC get from wustl
      (see under random files above).  To tar a bunch of file into file.tar:

               tar cvf file.tar file1 file2 file3 ...

      to untar the files:

               tar xvf file.tar (tvf instead of xvf to just see the contents)

      On unix, filenames may contain numerous extensions.  uncompress
      file.tar.Z to generate file.tar, then untar file.tar to get the

.Z    unix compression.  To compress on a PC get from wustl.  To
      compress a file type:

               compress file                               (generates file.Z)

      To uncompress a file.Z type:

               uncompress file.Z                           (regenerates file)

{options}: nixpub.{short|long} means nixpub.short or nixpub.long

=== Feedback
This compendium has been growing over a few years of internet travelling, and
represents the minimum amount of information to the happy net wanderer.  It
consists of sites of interest to me (which is why there is a section on
handheld computers), and hence includes sites of direct relevance to exploring
the net.  I have tried all sites listed, but some not so recently.
      I only discovered Scott Yanoff's internet services list a few weeks ago,
which has much overlap.  I highly recommend getting it (see above under
Internet resource guides).

      Another file I have been culturing for some years is Gateways, Keys to
the Matrix, (above) which is a good adjunct to this file.  Also see John
Chew's internetworking guide (above).

      Sites do change, and some I have trouble getting into are indicated
(nogo).  Any corrections, additions, deletions and reorganizations please send
to me @:

[email protected]     Jeremy � Smith                August 24, 1992