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Boca SuperX VGA

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The SuperX VGA is a 24-bit true color Windows video accelerator with 1MB DRAM. 16-Bit ISA/EISA-compatible. The SuperX VGA uses a Cirrus Logic CL-GD5428 chipset.


  • Standard 1MB DRAM
  • Hardware graphics cursor and Bit Block Transfer (BitBLT)
  • VESA BIOS- Supported in ROM, no TSR needs to be loaded in the system for VESA applications.
  • VESA Feature Connector - Allows the use of Multimedia products.
  • Supports both interlaced and non-interlaced monitors.
  • 24 bit true color capabilities
  • Up to 72Hz (non-interlaced) refresh rate
  • Supports 132 column text mode in 16 colors

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