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Boca Voyager 64

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The Voyager 64 high-performance video adapter from Boca Research will make all of your computer applications come to life. With lightning-fast, razor-sharp images, the Voyager 64 provides the speed and performance required by today's sophisticated CAD, animation, games and 3D graphics applications. The Voyager 64 features a true 64-bit graphics engine based on the S3 Trio64 architecture and a 64-bit memory interface. It supports maximum resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200, color depths up to 16 million colors at 800 x 600 lines of resolution and non-interlaced refresh rates up to 75Hz. The Voyager 64 also features a PCI local bus interface allowing maximum system graphics performance even under heavy system load conditions.


  • True 64-bit GUI Engine and Memory Interface
  • 2MB DRAM
  • VESA DPMS - Supports display power management signaling (DPMS) for "Green PC" power savings.
  • VESA BIOS- Supported in ROM, no TSR needs to be loaded in the system for VESA applications.
  • VESA Feature Connector - Allows the use of Multimedia products.
  • Two-Point Hardware Line Draw - Increases redraw and regen's in CAD applications.
  • 135Mhz Dot Clock - Rock steady display at 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Hardware Polygon Fills - Reduces overhead for filling in objects and/or areas in the screen.
  • VESA Display Data Channel (DDC) Compliant - Allows the video card to automatically sense display modes of a DDC-compliant monitor.

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