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Boca Voyager Movie Player

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The Voyager Movie Player Multimedia Accelerator Card with MPEG Digital Video Playback and Awesome 16-bit SRS Labs' 3-D Surround Sound. The Voyager Movie Player from Boca Research will transform your ordinary PC into a motion picture entertainment center with one simple installation. Not only does the Voyager Movie Player provide the high-performance 64-bit graphics acceleration you demand for your graphics intensive applications, but it will also enable you to play back cinema-quality video from your CD-ROM or hard drive with the unparalleled quality of SRS Labs' 3-D Surround Sound. MPEG video feature films, music videos, lifelike action games and educational titles come alive with smooth, crisp, full-motion, full-screen video and sound that will captivate you anywhere in the room - with only two speakers. You can even download MPEG files from the Internet and play them back at full-screen resolution with quality that's better than your hi-fi VCR. The Voyager Movie Player boasts a dazzling array of graphic features. Based on the S3 Trio64V+ true 64-bit graphics engine and a 64-bit memory interface, it provides the speed and performance required by today's sophisticated CAD, animation, game and 3-D graphics applications. The Plug and Play PCI local bus interface optimizes graphics performance even under heavy system load conditions. Easy-to-install drivers are included for all the popular GUIs and applications.


  • True 64-bit GUI Engine and Memory Interface.
  • 1MB DRAM (upgradable to 2MB)
  • MPEG-1 (Motion Picture Expert Group) compliant; play back movies from a CD-ROM or hard drive.
  • CSC (Color Space Conversion) and XY scaling; playback can occur at full screen, or in a small window. Scales the image continuously without loss of frames.
  • DCI (Display Control Interface) for Windows improves display performance of video playback and graphics.
  • 16-bit digital sound provides CD-quality stereo audio.
  • SRS 3-D Surround Sound creates a 3-D sound field using only two speakers.
  • VESA DPMS; Supports display power management signaling (DPMS) for "Green PC" power savings.
  • VESA BIOS- Supported in ROM. No TSR needs to be loaded in the system for VESA applications.
  • VESA Feature Connector; Allows the use of Multimedia products.
  • VESA Display Data Channel (DDC) Compliant; Allows the video card to automatically sense display modes of a DDC-compliant monitor.

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