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Bus-Tech DataBlaster 2

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Moves data between a mainframe and a server, giving system and database administrators the ability to move, load, back-up and restore gigabytes of data in minutes, rather than hours. These new "ruggedized," rack-mounted systems allow customers to create a separate data highway for mission-critical data movement needs. This is a family of high-performance control units, differentiated only by port configuration, that reach their high throughput levels by emulating industry-standard tape drives at each side of the connection. On the mainframe side, they connect up to two ESCON (Enterprise Systems Connection) or Bus and Tag channels, providing throughput speeds of up to 32 megabytes per second (MB/s). On the server side, up to four Ultra Wide SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) connections attached to enterprise servers provide data movement at speeds up to 40 MB/s. With no additional software or high bandwidth adapters required on either side, DataBlaster 2 results in simple, reliable parallel data transfers at rates up to 25 times faster than traditional networking methods without impacting the network. By utilizing DataBlaster 2 between a System/390 mainframe and a UNIX or NT server, customers can take advantage of the mature, time-tested and robust security of the centralized system, while also making efficient use of voluminous server databases and data warehouses.