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Castle of the Winds

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Castle of the Winds (released in 1993) is a fantasy role playing game created by Rick Saada. Your quest begins with Episode One, A Question of Vengeance, as you try to discover the secret of your mysterious past, and why is has proven so deadly to those you love. It then continues with Lifthransir's Bane, as you attempt to vanquish the dark forces of evil which plague the land and are after your life!

Set in the world of Norse mythology, this game has plenty of surprises. Nearly a hundred unique monsters oppose your quest, and there are hundreds of enchanted objects to aid you. Castle of the Winds presents a new style of adventure game. While the anchor points of the story remain the same, most of the adventure is created anew every time you play, so the game can be enjoyed again and again.

Castle of the Winds requires:

  • A 386 or faster IBM-compatible computer running Windows 3.1, Windows NT, or Windows 95
  • A super-VGA display

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