Challenge/Onyx IO4 board SCSI adapters

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I've got a Challenge L with the usual IO4 board that has one little HVD daughterboard (red) and one little SE daughterboard(green). In my pile'o'parts, I have another IO4 that has the same setup, plus a bigger daughterboard with three more little daughterboards, including a green SE one.

I don't have any HVD devices, so I'd like to swap out the HVD daughterboard for a second SE daughterboard.

Can I take one of the little daughterboards off the second IO4 and do that? Do the part numbers or revision levels matter?

I'd give the part numbers here but the IO4 whose daughterboards I want to change is in a running machine, and the spare board is buried in storage. If the revLevels/partNumbers matter, I'll drag 'em out.


I did exactly this on my Onyx1 and it worked fine.

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