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ClarisDraw software - legendary ease of use and over 75 new features - including intelligent drawing, text effects, color painting, photo editing, and the ClarisArt graphic image collection. ClarisDraw sets a new standard for all-in-one graphics products. It is the ideal product for the non-artist who requires speed, reliability and versatility in work with freeform art, technical illustration, space planning, light desktop publishing, basic presentations and virtually any other graphics task.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Drawing Tools - Create professional-looking graphics with tools for lines, rectangles, ovals, arcs, customizable regular polygons, beziers, notes and more. Produce dazzling color paint images using paintbrush & spray can tools.
  • SmartSymbol Library - Quickly produce compelling graphics with thousands of professionally-designed, high-resolution maps, figures, form elements and architectural art. Just drag and drop elements onto the page.
  • Linked Text Frames, Text Wrap & Styles - Speed the layout of flyers, signs, brochures and posters by automatically flowing test across frames and wrapping text around any graphic shape. Save frequently-used text styles with font, size and other settings you specify.
  • Precision Scaling, Flexible Document Configuration - Ensure your drawings exactly match high-resolution printed output with precision zooming, object scaling and rotation. Tackle drawings with unlimited layers and sizes as large as 100" by 100" or even larger.
  • SmartAlign and SmartConnector - Automatically maintain alignment and spacing of graphic objects and text even as they are moved. Create straight or angled lines that stay connected to objects even when objects are moved.
  • Import/Export Graphics, Cross-Platform Transparent - Maximize your graphics investment by sharing files between Macintosh & Windows versions without translation. Seamlessly open files from MacDraw Pro & ClarisImpact & other industry-standard file formats.


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