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ClarisImpact software is the fastest and easiest way to create and edit business charts and diagrams for all communications needs. ClarisImpact is the only cross-platform business diagramming application for creating and editing organizational, flow and data charts, network diagrams, project time lines calendars and more. With the DataDraw feature, you can turn data from spreadsheet and database files into eye-catching charts and diagrams. With predesigned art, you get the highest quality output.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Charting, Graphics Capabilities - Eliminate the need for multiple business graphics programs! Each ClarisImpact tool has the capabilities found in dedicated applications.
  • Predefined Styles - Select from an extensive collection of professionally designed styles to give all your business graphics a unified, polished look in seconds.
  • DataDraw Feature - DataDraw automatically converts information from any database or spreadsheet into high-impact graphics and diagrams. Templates are included for creating a variety of charts and diagrams from FileMaker Pro or Excel.
  • Powerful Presentations - Quickly create powerful presentations using the integrated outliner and slide sorter. Choose from over 50 transition effects, add QuickTime or Windows AVI movies or print speaker notes.
  • Automatic Graphic Creation - Create perfectly-aligned & proportioned business graphics - instantly!- Use over 120 types of basic tools found in ClarisImpact.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility - Share files instantly between Windows, Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers without file translation. Ready for Windows 95!

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