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ClarisWorks is an office suite originally for the Macintosh and later available for Windows based systems. The product was renamed to AppleWorks when Claris was absorbed back under Apple Computer.

Key Benefits

  • One Powerful Application - Full-featured word processor that lets you integrate text, outlines, spreadsheets, charts, presentations, graphics and painting all in a single page.
  • Versatile Formatting - Format long and complex documents with unlimited sections, each with their own margins, variable columns, indents, headers and footers (on left, right or facing pages), line spacing and justification.
  • Expert Advice and Time-Saving Automation - Customize tabs, margins, indents, line spacing, automatic hyphenation, and justification. Use type faces, styles, and sizes for the appropriate look.
  • Easy Database Management & Reporting - Select, group and identify just the data you need. Quickly organize information with automatic sorting. Generate mailing labels effortlessly.
  • Share Files Across Platforms and Products - Open the same file in ClarisWorks for Macintosh or Windows 95. Use the same interface on both platforms. Easily share files with the most popular Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and DOS applications.
  • Spreadsheet and Charting Tools - 100 built-in functions let you analyze data using date, time, mathematical, statistical, financial, logic, text functions. Chart data with 12 chart types. Add colors, 3D effects, gradients, labels, for chart formatting.

ClarisWorks 4.0 Internet Edition


ClarisWorks 4.0 Internet Edition provides a full set of office productivity and Internet software to handle all your office needs and make it a snap to surf the Internet and create your own web pages. This product includes ClarisWorks 4.0 with customized small business documents; the Apple Internet Connection Kit (for Macintosh only); Claris Home Page 2.0; plus the Internet Yellow Pages and The ABC's of the Internet books on CD-ROM. [NOTE: Windows 95 version includes choice of three Internet Service Providers with Netscape Navigator plus two additional books on CD-ROM.]

Key Benefits

  • All the Office You Need - ClarisWorks has all the office productivity you need in one powerful, integrated application. Combine word processing, outlining, spreadsheet, charting, presentations, graphics and paint tools all on a single page.
  • Create Web Pages with Claris Home Page - Create and publish your own dynamic Web pages in just minutes - without having to learn HTML programming. The intuitive user interface, step-by-step instructions and clip art collection make it a snap to create eye-catching Web pages.
  • 40 Customized Small Business Solutions - These professionally designed, easy-to-use documents help you manage your small business or home office. Create brochures, business cards, customer lists, invoices, price lists, newsletters, advertisements, financial statements and much more.
  • Powerful Word Processing for Professional Results - You can layout and format complex documents; customize tabs, margins, indents, line spacing, etc. Or you can use pre-defined or custom style sheets. Organize your documents with smart outline functions.
  • Easy Internet Access and Reference Books - Get on the Internet in minutes via a selection of Internet Service Providers and Netscape Navigator. The ABC's of the Internet and Internet Yellow Pages books on CD-ROM help you take advantage of the fast resources available on the Internet.
  • Spreadsheets & Charts Bring Numbers to Life - 100 built-in functions let you analyze data using multiple options. You can chart data with 12 chart types; add color, 3D effects, gradients and labels for complete formatting.

ClarisWorks 5.0


ClarisWorks 5.0 gives you unparalleled power with integrated word processing, spreadsheet, database, painting and graphics modules. You learn just one program.

Get your office up and running, and productive in minutes. You'll like the way it easily combines words, graphics, tables, images and video on a single page. The lean, compact design conserves disk space and battery life, making ClarisWorks 5.0 the perfect choice for laptops.

Built-In Internet Connection

You can embed URLs right in your word processing documents; publish to the Internet with an updated HTML filter; and launch your Internet browser.

Enhanced Translators

You can share files created in other applications, including Microsoft Word 6.0, Microsoft Excel 5.0 and Microsoft Office '97. Open other Windows or Mac OS versions of ClarisWorks documents without translation.

100 Built-In Functions

You can easily analyze data using the built-in mathematical, statistical, financial, date, time, logic and text functions.

Updated Button Bar

The new Button Bar control center allows you access expert ClarisWorks Assistants with one click. Another click and you can launch other applications or access more than 150 shortcuts. Even create your own custom buttons to launch documents, macros and URLs.

ClarisWorks for Kids


ClarisWorks for Kids, the first complete cross-platform productivity software solution designed specifically for grades K-5 (ages 5-11). The all-in-one writing, painting, graphing, list-making educational software for children offers a unique "family" advantage for students and teachers through compatibility with ClarisWorks 4.0, one of the most popular K-12 software solutions of all time.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Solution - From word processing for journal-keeping to pie charts for learning fractions to easy-to-use spreadsheets for budgeting and allowance-tracking, ClarisWorks for Kids offers exciting learning experiences from morning reading to afternoon math.
  • Kid Focused - Kids can build creative graphs, lists, slide shows and pictures with a thematically organized collection of clip art images, sounds, movies, and templates that mirror what kids are learning in school.
  • 75 Activities - More than 75 activities such as school newspapers, weather forecasting, and lunch nutrition measurement provide rich educational content appropriate for K-5 grade levels.
  • Kid Friendly - ClarisWorks for Kids offers the simplicity and ease-of-use that younger children need. Among its many features are a kid-friendly filing system; a teachers-only password system; a text-to-speech function; standard school fonts; and a Web launcher.




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