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Claris FileMaker Pro

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FileMaker Pro software has become one of the leading solutions for the database publishing on the Web, running on thousands of Mac OS web sites throughout the world. Key ways in which FileMaker Pro can be used on the Internet today include publishing information on the Internet via TCP/IP with built-in templates; acting as a search engine for web sites; and managing inventory, customer lists and other database applications across corporate intranets. FileMaker Pro 3.0 is also the only relational database application designed to help you easily manage and share information. Starting with raw data, it's fast and easy to create working databases on Macintosh, Windows 95, Windows NT, or Windows 3.1. In fact, FileMaker Pro comes with a complete set of professionally-designed templates for instant business, education and home solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Professional Templates - Get started quickly with ready-to-run productivity solutions for business, education and home-including invoicing, mailing lists, contacts, tracking, home inventory, school records and more.
  • Automate/Validate Data Entry - Save time by inserting data automatically, such as date and text - even calculated values. Validate by requiring data be a certain type, unique, a member of value list or a calculation.
  • Relational Database Power - Increase the power and flexibility of your databases by creating one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between files. View and edit data from one file while working in another.
  • Multiple Layouts & Graphical Report - Design multiple layouts to view, enter and print your information by simply dragging and dropping fields from the current file or related files on a layout. Create reports and summaries to many levels of detail.
  • Data Handling & Variable Field Length - Add, change or remove fields, layouts or calculations at any time without rebuilding the database. Add notes and comments to any database record with up to 64,000 characters in any formatted text fields.
  • Network File Sharing - Convert your database into a networked solution in one simple menu step. Share files easily within your Windows, Macintosh or mixed workgroups.

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