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Claris Home Page

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Whether you're a novice or an expert, Claris Home Page software gives you the ability to create dynamic web pages that look great. No longer do you have to be a programmer to design an effective web page, because Claris Home Page has automatic programming features that do all the complicated HTML work behind the scenes. If you're an experienced web designer, you'll appreciate the advanced features in Claris Home Page-Frames, Tables, Libraries, and more-plus the ability to edit HTML source code and create interactive sites using Java applets, multimedia plug-ins (including Shockwave and QuickTime), and form tools. And, once you're ready to post your files, Claris Home Page makes it easy with a built-in publishing feature that will automatically consolidate your files and upload them to a designated server.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Site Publishing - Automatically consolidate all images needed in a site, then easily upload them to your web server.
  • Multimedia Support - Easily include Apple QuickTime movies and others, in your documents.
  • Client-Side Image Maps - You can create and edit client-side image maps in addition to the existing support for server-side image maps.
  • Spell-Check Feature - Quickly check your site for misspelled words - including all the text in your pages, in table cells, form fields and button titles.
  • Variable Table Columns and Rows - Reposition and size the width of columns and the height of rows easily with your mouse.
  • Drag and Drop Tab Delimited Text - When you drag and drop tabular information created in other applications into Claris Home Page, it automatically generates a table for the information.


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