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Claris MacPaint

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Even if you've never used a computer before, MacPaint software can help you create exciting computer art. Use it to illustrate a brochure, design a logo or experiment with free-form painting. MacPaint provides all the tools you need to develop a rough sketch or produce a finished piece of art. And it's so easy to use, you'll be sketching and painting within minutes! MacPaint - the classic free-form painting tool.

Key Benefits

  • Free-Form Painting Tools - Choose from five easy-to-use painting tools, including paint brush, pencil, spray can, paint bucket and eraser, for increased painting flexibility.
  • Multiple Document Windows - View as many as nine documents at one time, so you can add images from multiple clip art files to your painting.
  • Shape Tools - Choose from five convenient shape tools - rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval, freehand and polygon - that let you easily create geometric objects.
  • Snapshot Screens - Take a snapshot to save your painting at any time. Edit areas that need improvement. Afterwards, apply the "magic eraser" to areas you'd like to restore to the original snapshot.
  • Special Effects - Invert or trace the edges of selected document areas. Use brush mirrors to create multiple images simultaneously.
  • Integration - Transfer images to word processors, desktop publishing programs and other applications, including MacWrite and FileMaker Pro. Use a digitizer to turn photographs into documents you can modify.

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