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Claris MacProject Pro

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Beginner or experienced project manager, MacProject Pro puts you in control of schedules, resources and budgets - fast. Revise project data with instant updates. Divide large projects into subprojects linked to a master plan across a network. MacProject Pro can detect and even recommend the best ways to resolve any staffing and equipment problems. Communicate your plans clearly with customized timelines, colorful graphics and notes. MacProject puts you in complete control.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Planning - Plan, track and summarize projects with automatic outline numbering. Using PERT and Gantt charts, plan and track schedules. Cash flow tables monitor budgets calculated from fixed costs and income.
  • Professional Charting - Customize tables and timelines to show data for selected tasks in any order you specify. Create time- lines using bar colors, patterns, markers and major/minor scales.
  • Management Flexibility - Manage complex projects by linking subprojects schedules, costs and resource data to a master plan, even across a network. Manage concurrent projects simultaneously with external dependency relationships.
  • Report Generation - Automate data entry and reporting by defining chart views with search, sort and other settings you specify. Share files to standardize presentations. Communicate with fully stylized text annotations, notes and graphics.
  • Resource Management - The unique Interactive Leveler spots over allocations and suggests solutions for single and multiple projects. Create calendars specifying availability and holidays for each task or resource.
  • Seamless Data Sharing - Share live graphics and data with other applications and System 7 users. Exchange data in various formats with other project management applications on the Macintosh and PC.

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