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Claris MacWrite Pro

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Get both impact and instant productivity with MacWrite Pro software. Save valuable time with features like style sheets, one-step table creation and floating tool palettes that give you quick access to MacWrite Pro capabilities in a single mouse click. Built-in technologies also give you access to over 20 different file formats on Macintosh, DOS, Windows and other platforms. This is the word processor that helps you communicate more than just words.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed Document Statistics - Keep to predefined guidelines by counting the number of characters, words, lines and paragraphs in a text selection or the entire document.
  • Frame Creation and Text Wrap - Have complete control over your page layout. Create, edit and place non-text items such as graphics, tables charts and notes just as easily as text. Wrap text around graphics easily.
  • Multilingual Proofing and Editing - Spell-check or find synonyms in multilingual documents without changing international spelling dictionaries.
  • Flexible Tables - Use tables to communicate information clearly. Start with a blank table and add text - or convert existing text into a table - for greater visual impact.
  • Mail Merge - Breeze through generating form letters and lists with the preset, automatic mail-merge capability. Data can be accessed from the FileMaker Pro application or other database, text and spreadsheet files.
  • Direct Graphics File Insertion - Direct graphics file insertion lets you incorporate logos and artwork from other applications throughout your documents. Crop and scale images effortlessly.

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