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Claris OfficeMail

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Here’s the quick, easy and affordable way to send email around the office and around the world via the Internet. All the software and support small businesses and schools need to install and run a complete email system on their network is included in Claris [email protected] — including the ability to create customized Internet email addresses that contain your company name.

It takes just minutes to get your entire office up and running — all you do is complete six quick setup steps. Once your registration information is complete, an Internet email account for your organization is immediately activated. It’s that simple! Now everyone in your office can start sending and receiving email using [email protected]’s wide array of automated email management functions, including the ability to automatically sort, file, forward and reply to incoming messages.

Claris [email protected] is the first and only email system designed from the ground up to meet the communications needs of small businesses and schools. Easy to set up, simple to use, and amazingly affordable, Claris [email protected] ties your entire office together instantly. Now everyone in your organization can send and receive email messages down the hall as well as across the globe via the Internet. Because it works over your existing network, there’s no need for extra networking equipment or cabling. No complicated installation or learning curve. And no detailed system administration required. Plus, with Claris [email protected] you get a custom company email address and Internet identity. Start out with only a couple of users; as you grow, Claris [email protected] grows right along with you — supporting up to 100 users.

Minimum Requirements

Internet Standards Supported

  • MIME
  • Base 64
  • BinHex
  • UUencode
  • UUCP
  • TCP/IP

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