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Claris Organizer

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Claris Organizer simplifies your life by keeping track of all your contacts, appointments, to-do lists and notes in a single, integrated application with no awkward switching between calendar and contact applications. Claris Organizer keeps all your information linked together so everything you need to stay organized is at your fingertips! All contact information is recorded on the contact card or attached to it for easy access. Plus, Claris Organizer is the perfect compliment to popular paper day planners, such as Franklin Day Planner and Day Runner.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined User Interface - The streamlined design of Claris Organizer looks and works like no other personal organizer. The exclusive contact card design is easy to read; all information is displayed just as it appears on a business card.
  • Instant Links - Make a phone call, write a letter, send an email or link to a website direct from any contact card. One click and Claris Organizer automatically launches the application you need. (Supports ClarisWorks 4.0, MacWrite Pro 1.5, Claris Emailer or Netscape Navigator software.)
  • Fast, Easy Access To All Your Contacts - Easily zero in on contacts by location, title, category, company, etc. View, sort and print selected information in the contact list any way you want to see it. Choose from up to 11 custom fields to store personal information on each contact.
  • File Synchronization and Import - Keep desktop and laptop Claris Organizer files synchronized effortlessly no matter the changes made or which copy was modified. It automatically import files from other personal information managers.
  • Instant Organizer Menu - Instant Organizer gives you immediate access to key information from your desktop. Without even launching Claris Organizer you can scan frequently called phone numbers and see upcoming appointments and tasks.
  • Flexible Printing Options - Print address books, calendars, mailing labels, to-do lists and more using the many popular day planner and standard Avery formats. You get an exact description and preview to avoid wasting time, paper and ink. It even prints in color.

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