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Colorgraphic Twin Tuna

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  • PC97 Compliant
  • Y2K Compliant
  • Two independently programmable Cirrus Logic CL-GD5480 accelerators
  • Two composite NTSC/PAL and two S-Video external video outputs
  • Master/Slave audio output for tuner audio
  • Slave audio input for external source or daisychain with multiple cards (2)
  • Independent (scalable to full screen) video overlay on each screen
  • Hardware based graphic operations
  • 200 MHz video DAC for extended resolutions up to 1600x1200x64k, non-interlaced @ 70Hz
  • VGA compatible
  • Increased Windows performance
  • High Color and True Color support
  • 800 Mbytes/sec. peak memory bandwidth
  • 4 MEG SGRAM each section standard
  • 32-Bit PCI 2.1 compliant
  • Multiple boards can be installed in a single system
  • Adapters use a single full length PCI slot
  • 64-Bit high-bandwidth SGRAM interface
  • BitBlts
  • Font Acceleration
  • Hardware cursor
  • Rectangle fills
  • 16 bit YUV 422 digital video
  • TV Tuner or external CVBS analog video routable to external monitor or VCR/VTR
  • External CVBS and S-Video inputs (2 each) routable to either video section
  • Color, brightness and contrast controls
  • Cable ready TV tuner available in many formats, NTSC, PAL I, PAL B/G

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