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To compile sHXD on OSX
Download shxd-0.1.50.tgz from
move it to you home directory
tar -xzf shxd-0.1.50.tgz
cd shxd-0.1.50
./configure --enable-hotline-server --enable-tracker-register --enable-htxf-pthread --enable-nospam --enable-exec --enable-sql

(note dont use --enable-sql if you are not using sql)
(note documentation included in info folder inside shxd-0.1.50 folder)
(note OSX Darwin info on the website
 to get the /find command to work)


edit the hxd.conf file 

start it like this
from within the shxd-0.1.50 folder(dir) 
connect with your hotline or zombie client as admin or if you have and accounts folder from a hotline server just replace the accounts dir with your users dir (must be named accounts to work)

to make changes take effect without restarting the server kill -HUP <pid>

have phun

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