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Complete list of public forums as of June 1, 1993

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Complete list of public forums as of June 1, 1993.

Gateway.  Three letter code that identifies the information provider
area.  When used with the GO navigation command it permits the fastest
transfer between online menus or article pages.  The current Gateway
codes are:
        CIS    CompuServe Infomation Service
        EET    Electronic Engineering Times Network Service
        ZMC    Ziff-Davis MacUser/MacWEEK/CompuServe Information Service
        ZNT    Ziff-Davis ZiffNet Information Service
        HOME   The CompuServe Host for your account (GO HOME:MAIL)

Quick Reference Word.  Identifiers that are used to access services.
Enter GO and a Quick Reference Word to access a particular
menu or article page online (for example: GO CIS:ATARIPRO).  All Quick
Reference Words can be abbreviated to six (6) characters (for
example: GO CIS:ATARIP).  In CompuServe Information Manager (CIM),
Quick Reference Words are called Service Names.

Note:  A plus sign (+) after the Forum Name indicates an extended service

This file is compiled by Ed Girou of the CompuServe Practice and
CompuServe Help Forums by navigating through every CompuServe menu option.
The time to create and maintain this file is extensive.  This file cannot
be redistributed, published, etc. without prior written permission from
the author.  Contact the author at [76702,542] via CompuServe Mail.

                               Reference    Gate-
Forum Name/Description         Word         way
----------------------         -----------  -----
ACIUS Forum+                   ACIUS        CIS
AI Expert Forum+               AIEXPERT     CIS
APPC Info Exchange Forum+      APPCFORUM    CIS
ASP/Shareware Forum+           ASPFORUM     CIS
Adobe Forum+                   ADOBE        CIS
Aldus Customer Service Forum+  ALDSVC       CIS
Aldus Forum+                   ALDUSFORUM   CIS
Aldus Special Programs Forum+  ALDUSSP      CIS
Amiga Arts Forum+              AMIGAARTS    CIS
Amiga Tech Forum+              AMIGATECH    CIS
Amiga User's Forum+            AMIGAUSER    CIS
Amiga Vendor Forum+            AMIGAVENDOR  CIS
Apple II Programmers Forum+    APPROG       CIS
Apple II Users Forum+          APPUSER      CIS
Apple II Vendor Forum+         APIIVEN      CIS
Aquaria/Fish Forum+            FISHNET      CIS
Artisoft Forum+                ARTISOFT     CIS
Ask3Com Forum+                 ASKFORUM     CIS
Astronomy Forum+               ASTROFORUM   CIS
Atari 8-Bit Forum+             ATARI8       CIS
Atari Portfolio Forum+         APORTFOLIO   CIS
Atari ST Arts Forum+           ATARIARTS    CIS
Atari ST Productivity Forum+   ATARIPRO     CIS
Atari Vendor Forum+            ATARIVEN     CIS
Attn. Deficit Disorder Forum+  ADD          CIS
Autodesk AutoCAD Forum+        ACAD         CIS
Autodesk Retail Forum+         ARETAIL      CIS
Autodesk Software Forum+       ASOFT        CIS
Automobile Forum+              CARS         CIS
Aviation Forum+                AVSIG        CIS
BASIS International Forum+     BASIS        CIS
Bacchus Wine Forum+            WINEFORUM    CIS
Banyan Forum+                  BANFORUM     CIS
Blyth Forum+                   BLYTH        CIS
Borland Applications Forum+    BORAPP       CIS
Borland C++/DOS Forum+         BCPPDOS      CIS
Borland C++/Windows Forum+     BCPPWIN      CIS
Borland Dbase Products Forum+  BORDB        CIS
Borland Developer Tool Forum+  BDEVTOOLS    CIS
Borland GmbH Forum+            BORGMBH      CIS
Borland Paradox/DOS Forum+     PDOXDOS      CIS
Borland Paradox/Windows Forum+ PDOXWIN      CIS
Borland PASCAL Forum+          BPASCAL      CIS
Borland Quattro Pro Forum+     QUATTROPRO   CIS
Borland dBASE Forum+           DBASE        CIS
Broadcast Professionals Forum+ BPFORUM      CIS
CADD/CAM/CAE Vendor Forum+     CADDVEN      CIS
CASE DCI Forum+                CASEFORUM    CIS
CB Forum+                      CBFORUM      CIS
CDROM Forum+                   CDROM        CIS
CDROM Vendor Forum+            CDVEN        CIS
CIM Support Forum (FREE)       CIMSUPPORT   CIS
CIM for Windows Support Forum  WCIMSUPPORT  CIS
CP/M Users Group Forum+        CPMFORUM     CIS
CTOS/Open Forum+               CTOS         CIS
Cabletron Systems Forum+       CTRONFORUM   CIS
Cadence Forum+                 CADENCE      CIS
California Forum+              CALFORUM     CIS
Cancer Forum+                  CANCER       CIS
Cannon Support Forum+          CAN-10       CIS
Canopus Research Forum+        CANOPUS      CIS
Central Point DOS Forum+       CPSDOS       CIS
Central Point Win/Mac Forum+   CPSWIN       CIS
Chess Forum+                   CHESSFORUM   CIS
Clarion Forum+                 CLARION      CIS
Claris Forum+                  CLARIS       CIS
Client Server Computing Forum+ MSNETWORKS   CIS
Cobb Applications Forum+       COBBAPP      ZNT
Cobb Group Programming Forum+  COBBPROG     ZNT
Coin/Stamp/Collectibles Forum+ COLLECT      CIS
Color Compuer (CoCo) Forum+    COCO         CIS
Comics/Animation Forum+        COMICS       CIS
Commodore Applications Forum+  CBMAPP       CIS
Commodore Art/Games Forum+     CBMART       CIS
Commodore Service Forum+       CBMSERVICE   CIS
Compaq Computer Forum+         CPQFORUM     CIS
CompuAdd Forum+                COMPUADD     CIS
CompuServe Help Forum (FREE)   HELPFORUM    CIS
CompuServe Pacific Forum+      PACFORUM     CIS
Computer Art Forum+            COMART       CIS
Computer Assoc App Dev Forum+  CAIDEV       CIS
Computer Assoc Clipper Forum+  CLIPPER      CIS
Computer Assoc ClipperGermany+ CLIPGER      CIS
Computer Assoc Micro Germany+  CAMICRO      CIS
Computer Assoc Prof Solutions+ CAIPRO       CIS
Computer Assoc VAX/UNIX Forum+ CAIMINI      CIS
Computer Club Forum+           CLUB         CIS
Computer Consultant's Forum+   CONSULT      CIS
Computer Language Forum+       CLMFORUM     CIS
Computer Shopper Forum+        COMPSHOPPER  ZNT
Computer Training Forum+       DPTRAIN      CIS
Consumer Electronics Forum+    CEFORUM      CIS
Cooks Online Forum+            COOKS        CIS
Corel Support Forum+           COREL        CIS
Corporate Computing Forum+     CORPORATE    ZNT
Court Reporters Forum+         CRFORUM      CIS
Crafts Forum+                  CRAFTS       CIS
Crosstalk Forum+               XTALK        CIS
DATASTORM Forum+               DATASTORM    CIS
DBMS Magazine Forum+           DBMSFORUM    CIS
DEC PC Forum+                  DECPC        CIS
DEC PC Integration Forum+      DECPCI       CIS
DELL Forum+                    DELL         CIS
Data Access Corp. Forum+       DACCESS      CIS
Data Based Advisor Forum+      DBADVISOR    CIS
DataEase International Forum+  DATAEASE     CIS
DaVinci Forum+                 DAVINCI      CIS
Dear FocWizards Forums+        FOCWIZARD    CIS
Delrine Technology Forum+      DELRINA      CIS
Desktop Publish. Vendor Forum+ DTPVENDOR    CIS
Desktop Publishing Forum+      DTPFORUM     CIS
Deutsches Computer Forum+      GERNET       CIS
Diabetes Forum+                DIABETES     CIS
Digitalk Forum+                DIGITALK     CIS
Disabilities Forum+            DISABILITIES CIS
Dr. Dobbs Journal Forum+       DDJFORUM     CIS
Dr. Neuhaus Forum+             NHDFORUM     CIS
EETnet Engineering Forum+      ENGINEERING  EET
EICON Technology Forum+        EICON        CIS
Earth Forum+                   EARTH        CIS
Education Forum+               EDFORUM      CIS
Educational Research Forum+    EDRESEARCH   CIS
Electronic Frontier Forum+     EFFSIG       CIS
Engineering Automation Forum+  LEAP         CIS
Epson Forum+                   EPSON        CIS
European Comm. Telework Forum+ ECTF         CIS
European Forum+                EURFORUM     CIS
Executives Online Forum+       EXECUTIVES   ZNT
Federation Intl Distributions+ FEDERATION   CIS
Fifth Generation Forum+        FIFTHGEN     CIS
Fine Art Forum+                FINEART      CIS
Fishnet - ADC Forum+           AQUADATA     CIS
Flight Simulator Forum+        FSFORUM      CIS
Florida Forum+                 FLORIDA      CIS
Florida Today Forum+           FLATODAY     CIS
FocServices Forum+             FOCSERVICES  CIS
Focus User's Group+            FUSE         CIS
Foreign Lang. Education Forum+ FLEFO        CIS
Forth Forum/Creative Solution+ FORTH        CIS
Fox Software Forum+            FOXFORUM     CIS
Game Publishers A Forum+       GAMAPUB      CIS
Game Publishers B Forum+       GAMBPUB      CIS
Gamers Forum+                  GAMERS       CIS
Gardening Forum+               GARDENING    CIS
Genealogy Forum+               ROOTS        CIS
General Computing Forum+       GENCOM       CIS
Global Crisis Forum+           CRISIS       CIS
Graphics Corner Forum+         CORNER       CIS
Graphics Developers Forum+     GRAPHDEV     CIS
Graphics Gallery Forum+        GALLERY      CIS
Graphics Plus Forum+           GRAPHPLUS    CIS
Graphics Support Forum+        GRAPHSUPPORT CIS
Graphics Vendor Forum+         GRAPHVEN     CIS
Graphics Vendor B Forum+       GRAPHBVEN    CIS
HP Handheld Forum+             HPHAND       CIS
HP Peripherials Forum+         HPPER        CIS
HP Systems Forum+              HPSYS        CIS
HamNet <Ham Radio> Forum+      HAMNET       CIS
Hayes Forum+                   HAYFORUM     CIS
Health & Fitness Forum+        GOODHEALTH   CIS
Human Sexuality Adult Forum+   HSX200       CIS
Human Sexuality Open Forum+    HSX100       CIS
Human Society of U.S. Forum+   HSUS         CIS
IBM Applications Forum+        IBMAPP       CIS
IBM Bulletin Board Forum+      IBMBBS       CIS
IBM Communications Forum+      IBMCOM       CIS
IBM Desktop Software Forum+    IBMDESK      CIS
IBM Hardware Forum+            IBMHW        CIS
IBM Lan Mgmt Utilities/2 Forum+LMU2FORUM    CIS
IBM New Users Forum+           IBMNEW       CIS
IBM OS/2 Developer's Forum #1+ OS2DF1       CIS
IBM OS/2 Developer's Forum #2+ OS2DF2       CIS
IBM OS/2 PSP Beta Forum+       PSPBETA      CIS
IBM OS/2 Support Forum+        OS2SUPPORT   CIS
IBM OS/2 User's Forum+         OS2USER      CIS
IBM OS/2 Vendor Forum+         OS2AVEN      CIS
IBM Programming Forum+         IBMPRO       CIS
IBM Systems/Utilities Forum+   IBMSYS       CIS
IBM/Special Needs Forum+       IBMSPECIAL   CIS
IBM ThinkPad Forum+            THINKPAD     CIS
Int'l Entrepreneurs Network+   USEN         CIS
International Forum+           INTFRM       EET
International Trade Forum+     TRADE        CIS
Intel Access/iRUG Forum+       INTELACCESS  CIS
Intel Forum+                   INTELFORUM   CIS
Investors Forum+               INVFORUM     CIS
Issues Forum+                  ISSUESFORUM  CIS
Javelin/EXPRESS Forum+         IRIFORUM     CIS
Journalism Forum+              JFORUM       CIS
Kodak CD Forum+                KODAK        CIS
LDC Word Processing Forum+     LOTUSWP      CIS
LDOS/TRSDOS6 Users Forum+      LDOS         CIS
LOGO Forum+                    LOGOFORUM    CIS
Lan Magazine Forum+            LANMAG       CIS
Lan Technology Forum+          LANTECH      CIS
Legal Forum+                   LAWSIG       CIS
Literary Forum+                LITFORUM     CIS
Logitech Forum+                LOGITECH     CIS
Lotus GmbH Forum+              LOTGER       CIS
Lotus Spreadsheets Forum+      LOTUSA       CIS
Lotus Words & Pixels Forum+    LOTUSB       CIS
MECA Software Forum+           MECA         CIS
MIDI Vendor A Forum+           MIDIAVENDOR  CIS
MIDI Vendor B Forum+           MIDIBVENDOR  CIS
MIDI Vendor C Forum+           MIDICVENDOR  CIS
MIDI/Music Forum+              MIDIFORUM    CIS
Mac A Vendor Forum+            MACAVEN      CIS
Mac Applications Forum+        MACAP        CIS
Mac B Vendor Forum+            MACBVEN      CIS
Mac C Vendor Forum+            MACCVEN      CIS
Mac D Vendor Forum+            MACDVEN      CIS
Mac Communications Forum+      MACCOMM      CIS
Mac Community Clubhouse Forum+ MACCLUB      CIS
Mac Developers Forum+          MACDEV       CIS
Mac Fun/Entertainment Forum+   MACFUN       CIS
Mac Hardware Forum+            MACHW        CIS
Mac Hypertext Forum+           MACHYPER     CIS
Mac New Users/Help Forum+      MACNEW       CIS
Mac System Software Forum+     MACSYS       CIS
MacUser Forum+                 MACUSER      ZMC
MacWEEK Forum+                 MACWEEK      ZMC
Macromedia Forum+              MACROMEDIA   CIS
Markt & Technik Deutschland+   MUTFORUM     CIS
Masonry Forum+                 MASONRY      CIS
McAfee Virus Help Forum+       VIRUSFORUM   CIS
MedSIG Forum+                  MEDSIG       CIS
Mensa Forum+                   MENSA        CIS
Microsoft Applications Forum+  MSAPP        CIS
Microsoft Access Forum+        MSACCESS     CIS
Microsoft BASIC Forum+         MSBASIC      CIS
Microsoft Benelux Forum+       MSBF         CIS
Microsoft Centrl Europe Forum+ MSCE         CIS
Microsoft Centrl Europe System+MSCESYSTEM   CIS
Microsoft DOS Forum+           MSDOS        CIS
Microsoft Developer Network+   MSDNLIB      CIS
Microsoft Developer Relations+ MSDR         CIS
Microsoft Excel Forum+         MSEXCEL      CIS
Microsoft Languages Forum+     MSLANG       CIS
Microsoft SQL Server Forum+    MSSQL        CIS
Microsoft WIN32 Forum+         MSWIN32      CIS
Microsoft Windows SDK Forum+   WINSDK       CIS
Microsoft Word Forum+          MSWORD       CIS
Microsoft Workgroup Forum+     MSWRKGRP     CIS
Military Forum+                MILITARY     CIS
Model Aviation Forum+          MODELNET     CIS
Modem Games Forum+             MODEMGAMES   CIS
Modem Vendor Forum+            MODEMVENDOR  CIS
Motor Sports Forum+            RACING       CIS
Multi-Player Games Forum+      MPGAMES      CIS
MultiMedia Forum+              MULTIMEDIA   CIS
MultiMedia Vendor Forum+       MULTIVEN     CIS
Music/Arts Forum+              MUSICARTS    CIS
NAIC Investor Education Forum+ NAIC         CIS
Navigator Support Forum        NAVSUPPORT   CIS
NeXT Forum+                    NEXTFORUM    CIS
New Age Forum+                 NEWAGE       CIS
Novell A Forum+                NOVA         CIS
Novell B Forum+                NOVB         CIS
Novell C Forum+                NOVC         CIS
Novell Desktop Systems Group+  DRFORUM      CIS
Novell Library Forum+          NOVLIB       CIS
Novell NetWare 2.X Forum+      NETW2X       CIS
Novell NetWare 3.X Forum+      NETW3X       CIS
Novell Netware 4.X Forum+      NETW4X       CIS
Novell User Library Forum+     NOVUSER      CIS
Novell Vendor Forum+           NOVVEN       CIS
OS-9 Forum+                    OS9          CIS
Office Automation Vendr Forum+ OAFORUM      CIS
Oracle Support Forum+          ORACLE       CIS
Outdoors Forum+                OUTDOORFORUM CIS
PC Contact Forum+              PCCONTACT    ZNT
PC MagNet: After Hours Forum+  AFTERHOURS   ZNT
PC MagNet: Editorial Forum+    EDITORIAL    ZNT
PC MagNet: Programming Forum+  PROGRAMMING  ZNT
PC MagNet: Utilities Forum+    UTILFORUM    ZNT
PC Magazine UK Forum+          PCMAGUK      ZNT
PC Plus/PC Answers Forum+      PCPFORUM     CIS
PC Sources Forum+              SOURCES      ZNT
PC Vendor A Forum+             PCVENA       CIS
PC Vendor B Forum+             PCVENB       CIS
PC Vendor C Forum+             PCVENC       CIS
PC Vendor D Forum+             PCVEND       CIS
PC Vendor E Forum+             PCVENE       CIS
PC Vendor F Forum+             PCVENF       CIS
PC Vendor G Forum+             PCVENG       CIS
PC Vendor H Forum+             PCVENH       CIS
PC Week: Corp. Buyers' Forum+  PCWEEK       ZNT
PDP-11 Forum+                  PDP11        CIS
PR & Marketing Forum+          PRSIG        CIS
Pacific Vendor Forum+          PACVENDOR    CIS
Packard Bell Forum+            PACKARDBELL  CIS
Palmtop Forum+                 PALMTOP      CIS
Pen Technology Forum+          PENFORUM     CIS
Pers.Comp.Mag Europe Forum+    PCMFORUM     CIS
Pets/Animal Forum+             PETS         CIS
Photography Forum+             PHOTOFORUM   CIS
Play-By-Mail Games Forum+      PBMGAMES     CIS
Political Debate Forum+        POLITICS     CIS
Portable Programming Forum+    CODEPORT     CIS
Practical Peripherals Forum+   PPIFORUM     CIS
Practice Forum (FREE)          PRACTICE     CIS
Prisma Deutschland Forum+      PRISMA       CIS
Public Brand Software AppForum+PBSAPPS      ZNT
Public Brand Software Arcade+  PBSARCADE    ZNT
Quarterdeck Support Forum+     QUARTERDECK  CIS
Quick Pictures Forum+          QPICS        CIS
Religion Forum+                RELIGION     CIS
Revelation Tech Forum+         REVELATION   CIS
RockNet Forum+                 ROCKNET      CIS
Role-Playing Games Forum+      RPGAMES      CIS
Safetynet Forum+               SAFETY       CIS
Sailing Forum+                 SAILING      CIS
Santa Cruz Operation Forum+    SCOFORUM     CIS
Science/Math Education Forum+  SCIENCE      CIS
ScienceFiction &Fantasy Forum+ SCI-FI       CIS
Scuba Forum+                   DIVING       CIS
Seniors Forum+                 SENIORS      CIS
ShowBiz Forum+                 SHOWBIZ      CIS
Siemens Auomatisierungs Forum+ AUTFORUM     CIS
Sight & Sound Forum+           SSFORUM      CIS
Software Publisher Assn Forum+ SPAFORUM     CIS
Software Publishing Forum+     SPCFORUM     CIS
Solutions Australia Forum+     SOLUTIONS    CIS
Space/Astronomy Forum+         SPACEFORUM   CIS
Spinnaker Software Forum+      SPINNAKER    CIS
Sports Forum+                  FANS         CIS
Stac Electronics Forum+        STACKER      CIS
Standard Microsystem Forum+    SMC          CIS
Students' Forum+               STUFO        CIS
Sun Select Forum+              SUNSELECT    CIS
Symantec AntiVirus Forum+      SYMVIRUS     CIS
Symantec Applications Forum+   SYMAPPS      CIS
Symantec Development Forum+    SYMDEVTOOL   CIS
Symantec/Norton Utility Forum+ SYMUTIL      CIS
TAPCIS Forum+                  TAPCIS       CIS
Tandy Model 100 Forum+         M100SIG      CIS
Tandy Professional Forum+      TRS80PRO     CIS
Telecommunication Issues Forum+TELECOM      CIS
Texas Instruments Forums+      TIFORUM      CIS
Thomas-Conrad Support Forum+   TCCFORUM     CIS
Toshiba Forum+                 TOSHIBA      CIS
Toshiba GmbH Forum+            TOSHGER      CIS
TrainNet Forum+                TRAINNET     CIS
Travel Forum+                  TRAVSIG      CIS
UK Computer Shopper Forum+     UKSHOPPER    CIS
UK Computing Forum+            UKCOMPUTING  CIS
UK Forum+                      UKFORUM      CIS
UK Share Forum+                UKSHARE      CIS
Ultimedia Hardware Plus Forum+ ULTIHW       CIS
Ultimedia Tools Series A Forum+ULTIATOOLS   CIS
Ultimedia Tools Series B Forum+ULTIBTOOLS   CIS
Unix Forum+                    UNIXFORUM    CIS
UnixWare Forum+                UNIXWARE     CIS
UserLand Forum+                USERLAND     CIS
VAX Forum+                     VAXFORUM     CIS
Venture Software Inc Forum+    VENTURA      CIS
WRQ/Reflection Forum+          WRQFORUM     CIS
Wang Support Forum+            WANGFORUM    CIS
White House Forum+             WHITEHOUSE   CIS
Windows 3rd Party A Forum+     WINAPA       CIS
Windows 3rd Party B Forum+     WINAPB       CIS
Windows 3rd Party C Forum+     WINAPC       CIS
Windows 3rd Party D Forum+     WINAPD       CIS
Windows Extensions Forum+      WINEXT       CIS
Windows Fun Forum+             WINFUN       CIS
Windows Objects Forum+         WINOBJECTS   CIS
Windows Shareware Forum+       WINSHARE     CIS
Windows Sources Forum+         WINSOU       ZNT
Windows Support Forum+         MSWIN        CIS
Windows Users Network Forum+   WUGNET       CIS
WinNT Pre-Release Forum+       WINNT        CIS
Wolfram Research Forum+        WOLFRAM      CIS
WordPerfect Customer Support+  WPCS         CIS
WordPerfect Users Forum+       WPUSERS      CIS
WordStar Forum+                WORDSTAR     CIS
Working-From-Home Forum+       WORK         CIS
Worldwide Car Network Forum+   WWCAR        CIS
ZMac Download & Support Forum+ DOWNLOAD     ZMC
ZiffNet Support Forum          SUPPORT      ZNT
ZiffNet Windows Deutschland+   GERWIN       ZNT
Zenith Data Systems Forum+     ZENITH       CIS