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Computer graphics FTP site list

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Computer graphics FTP site list

Computer graphics related FTP sites (and maintainers), 5/17/94
	compiled by Eric Haines, [email protected]
	and Nick Fotis, [email protected]

First are listed various computer graphics related resources, with a particular
focus on 3D rendering and modelling.  As this list grew out of the Ray Tracing
News, I focus on this topic first.  At the end are the FTP sites for all
software and more.  Here's the table of contents:
	Distributed/Parallel Raytracers
	Renderers which are not raytracers, and graphics libraries
	Modellers, wireframe viewers
	Radiosity renderers
	Volume renderers
	Geometric viewers
	Data Formats and Data Sets for Ray Tracing
	Written Material on Rendering
	Image Manipulation Libraries
	Libraries with code for graphics
	FTP Sites


RayShade - a fast ray tracer for workstations on up, also for PC, Mac & Amiga,
	has Linda parallel language support and distributed network support
	programs; however, the package has not evolved much lately and the
	author (Craig Kolb) has been too busy to fold in bug fixes and have
	one official version, so things are a bit scattered at this point.
POV-Ray - Persistence of Vision ray tracer, now at version 2.2.  Offspring and
	successor to DKB Trace, written by Compuservers.  Probably the best
	free ray tracer on the IBM PC, partly because of the many programs which
	support it (e.g. Moray, POVCAD, L-Parser, CTDS, etc etc etc).
	There is also FTPOV-Ray, which is a faster (unofficial) POV at
Polyray - a shareware IBM PC ray tracer, object code only, but very popular
	among users; has nice features for animation generation.  Its
	programmer, Alexander Enzmann, also works on PoV-Ray, so features in
	it tending to migrate to PoV.
Radiance - see "Radiosity", below.  A physically based ray tracer, heavily
	emphasizes realistic lighting and shading models.  Excellent package,
	well supported and works on many platforms.
ART - ray tracer with a good range of surface types, some interesting solid
	texture functions; part of VORT package.
RTrace - Ray tracer by Antonio Costa, does bicubic patches, CSG, 3D text, etc.
	IBM PC and Mac versions also exist.  Imports many different model
	formats.  Also attaches to Bernard Kwok's radiosity package.
VIVID2 - A shareware raytracer for PCs - binary only (286/287).  Author:
	Stephen Coy ([email protected]). The 386/387 (no source) version
	is available to registered users (US$50) direct from the author.
	"Bob" is a subset of this ray tracer, source available only through
	disks in "Photorealism and Raytracing in C" by Christopher Watkins
	et al, M&T Books.
Microcosm - Nice commercial rendering system using scripting language, from
	vector representations to ray tracing.  Demo available on net.
BRL-CAD - A ray-tracer, CAD package, and much more from the Ballistics Research
	Laboratories.  Evidently has a fair-sized, dedicated user base.  Free,
	but you must register it before use.
RAY4 - Steve Hollasch's 4-dimensional ray tracer - renders hyperspheres,
	hypertetrahedra, hyperplanes, and hyperparallelepipeds (there's
	a separate real-time wireframe viewer written in GL called WIRE4 ) .
DKBtrace - an older ray tracer, superceded by PoV-Ray.
MTV,QRT,DBW - yet more ray tracers, some with interesting features, but old.
	There are a lot more than these, but these are the ones which are
	"free" and have some user base.

Which one's the best?  Here's a ray tracer feature comparison of some of the
more popular ones.  I assume some basics, like each can run on a Unix
workstation, can render a polygon, has point lights, highlighting, reflection
& refraction, etc.

A "." means "no".  Things in parentheses mean "no, but there's a workaround".
For example, POV 1.0 has no efficiency scheme so takes forever on scenes with
lots of objects, but there are programs which can generate efficiency
structures for some POV objects (also, in this case, POV 2.0 will fix this

                       Rayshade  POV 1.0  RTrace  Radiance     Bob       ART
IBM PC version?            Y        Y       Y      in 2.2       Y         Y
Amiga version?             Y        Y       .         Y         .        (Y)
Mac version?               Y        Y       Y       A/UX        .         Y

Sphere/Cylinder/Cone       Y        Y       Y         Y         Y         Y
Torus primitive            Y        Y       Y         .         .         Y
Spline surface prim.       .        Y       Y         .         .         Y
Arbitrary Algebraic prim.  .        Y       .         .         .         Y
Heightfield primitive      Y        Y       .         .         .         Y
Metaball primitive         Y        Y       .         .         .         Y
Modeling matrices          Y        Y       Y         .         .         Y
Constructive Solid Geo.    Y        Y       Y   (antimatter) (clipping)   Y
Efficiency scheme?       grids  (user/2.0) ABVH    octtree     ABVH    kdtree+

2D texture mapping         Y        Y       Y         Y         Y         Y
3D solid textures          Y      strong    Y         Y         Y         Y
Advanced local shading     .        Y       Y       Much!       .         .
Atmospheric effects        Y        Y       .         .         Y         Y
Radiosity effects          .        .       Y         Y         .         .
Soft shadows               Y      (2.0)     Y         Y         Y         Y
Motion blur                Y        .       .         .         .         .
Depth of field effects     Y        .       Y         .         Y         .
Stereo pair support        Y        .       Y         .         .         .
Advanced filter/sample	   Y        .       Y         Y         Y         .
Animation support          Y      (S/W)     Y      (some)       .         Y
Alpha channel output       Y        .       Y         .         .         Y

Modeler                 lib/P3D   IBM+  (convert)  on Mac    w/code      P3D
Model converters from     NFF     Many!   Many!     some        .      NFF,OFF
Network rendering       Inetray     .       .      in 2.2       .     dart,nart
User support           maillist maillist  good     digest+   little     good
Other S/W support        some     Much!   a bit     some      a bit     some

Timings - default size SPD databases (i.e. up to 10,000 objects in a scene),
time in seconds on HP 720 workstation, optimized and gprof profiled code.
Includes time to read in the ASCII data file and set up.  Note that profiling
slows down the execution times, so real times would be somewhat faster in all
cases (about 30%); plus, the profiler itself is good to +-10%.  Also, these
timings are purely for this machine - results will vary considerably depending
on the platform.  Now that I've explained why these are useless, here goes:

                balls   gears   mount   rings   teapot  tetra   tree

Art/Vort         478    1315     239     595      235     84     381
Art/Vort +float  415    1129     206     501      203     72     327
Rayshade w/tweak 188     360     174     364      145     61     163
Rayshade w/grid 1107     412     174     382      145     61    1915
Radiance         289     248     165     601      150     42     197
Bob              402     747     230     831      245     50     266
RTrace           664    1481     813    1343      341    153     372
RTrace c6 m0     652    1428     811    1301      331    155     363
POV 2.0beta+     588    1895     668    1113      306     56     542
POV 1.0        191000 1775000  409000  260000    45000  31000  250000

The gears and mount tests are probably worth ignoring because everyone handles
shadows for transparent objects differently.  Some consider them opaque to
shadows, others handle it differently.

Here are timing ratios (i.e. 1 is the fastest time for a given test, with
the other timings normalized to this value):

                balls   gears   mount   rings   teapot  tetra   tree

Art/Vort         2.54    5.30    1.45    1.63    1.62    2.00    2.34
Art/Vort +float  2.21    4.55    1.25    1.38    1.40    1.71    2.01
Rayshade w/tweak  1      1.45    1.05     1       1      1.45     1
Rayshade w/grid  5.89    1.66    1.05    1.05     1      1.45   11.75
Radiance         1.54     1       1      1.65    1.03     1      1.21
Bob              2.14    3.01    1.39    2.28    1.69    1.19    1.63
RTrace           3.53    5.97    4.93    3.69    2.35    3.64    2.28
RTrace c6 m0     3.47    5.76    4.92    3.57    2.28    3.69    2.23
POV 2.0beta+     3.13    7.64    4.05    3.06    2.11    1.33    3.33
POV 1.0       1015.96 7157.26 2478.79  714.29  310.34  738.10 1533.74

Art/Vort was compiled with and without a "+f" compiler option; with it on
floating point numbers are not promoted to doubles during expression
evaluation (and so things runs noticeably faster).  Other packages may benefit
from such compiler options.

Rayshade had some minor user intervention.  The ceiling of the cube root of
the number of objects in the scene was used as the efficiency grid resolution.
For example, balls has 7382 objects:  cube root is 19.47, ceiling is then 20,
so a 20 x 20 x 20 grid was used.  Rayshade needs hand tweaking of the grid
structures for extra efficiency (esp. with balls and tree), though this is
fairly simple for the SPD tests (i.e. leave the background polygon out of the
grid structure).  Tweaking in these cases means leaving ground plane polygon
(if it exists) out of the grid structure.

Radiance is quite different in its approach, as it is more physically based.
Efficiency structures are built in a separate program (so the time spent doing
this is not included in the above stats).  Also, Radiance outputs in a
floating point format (which can be quite handy).

RTrace is often a bit faster when the "c6 m0" options are used.

POV 2.0 has an efficiency scheme built in and so is comparable to the others,
so don't get freaked out by the POV 1.0 performance numbers.

Distributed/Parallel Raytracers:

XDART - A distributed ray-tracer that runs under X11. There are server binaries
	which work only on DECstations, SPARCs, HP Snakes (7x0 series) and NeXT.
	The clients are distributed as binaries and C source.
Inetray - A network version of Rayshade 4.0.  Needs Sun RPC 4.0 or newer.
	Contact Andreas Thurnherr ([email protected])
prt, VM_pRAY - parallel ray tracers.

Renderers which are not raytracers, and graphics libraries:

SIPP - Scan line z-buffer and Phong shading renderer.
	Now uses the shadow buffer algorithm.
VOGLE - graphics learning environment (device portable).
VOGL - an SGI GL-like library based on VOGLE.
REND386 - A *fast* polygon renderer for IBM PC 386s and up. Version 2 on up.
	[ It's not photorealistic, but rather a real-time renderer]
XSHARP21 - Dr. Dobb's Journal PC renderer source code, with budget texture

Modellers, wireframe viewers:

Moray, POVCAD, PV3D - modelers for the PC for POV.
BLOB - Fun blobby modeler for PC (output to POV, DXF, etc)
VISION-3D - Mac modeler, can output Radiance & Rayshade files.
IRIT - A CSG solid modeler, with support for freeform surfaces.
BRL-CAD - A CAD modeler, comes with ray tracer, image support, etc etc.
P3D - See volume rendering section.
X3D - A wireframe viewer for X11.
3DV - 3-D wireframe graphics toolkit, with C source, 3dv objects, other stuff
	Look at major PC archives like wuarchive. One such file is 3DKIT1.ZIP
Multiverse - X11R4 & Berkeley sockets animator and more.
AERO - actually, it's a rigid-body visualizer and animator.

Radiosity renderers:

Radiance - a ray tracer w/radiosity effects, by Greg Ward.  Excellent shading
	models and physically based lighting simulation.  Unix/X based, though
	has been ported to the Amiga and the PC (386).
RAD - a simple public-domain radiosity package in C. The solution can be run
	stand-alone on any Unix box, but the walk-through requires a SGI 4D.
	Author: Bernard Kwok <[email protected]>
INDIA - An Indian radiosity package based on Radiance.
SGI_RAD - An interactive radiosity package that runs on SGI machines with a
	Spaceball. It includes a house database.
	Author: Guy Moreillon <[email protected]>

Volume renderers:

P3D - Outputs to Rayshade, DXF, RenderMan, Art, and others.

Geometric viewers:

SALEM - A GL-based package from Dobkin et al. for exploring mathematical
GEOMVIEW - A GL-based package for looking and interactively manipulating
3D objects, from Geometry Center at Minnesota.
XYZ GeoBench -(eXperimental geometrY Zurich) is a workbench for geometric
	computation for Macintosh computers.
WIRE4 - GL wireframe previewer for Steve Hollasch's RAY4 (see above)

Data Formats and Data Sets for Ray Tracing:

SPD - a set of procedural databases for testing ray tracers.
NFF - simplistic file format used by SPD.
OFF - another file format.
P3D - a lispy file format.
TDDD - Imagine (3D modeler) format, has converters for RayShade, NFF, OFF, etc.
	Also includes a nice postscript object displayer.  Some GREAT models.
T3DLIB - converts to/from TDDD/TTDDD, OFF, NFF, Rayshade 4.0, Imagine,
	and vort 3d objects. Also outputs Framemaker MIF files and isometric
	views in Postscript. Registered users get a TeX PK font converter and
	a superquadric surfaces generator.
	Glenn Lewis <[email protected]>
	[Note : TTDDDLIB is also known as T3DLIB]

Volume Rendering Data:

CHVRTD - Chapel Hill Volume Rendering Test Datasets, includes volume sets for
	two heads, a brain, a knee, electron density maps for RNA and others.
AVS - Volume Visualization datasets.

Written Material on Rendering:

RT News - collections of articles on ray tracing.
RT abstracts - collection by Tom Wilson of abstracts of many RT articles.
RT bib - references to articles on ray tracing in "refer" format.
Rad bib - references to articles on radiosity (global illumination).
Speer RT bib - Rick Speer's cross-referenced RT bib, in postscript.
Paper bank project - various technical papers in electronic form.  Contact
	Juhana Kouhia <[email protected]>

Image Manipulation Libraries:

Utah Raster Toolkit - nice image manipulation tools.
PBMPLUS - a great package for image conversion and manipulation.
LIBTIFF - library for reading/writing TIFF images.
ImageMagick - X11 package for display and interactive manipulation
	of images.  Uses its own format (MIFF), and includes some converters.
xv - X-based image display, manipulation, and format converter.
xloadimage, xli - displays various formats on an X11 screen.
Khoros - a huge, excellent system for image processing, with a visual
	programming interface and much much more.  Uses X windows.
FBM - another set of image manipulation tools, somewhat old now.
Img - image manipulation, displays on X11 screen, a bit old now.

Libraries with code for graphics:

Graphics Gems I,II,III - code from the ever so useful books.
spline-patch.tar.Z - spline patch ray intersection routines by Sean Graves

FTP Sites

(*) means site is an "official" distributor, so is most up to date.

NORTH AMERICA (please look for things on your own continent first...):
------------- []:  This one has almost everything, but is
	also very busy - try during off-hours.
	/graphics/graphics - get CONTENTS file for a roadmap.  Within this
	directory are a wide range of resources, including:
	bib - various ray tracing, radiosity, and general bibliographies.  
	books - code from books and errata listings for various texts.
	echidna - Univ. of Melbourne programs: vogl/e, vopl, vort.
	hershey-fonts - public domain stroke fonts.
	objects - various object databases (TDDD, SPD, OFF, polyhedra, nurbs).
	packages - image manipulation, CAD, and other graphics packages.
	papers - various graphics papers.
	radiosity - includes Radiance.
	ray - many ray tracers, RTNews, Wilson's RT abstract collection, etc.
	non-3d - 4d & hyperbolic space visualization.
	virtual-worlds - VR related material.

	The mirrors directory is huge, including many major sites, including
	the official POV archive, the Oldenburg POV site, the Geometry Center,
	NCSA, SGI, Virtual Worlds archive, Avalon object descriptions, Virtual
	Reality archive, and more.

	There is also various platform dependent graphics software, e.g.
	/msdos/ddjmag/ - version 21 of Xsharp, with fast texture
	/pub/aminet/gfx/3d - T3DLIB package.
	/pub/aminet/gfx/3dobj - TDDD objects.
	/pub/aminet/pix/trace - various raytraced images.
	/pub/aminet/pix/wb - workbench wallpaper (IFF) images, textures.
	admin: George Kyriazis <[email protected]> []:  home of lots of ray tracing related software
	/pub/Graphics (note capital "G") - *Rayshade 4.0.6 ray tracer (and
		separate 387 executable)*, *color quantization code*, *SPD*,
		*RT News*, *Wilson's RT abstracts*, "RT bib*, *Utah Raster
		Toolkit*, newer FBM, *Graphics Gems I, II & III code*.
	/pub/graphics directory - *SALEM* and other stuff.
	/pub/trees/drinkwater - tree images from Drinkwater's growing program.
	admin: Craig Kolb <[email protected]>
	[upload to] []:  pub - 3D objects (multiple formats),
	utilities, file format documents.  obj/Viewpoint and New are
	particularly good quality.  utils/misc - PV3D.  misc/texture - textures.
	This site was created to be a 3D object "repository" for the net.
	Francisco X DeJesus <[email protected]> []: /pub/pov-ray/POV-Ray2.2 - *POVRay
	Compuserve group ray tracer (or POV)* and models.  /pub/dkbtrace -
	*DKB ray tracer* (now ancient history).
	David Buck <[email protected]> []:  pub/softlab/CHVRTD - Chapel Hill
	Volume Rendering Test Datasets. []:  /pub/RW5 - test databases for radiosity
	and other serious illumination simulation algorithms.
	Peter Shirley <[email protected]> []: pub/ddj - Official Dr. Dobbs Journal FTP repository.
	*XSHARP* []: pub - *Radiance* ray trace/radiosity package,
	pictures, ports, etc.
	Greg Ward <[email protected]>  Microcosm - demo of nice rendering and ray tracing
	system using an interpreted scripting language.  Cosmic Software
	<[email protected]> [] : pub/software/geomview - *GEOMVIEW* and other
	Geometry Center visualization packages.
	Contact: [email protected] [] : /pub/graphics/holl91 - Steve Hollasch's
	Thesis, /pub/graphics/ray4 - *RAY4*, /pub/graphics/wire4 - *WIRE4*.
	Steve Hollasch <[email protected]>  pub/geometry/geombib.tar.Z - Computational Geometry bibliography
	(very extensive, 5539 entries to date).
	Bill Jones <[email protected]> [] : pub/graphics.formats - Various electronic
	documents about many object and image formats.  pub/morphine -
	morphing package.
	Mark Hall <[email protected]> [] :  misc/file.formats/graphics.formats -
	contains various image- and object-format descriptions.  Many SciVi
	tools in various directories, e.g.  SGI/Alpha-shape/Alvis-1.0.tar.Z -
	3D alpha-shape visualizer (SGI machines only),
	SGI/Polyview3.0/polyview.Z - interactive visualization and analysis of
	3D geometrical structures, outputs in Rayshade and RIB formats.
	/outgoing/marca/natural-textures - various textures (temporary).
	Quincey Koziol <[email protected]> []:  pub/image - various 24 and 8 bit image
	stills and sequences.  Kevin Martin <[email protected]> []:  pub/p3d - p3d_2_0.tar P3D lispy scene
	language & renderers.  Joel Welling <[email protected]> []: *pbmplus.tar.Z*, pub/ray - RayShade data files.
	Jef Poskanzer <[email protected]> []: pub/ccs-lib/ccs.tar.Z - *CCS (Complex
	Conversion System), an image conversion & manipulation package. []:  /graphics - *IRIT*, old RT News back issues (not
	complete), NURBS models, other graphics related material,
	graphics/3D/tsipp.3.0b.tar.Z - Tcl-SIPP (SIPP with Tcl interface),
	/graphics/jpeg/jpegsrc.v?.tar.Z - Independent JPEG Group package for
	reading and writing JPEG files.  *Utah Raster Toolkit*
	Spencer Thomas <[email protected]> /contrib - pbmplus, Image Magick, xloadimage, xli, xv, Img, lots
	more.  /pub/R5untarred/mit/demos/gpc - NCGA Graphics Performance
	Characterization (GPC) Suite. []: /pub - Utah raster toolkit
	Jamie Painter <[email protected]> []: /sig-wtk/models - variety of DXF and
	NFF models. []:  /pub/DEC/off.tar.Z - *OFF models*,
	pub/graphics - jpeg, Khoros, pbmplus, Rayshade, Utah RLE, libtiff.
	data/cia-wdb - CIA world database []:  /pub/khoros - *Khoros image processing
	package (huge, but great)*.  [not sure about this site - last time
	I tried, no answer]
	Danielle Argiro <[email protected]>  /pub/x3d.2.2.tar.Z - *X3D*, /pub/xdart.1.1.* - *XDART*,
	ImageMagick 2.3
	Mark Spychalla <[email protected]> []:  /graphics/tiff - TIFF 6.0 spec & *LIBTIFF* software
	and pics.  Also much SGI- and GL-related stuff (e.g. OpenGL manuals)
	Sam Leffler <[email protected]>
	[supercedes for the LIBTIFF stuff] []: /brl-cad - information on how to get the
	BRL CAD package & ray tracer.
	/pub/textures - a texture library has also begun here; not much here.
	Lee A. Butler <[email protected]>  an aminet (Amiga network) site, among many others.
	/pub/aminet/gfx/3d - T3DLIB package.
	/pub/aminet/gfx/3dobj - TDDD objects.
	/pub/aminet/pix/trace - various raytraced images.
	/pub/aminet/pix/wb - workbench wallpaper (IFF) images, textures. []:  /texture_temp - 512x512 grayscale
	Brodatz textures,
	from Julien Flack <[email protected]>. []:  pub/Graphics/rtabs.shar.12.90.Z - *Wilson's
	RT abstracts*, Speer RT bibliography.
	J. Eric Townsend <[email protected]> []:  /users/q/r/qralston/images - 24 bit image archive
	(small).  James Ralston Crawford <[email protected]> The MS Windows archive.  Among other things,
	RLIBDEMO.ZIP - RENDERLIB 3D graphics DLL, desktop/ -
	GammaCAD 1.10, programr/ - C++ & Pascal 3D graphic
	animation []: /msdos/graphics - PC graphics stuff.
	/msdos/graphics/raytrace - VIVID2. []: netlib/polyhedra - *polyhedra databases*.
	(If you don't have FTP, use the netlib automatic mail replier:
	[email protected]  Send one line message "send index" for info. []: SIGGRAPH archive site.
	publications/bibliography - extremely extensive computer graphics
	bibliography.  Automatic mailer is [email protected]
	("send index"). []: pub/reaction_diffusion - Greg Turk's work on
	reaction-diffusion textures, X windows code (SIGGRAPH '91), pub -
	L-system code. []:  sample_data/VolVis92 - Volume datasets
	from the Boston Workshop on Volume Visualization '92.  This site is
	also the International AVS Center.  Terry Myerson <[email protected]> []:  pub/suit/demo/{sparc,dec,etc} - SUIT
	(Simple User Interface Toolkit).  "finger [email protected]"
	to get detailed instructions. []: /pub/reports/Radiosity_code.tar.Z - *RAD*
	/pub/reports/ - *RAD MSc. Thesis*
	[This site may change to in the future] ftp/pub/lego/cad/click and .../cad/rayshade - LEGO
	modeling tools and definitions for Rayshade. []: pub/siggraph92 - Code for
	Siggraph '92 Course 23 (Procedural Modeling and Rendering Techniques) []: This machine is considered the
	repository for preprints and programs for nonlinear dynamics,
	signal processing, and related subjects  (and fractals, of course!)
	Matt Kennel <[email protected]> pub/viewtree/images - various generated tree
	images (quite nice!), runnable demo for SGI's.  Jason Weber
	<[email protected]> []: /honig --- Various stereo-pair images  os2/2_x/graphics/ - CSG (?) ray tracer for PC with
	source, uses the GBM module for file I/O (found in same directory as
	Andy Key <[email protected]> []: pub/dabro/cyberware_demo.tar.Z - Human
	head data []:  pub/texture_maps - Hans du Buf's grayscale
	test textures (aerial swatches, Brodatz textures, synthetic swatches).
	Space & planetary image repository.  Provides access to >150 CD-ROMS
	with data/images (3 on-line at a time).  [not sure about this site,
	no answer the last time I tried it]  Colby Kraybill
	<[email protected]>.  pub/sass - Rayshade tools: X windows font converter and
	animation tool.  Ron Sass <[email protected]> public/virtual-worlds - *multiverse*, much on Virtual
	Reality, including many product review files and other resources.  pub/VR/ - Gossamer 2.0, real time rendering
	for the Mac.
	Jon Blossom <[email protected]> pub/map/dem - USGS DEM data, plus lots of other map data
	related archives. []:  pub/vis5d - 5D visualizer (for weather
	data, things like that). []:  zbuf.tar - Rayshade z-depth output
	patch.  /pub/Amiga/ -
	images done using Real3D.  pub/Amiga/ -
	reviews of Amiga products (including renderers, etc).
	Dan Barrett <[email protected]>  /pub/irt/ - optics ray tracing program (said to
	be buggy, though). []:  pub/multimedia/mpeg - MPEG viewing
	package.  pub/dret/PhD - George Drettakis' PhD thesis on radiosity &
	global illumination, w/tiff files.  Also at
	George Drettakis <[email protected]>  /afs/cs/misc/rayshade/all_mach/omega/doc/Examples - Rayshade
	example images.  pub/msdos/graphics/ and - Fractint
	fractal generator executable and source. /pub/grid.{ps,TeX,asc} - a short survey of methods to
	interpolate and contour bivariate data.  /pub/usenet/news.answers - the land of FAQs.  Graphics and
	pictures directories of particular interest.  (Also available from
	[email protected] by sending a mail message containing: "help")

------- []:  *pub/sci/papers - *Paper bank project,
	including Pete Shirley's entire thesis (with pics)*, *Wilson's RT
	abstracts*, Wilt's OORT code, pub/misc/CIA_WorldMap - CIA world data
	bank, archive, *India*, and much, much more.
	Juhana Kouhia <[email protected]> []:  /pub/pov-ray - *POV
	raytracer*, *PV3D*, Polyray, BLOB, etc.
	/mirrors/ mirrors these directories of
	POV tools, etc.  Newest tools are in the /pub/pov-ray/new
	directory.  mirror at:
	/pub/pc/msdos/graphics/pov-ray. []:  /pub/unix/radiance - Radiance.  Good for
	European sites, but doesn't carry the add-ons that are available for
	Radiance. []:  pub/sipp/sipp-3.0.tar.Z - *SIPP* scan line z-buffer
	and Phong shading renderer.  Jonas Yngvesson <[email protected]> []:  */iPSC2/VM_pRAY ray tracer*, SPD, /NFF - many non-SPD
	NFF format scenes, RayShade data files.  Didier Badouel
	<[email protected]> [may have disappeared] []:  *FLI RayTracker animation files (PC VGA) -
	also big .FLIs (640*480)* *RayScene demos* [Americans:  check wuarchive
	first].  More animations to come.  Jari Kahkonen
	<[email protected]>

(was: []:  /pub/graphics/ray-traces - many ray tracers,
	including VM_pRAY, DBW, DKB, MTV, QRT, RayShade, some RT News, NFF
	files.  Jari Toivanen <[email protected]> []:  Much PC stuff, etc., /pc/source/contour.f -
	FORTRAN program to contour scattered data using linear triangle-based
	interpolation []:  pub/RTrace - *RTrace* nffutils.tar.Z (NFF
	utilities for RTrace), medical data (CAT, etc.)  converters to NFF,
	Autocad to NFF Autolisp code, AUTOCAD 11 to SCN (RTrace's language)
	converter and other goodies.  Antonio Costa ([email protected]) []:  AERO, a virtual mechanics
	system, ties in with POVray and MPEG.
	Hartmut Keller <[email protected]>

(was: []:  /graphics - RTN archive, ray tracers
	(MTV, QRT, others), NFF, some models.  pub/msdos/programming - files on game development on PCs,
	ray tracing, 3D, and too much more.
	Jouni Miettunen <[email protected]> []: /pub/graphics/raytrace - DBW.microray, MTV, etc []:  graphics/raytracing - prt, others, ~/Doc -
	*Wilson's RT abstracts*, Vivid.  /pub/aminet - aminet site (see
	wuarchive listing). []:  /pub/unix/graphics/rayshade4.0/inputs -
	aq.tar.Z is RayShade aquarium [Americans:  check first).
	Heiko Schlichting <[email protected]> []: pub/inetray - *Inetray* and Sun RPC 4.0 code
	Andreas Thurnherr <[email protected]> []:  /pub/amiga/graphics/Radiance - *Amiga
	port of Radiance 2.0*.  Per Bojsen <[email protected]> []:  /pub/supported/cs/graphics - *IRIT*.
	Gershon Elber <[email protected]> []:  Graphtal L-system interpreter (includes
	animation support, X11 and x-buffer previewer, output for Rayshade).
	Christoph Streit <[email protected]> []: /pub/amiga/raytracing/imagine - mirror of
	the hubcap Imagine files (hubcap is no longer around). []:  pub/radiance/rshow - Radiance, *SGI interactive
	previewer for RADIANCE*. pub/PROJECTS/GOOD0.60 - *GOOD graphics OO
	project, including YART ray tracer*
	Ekkehard 'Ekki' Beier <[email protected]> []: XYZ - *XYZ GeoBench*
	Peter Schorn <[email protected]> /pub/users/graphix/lefer/SEADS - ray tracer using SEADS structure.
	Wilfrid Lefer <[email protected]> []:  pub/gfl/temp.tar.gz - SunOs 4.1.3 POVRay
	Geraint Lewis <[email protected]>

---------- /pub/povray - *POVray*, plus many "unofficial" POV files.
	Currently very active.
	POVRAY account <[email protected]> []: pub - *VORT(ART) ray tracer*, *VOGLE*,
	Wilson's ray tracing abstracts, /pub/contrib/artscenes (ART scenes from
	Italy), pub/images/haines - Haines thesis images, Graphics Gems code,
	SPD, NFF & OFF databases, NFF and OFF previewers, IRIT, OORT, plus some
	8- and 24bit images and lots of other stuff.  pub/rad.tar.Z - *SGI_RAD*
	Bernie Kirby <[email protected]> []:  pub/graphics/vort.tar.Z - *VORT (ART) 2.1 CSG and
	algebraic surface ray tracer*, *VOGLE*, /pub - DBW, pbmplus.  /graphics
	- room.tar.Z (ART scenes from Italy).
	David Hook <[email protected]>  mirror site of various places, including
	/graphics/graphics/mirrors/ []: pub/graphics/bibliography/Facial_Animation,
	pub/graphics/bibliography/Morph, pub/graphics/bibliography/UI -
	stuff about Facial animation, Morphing and User Interfaces.
	pub/fascia - Fred Parke's fascia program.
	Valerie Hall <[email protected]>  /pub/stereograms - Single image random dot stereogram site.
	<[email protected]>

--------------- []:  architec/Applications - *VISION-3D facet
	based modeller for Mac, can output RayShade files*.
	architec/Textures - texture library of 200+ TIFF textures.
	architec/Translators - ArchiCAD to Radiance translator.
	Many other neat things for Macs.  Mirrored at
	Paul Bourke <[email protected]> []:  ftp2/SGI/Facial-Animation - Steve Franks
	site for facial animation.
 	Steve Franks <[email protected] OR [email protected]>

WWW sites (totally untested, I haven't diddled with XMosaic yet...): - Rayshade (pretty official) - Rayshade - Rayshade
	rayimages.html [or rayimgtxt.html for no icons] - Rayshade "standard"
	Mark Maimone <[email protected]> - POV utilities. - Ian Grimstead's ray tracing bibliography - Computational Geometry
	bibliography. -
	Fractal FAQ

====== END